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Alicia’s Ad Banned!

Written by PETA | September 20, 2007

Update: Following the success of Alicia’s PSA, Sky News put together a wonderful retrospective of PETA’s many naked ads and protests over the past year. You can check out the picture gallery here.

Alicia_Silverstone_Sexy_vegetarian_ad.JPGThe folks in Houston were severely deprived yesterday, when their cable provider decided at the last minute (literally) that it would pull Alicia Silverstone’s super sexy new pro-vegetarianism ad, which had already been approved and paid for. Comcast Cable told us that they had banned the spot “because she is naked,” despite the fact that the ad has already aired on numerous news programs worldwide. Besides, as PETA Vice President Dan Mathews pointed out in a staff meeting today, they showed Holly Hunter’s naked ass on Saving Grace the other night, so, um, what’s the problem here, Comcast?

We had picked Houston because it consistently ranks in the top ten least healthy cities in the country, so we figured they could use some good diet advice (honestly, who in their right mind would turn down friendly diet advice from the beautiful Alicia Silverstone?), but Houstonians need not despair. As PETA President Ingrid Newkirk puts it,

“Houston viewers can still go to and get an eyeful, not only of the stunning Ms. Silverstone, but also of our free Vegetarian Starter Kit—chock full of delicious recipes—that will make them drool for an entirely different reason.”

And finally, because I love it so much, here is the ad again. Alicia, you are gorgeous.

Alicia Silverstone’s Sexy Veggie PSA
Order a FREE vegetarian starter kit at

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  • Steve says:

    Christopher To clear up one point people who eat fish are 20 less likely to have a stroke compared to whom? NOT compared to vegans. That comparison is against meat eaters who don’t eat fish. “Dietary sources of alphalinolenic acid include flaxseeds walnuts soybeans and some dark green leafy vegetables. Linoleic acid is found in high concentrations in corn oil safflower oil sunflower oil and canola oil. The body converts alphalinolenic acid into two important omega 3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid EPA and docosahexanoic acid DHA. No need for fish man. Carley Nicely said thank you. Part of the issue here is demographics. Alicia’s ad may not convice a 45 year old potbellied couch potato but it gets through to younger people. And would that meat eater respond better to “Marth Stewart Cooks a Vegan Meal?”. Not likely. Also I find that PETA TV has many celebrity endorsements of the kind you are suggesting. They are not copyrighted and can by shown by any tv station you can get to donate a few minutes of air time. This ad has clearly already made its mark witness the lively discussion it has generated here. And It got picked up by CNN online’s homepage for example which a less controversial approach would not. This is what it takes to break through the noise and clutter generated by the monstrous advertising budgets of the food industries. This type of campaign is also why PETA has the highest name recognition of any AR or AW group. Nobody knows what HSUS stands for but they all know PETA. Most recently PETA is fresh in people’s minds from the Michael Vick case. This ad shows them a different view. And maybe it won’t make all those meat eaters out there switch to soy milk and Boca burgers but it can bring a lot of people to find out more about what we stand for. If they click on or then the websites sell our message with an assist from the ad.

  • E says:

    not all Texas is crazy! I’m a vegetarian in Texas.. And I know lots of vegetarians. Houston is just dumb.. Austin is much better… There is a ton of vegetarians here.. Dont stereotype..

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike You should know by now that I do not disparage a vegetarian diet when comparing it to the average American diet. I do not however wish to be represented by a physician’s group that has only five percent of its members as physicians. I also can not endorse the PCRM as unbiased when they are infiltrated with numerous high ranking peta members. When they say anything about vegan diets they are immediately discredited by most reputable medical groups. Even if what they say IS right they are not credible because their dietary advice is always swayed by emotional issues such as how cute and fuzzy cows are. Besides they ignore the dietary pitfalls of a vegan diet. I can name a number of physicians and scientists that contend that a strictly vegan diet is not the healthiest diet. I tend to agree with them. Cross sectional studies are not always good ways of providing scientific data. Double blind controlled studies are difficult to do in dietary studies. However if you focus on a specific nutrient such as fish oil omega3’s. You can blind those studies. All of those studies on fish oil. Blind or cross sectional show favorable results. This is another nutrient vegans are deplete in. Compare flax oil to fish oil. You need to take a boat load of flax oil to equal one fish oil tab. Why get it in a tab anyway? Well flax tastes like yuk. Hey why not eat FISH!! People who eat fish are 20 less likely to have a stroke in their lifetime. There is my cross sectional quotation.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher If you don’t feel PCRM’s position on vegetariansim is scientific enough for you try the one below on for size It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are healthful nutritionally adequate and provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases….Wellplanned vegan and other types of vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of the lifecycle including during pregnancy lactation infancy childhood and adolescence. As published in PubMed

  • Carley says:

    She is gorgeous and absolutly shows the physical potentials of adopting a healthy diet. However I think the important thing to remember is that the meateaters who are watching this video in a loop are doing it for sex appeal and have a slim chance of chosing vegetarianism as a result Seriously how many times have you gone to a veg potluck and had someone tell you they went veg because of a hot naked girl from PeTA? I agree with Alexa who posted earlier saying that these PSAs would have more impact if they had something to do with veganism show her cooking a fabulous meal and even throw in a shot of her climbing out of the pool or show her in the ocean surfing or another physical activity or have celebrities describe the stories of how they became vegetarian. I think the thing to remember is that we are trying to show people the atrocities they are comitting and if they have an excuse not to listen i.e. irrelevant partial nudity they won’t listen. Next time try to relate the imagery to things that will encorage people to have one veg meal a day.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    There is no way Christopher Cochran is a medical doctor. Saying PCRM has no credibility is like saying Ralph Nader has none!! PCRM’s science is irrefutable. Saying 5 of their members are physicians tells us nothing. It is WHAT these 5 are doing is what matters. Their advisory board is filled with many respectable authoritative researchers and experts in their field. By the way 5 represents 6000 physicians and scientists hardly a small number.

  • Steve says:

    Christopher Cochran MD It is true that much of PETA’s marketing efforts are directed toward younger audiences and very successfully so. PETA is far and away the top choice of charities among 1324 year olds so there is hope for the upcoming generation. But we also deliver our message in such places as the AARP national convention. We would love to have you speak out on the health benefits of a vegan diet. Go for it! Join us in this battle of ideas and lifestyles! Help us reach the mature and educated!

  • kris shulfer says:

    alicia is soooo hot!! what is the difference between her and the bikini models she is covering her parts!! there is much worse things shown on cbs abc or nbc!!! she loves her cause TRULY!! love ya gorgeous!!

  • steh-fan says:

    You Americans you will bring democracy to the world? I really hope you are not also bringing pseudo puritanism to it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this ad!!

  • alisa says:

    First things first Alicia has just proved to all of us that she is beautiful outside just as she is inside. Second of all We have seen many worst things be aired on TV at least Alicia’s commercial is sending out a good message. Third of all I think that the meat industry supports Comcast plenty and Comcast cannot afford to lose their sponsors or whatever.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Franco Your comment was bigoted and close minded. If she had been black which she may very well be would you have said “oh man another stupid n.” Those of us who live in the middle of the country hope beyond hope that you never come to the middle of the country and learn anything. I am very glad you live in Los Angeles as well. Have a good weekend Franco the bigot.

  • Mark L. Johnson says:

    I lived in Houston and I like my burgers in moderation ! Houston has more restaurants per square mile than any other city in the United States ” even New York ” . Being the fourth largest city in the U.S. it also has the largest appetite. The only excerise I see some getting is from the car to the order counter. They consider themselves a 21st. century city with a dusty plains cowboy attitude. YeHa !

  • rachel says:

    i dont think it is any worse than many commercials out there but i dont think it is a good commercial at all. it has nothing to do with being vegetarian at all. it is a naked wet girl. honestly the whole thing is disappointing. i dont think this is going to convince anyone to think about vegetarianism just about a naked movie actress. the nudity is completely gratuitous and has nothing to do with vegatarianism at all. i realize i am repeating myself here but this is just a really pointless commercial.

  • Franco says:

    I am newly converted to Vegetarianism. I live in Houston. I also agree with Comcast’s decision to pull the ad. While I totally agree with getting the word out about the benefits of Vegetarian and Veganism not only for your health but also the life and health of factory farm animals it CAN be done in a more tasteful manner. I believe that going for the shock value by having Mrs. Silverstone nude is not the way to get the attention of Houstonians. In stead of getting mad and upset that your ad was pulled perhaps your energy would be at better use in finding a different more people friendly more importantly KID friendly way. Miss Janex Houston Texas A Christian Conservative EcoFriendly Vegetarian. Ohhhh Gooodddd !! one of those white trash closed minded people from the Mid West ! By the waydo you like Bush ?? Goooddd Im glad that i live in Los Angeles !

  • sharon says:

    I am really sick of people complaining about half a bare butt yet don’t seem to have a problem with all the graphic violence on tv and video games not to mention sexualization and exploitatino of their children by corporations like GAP and McDonalds. Use that self righteousness toward important issueslike teaching your children how over culture’s greed for meat is affecting the global environment.

  • Christopher H. says:

    Banned? Ignorant. That is one of the coolest ads PETA has ever done. Alicia is beautiful the ad was tasteful…and really brought home the benefits of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Apparently Texas just doesn’t want people to see they have choices and don’t HAVE to eat meat. Sad.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I will admit that if she has recently become a vegetarian it has improved her figure. I am always disappointed that nudity is censored so much here in the US. If they had run this ad it might have run during an “action” movie that had lots of violence. I would rather my kids see naked people versus people killing other people. I really enjoy seeing this beautiful young lady in the nude but as far as carrying any weight as an influential add I question the motive. I am sure it works sexas they say sells but how much advice to you want to get from an actor. Many of them haven’t even gone to college Ms. Silverstone I believe did go to Old Dominion. How about some adds where you have all those medical experts tell about vegetarian diets. The PCRM has no credibility though because they aren’t a physician’s group five percent docs and they are greatly supported by PETA with high ranking PETA executives on their board. I am sure you could find someone unbiased to to endorse your point of view. Good weekend to all and don’t emancipate your dog he likes living with you.

  • Monica Moreno says:

    I read about the new Alicia Silverstone ad on and thought What an awesome idea! Then later I read a 2nd story with the heading UPDATE ALICIA SILVERSTONE’S PETA ADS PULLED. I thought what a crummy thing for Comcast Cable to do and I still feel this way. But you know what there’s nothing like a bit of controversy to get folks out there curious enough to look into something they normally wouldn’t.

  • kelly says:

    Comcast contact info 1500 Market St. Philadelphia PA 191022148 Phone 2156651700 Fax 2159817790 CEO is Brian L Roberts

  • kelly says:

    If anyone wants to know who the cattle industry hires to smear humane groups and silence animal activists here he is Center for Consumer Freedom CCF If you see him being quoted let the media know EXACTLY what he is up to!

  • stasya berber says:

    Goddess!! i guess it was banned because she was fabulously nude for a tasteful reason. it would give people the wrong impression that inorder to look good they would have to eat well or something!!! too much pressure for the masses!

  • Steve says:

    Janex This ad is hardly shocking unless you think the human body is sinful. Flipping channels last night I saw some really raunchy some would say pornographic T and A on a dance contest show. Totally tasteless. But Alicia’s ad is not that any more than say the classic sculptures of Venus or David are porn. How on earth can an image of Alicia’s back harm the kids????

  • MeL says:

    Dude she’s not hurting anybody…what’s the problem? The female body has always been seen as beautiful. You couldn’t even see her tatas! They say everything is big in Texas…maybe this presented a problem to the big bootyed housewives who are jealous of Alicia’s body! If I had her body I would do the same thing!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I live in Houston and I know that it would get the atttention of my peers. I think the ad is tasteful I think the ad is beautiful. The colors of the ad itself grab my attention. There is crazy stuff on tv. Very sexually in your face explicit stuff. Yet there is a problem with this? Thanks Alicia! Thanks Peta!

  • martin says:

    I am vegetarian and I’ll be flying to Houston on Sunday then working in Beaumont all next week. I hope I can find enough to eat. Anyhow the ad was nice to look atAs a guy at least. I’m not sure how a feminist would feel. but I can see how it was close enough to nudity to give them an excuse to drop it. Too bad

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    Dear Miss Janex Peta has years and years of experience running ads like Ms. Silverstone’s. They are able to easily guage the number of website hits that it generates. Media today loves sensationalism and almost everything Peta does actually works effectively!If you remember the story of Hellen Keller and how she went through myriad Special Education teachers and finally found oneAnne Sullivan who got through to her only after trying different types of teaching techniques. Peta are master educators they pull on every teaching string available. The sad fact is most people are extremely ignorantie 60 million George Bush voters and require a wide gamut of educational devices to wake them up!

  • Michele says:

    Oh for goodness sakes! They show more nudity on day time soap operas!!!

  • Stevie says:

    I have no problem with nudity I’ve been to nudist events but using it in this manner is going for shock value not beauty or creativity although Alicia is beautiful. If I understand correctly Texas is also known to have people living there with strong religious beliefs. Although I don’t have these same beliefs maybe marketing to them in this manner isn’t the right idea maybe you guys need to take a different approach with them with respect and accordance with their values. Regarding the Holly Hunter bare back shot I did not see it so I can’t comment but I would assume being TNT it was more subdued in its presentation rather then using it to ‘shock’ or ‘tantalize’

  • Russell says:

    Janex If we lived in a different world I would totally agree with you. However I think that the Marketing genius of this ad is great. I don’t think you need to be reminded that “sex sells”. This is the first time ever that PETA has utilized this idea that “sex sells” and furthermore i’m pretty sure that there are suggestive commercials about hair color leg razors and any other product you might think of. This ad isn’t dirty. I think it’s very tasteful. It simply says “I’m a vegetarian and look at how beautiful my body is” I think it’s wonderful. If it showed her eating a piece of Tofu and having a fake orgasm see a certain shampoo commercial then I might agree with you. DOn’t live in the 1800s….it’s 2007 you’re sure are a Texas sweetheart though

  • Alexa says:

    I like the add but I think PETA needs to be more creatived maybe they should show each vegetarian celebrity or regular person telling why they became vegetarian or why someone should be a vegetarian…something like that…a black and white add telling people the facts…just and idea..

  • Susannah S says:

    The ad probably will be banned in any area where there are 1political conservatives or 2big honchos in the meat industry. To me this is the problem with the nude ads they won’t get SEEN in some of the places where they’re most needed.

  • Ana says:

    Janex Nothing wrong with the ad and it was tasteful. It was only distasteful to the meat and dairy industries because it promotes vegetarianism. A beautiful sexy healthy vegan in a veg ad is perceived as a threat to the these animalkilling industries. Kids play violent games daily and TV shows nudity all of the time. Where is democracy when these industries possess such power? Shameful!

  • Laura - Jane says:

    I can’t believe it was pulled take a look at any music video with rappers in it and all you will see is women practically naked in distasteful bumping and grinding poses and that is just for profit not cause!! Shame on you Comcast Cable! Alicia looked very elegant I thought and I would consider myself quite conservative. I am sensing a conspiracy theory….

  • Danbo020759 says:

    I applaud Comcast. This “tasteless” ad shows too much “meat” for television.

  • Raven Silverstone says:

    Did Comcast Cable refund the money to PeTA?

  • Laurette Haynes says:

    I found nothing distateful. We see a small amount of breast. Then we see the back of a butt. Nothing more than what was seen with Michael Jackson and then wife Elvis’s daughter in their video. I’m from the south and we have a tendency to think everything is inappropriate. This video was inappriate for it’s content in regard to the cause. But not because of nudity.

  • Jen says:

    Janex I agree with you. The vegan message can be more KIDS FRIENDLY. Everyone It’s nothing offense I just think about the kids who need a role model like us. What would you answer if they ask why Alicia naked for this ad? I can see the connection between “I would rather be naked than wearing fur” or “I’m too hot for leather” but I can’t see any connection betwen naked and vegetarianism. Bring up a vegetarian message is definitely good but it can be more kids friendly as Janex said.

  • Cyndi says:

    Thank you Alicia you are beautiful as is being a vegetarian thanks for helping the animals!

  • Jennifer says:

    It’s an ad that’s going the right direction but why did she have to be naked? Is that the only way you can get someone’s attention. We don’t really need more nudity on our streets. Sure she’s not showing much but people are tired of this

  • Keith says:

    I’m nudist only problem I see with this ad is I can’t see enough…

  • Niranjan says:

    How stupid! Alicia’s Ad was very ‘cute’ i watched it over 10 times! even forwarded to my friends! Anyway did the Comcast Cable return the money to PETA???

  • Linda says:

    I can’t believe that was banned! That was very tastefully done!! Kudos to PETA!!

  • Dilia says:

    I guess that the ad is done that way so a lot of people sees it but personally I think that her beeing nacked has nothing to do with the fact of trying to persue people to be vegetarian.

  • Susan says:

    Let’s hope this doesn’t get banned anywhere else Go Alicia!! and thanks for all the work you do for animals!! Because so many of you commenting here obviously care about the plight of animals I’m sure many of you also care about human rights and I wanted to share some info about tommorrow September 21st being a national day to observe a moratorium on the Iraq war. I invite you to please visit the site for more information on what you can individually do to contribute to the movement to end the Iraq War and cease the suffering of so many Iraqis as well as of our soldiers. Bring the troops home! Thank you!!

  • Janex says:

    I am newly converted to Vegetarianism. I live in Houston. I also agree with Comcast’s decision to pull the ad. While I totally agree with getting the word out about the benefits of Vegetarian and Veganism not only for your health but also the life and health of factory farm animals it CAN be done in a more tasteful manner. I believe that going for the shock value by having Mrs. Silverstone nude is not the way to get the attention of Houstonians. In stead of getting mad and upset that your ad was pulled perhaps your energy would be at better use in finding a different more people friendly more importantly KID friendly way. Miss Janex Houston Texas A Christian Conservative EcoFriendly Vegetarian.

  • Quwen Quiola Qyiz says:

    Did Comcast refund you? Who wants to bet their tofu that the meat industry paid them MORE not to show it and use that “naked” excuse?

  • Michelle says:

    Alicia truly is gorgeous. Amazing photo of her. Will Comcast be refunding PETA the money since they pulled the ad last minute? Goobers!

  • Steve says:

    I’m at a loss to put a positive spin on this. I applaud Ingrd for her constructive response. But to me it represents what an uptight paranoid cruel society we live in. We are truly hostages to the fastfood meat and milk industries. Houstonians unite! Tell Concast to show you some of the beauty in this world!

  • Lisa says:

    Are you kidding me? We all know why TEXAS pulled this ad. These disguisting hanchos at the Beef Industry threw a hissy fit when they heard about this ad and tried to find anything they could to get it to not be aired and it worked because they are all involved in every part of the government and society INCLUDING COMCAST. I can’t believe I had to watch Paris Hilton’s skanky body roll around half naked eating a cheeseburger yet they won’t air Alicia’s video….

  • Don Quijote says:

    booooooooh!!! this is not because she is naked but because these guys are from the consumer lobby! shameful indeed!!!