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Angler Hooked in Heinie

Written by PETA | April 15, 2010
fishing hook

The tables may have turned on a German angler recently. A man ended up with fishing hooks in his rear end after he apparently broke into a hunting and fishing store and fell on the hooks. Police were able to reel him in quickly because he was drunk (shocking, I know) and couldn’t run very fast with barbed hooks in his behind.

How’s that for karma? Hopefully he’ll think twice about picking up a rod and reel now that he knows how much hooks hurt! Or will he need a few through his lips first?

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Debe says:

    Suddenly the phrases “Drinks like a fish” and “Tanked” have new meaning for me! LOL!

  • Vic G. C. says:

    I used to go fishing once and only once. It was when I was about ten years old. I stopped fishing altogether when my rod’s hook latched onto my neck and left a bad gash. Within a few weeks it healed up and the scar was gone. Since then I trashed the rod and reel in reality and if anyone here’s a video gamer like me in the virtual world HotB’s “The Black Bass” and SEGA’s “Get Bass” are two prime examples of games that glorify marine slaughter and I’m talking about the fishywishies not the “Oorah”yelling dudes. Take a tip from Linda EastmanMcCartney “Fishing hurts.”