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Alec Baldwin’s a Member—Are You?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 13, 2012

What does Alec Baldwin never leave home without? No, not his iPhone—his PETA membership card, of course!

Alec knows that a PETA membership card is a great way to show your compassion for animals, and of course, all year long, your tax-deductible donation will work to save animals from suffering.

For just $16 a year—4 cents a day—you can put humane-education materials in classrooms, provide aspiring vegans with the tools they need to save animals every time they eat, and give doghouses to cold, chained dogs. You can place cameras in the hands of PETA’s undercover investigators, spay and neuter dogs and cats, and send PETA’s “Leopard Ladies” out on the road to educate shoppers about the cruelty of wearing fur.

And if you become a PETA member before the end of this month, you’ll give animals even more—a donor has agreed to contribute $10 for every new member who joins in January. You’ll also get a yearlong subscription to Animal Times magazine and a 2012 “Rescued” calendar packed with pictures of beautiful animals who were saved because of people like you.

We’re aiming to start 2012 off with a bang—with 2,012 new members. Click here to become a card-carrying PETA member like Alec Baldwin today!

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  • richie mcmillan says:

    i am 41 and a life long meat eater .i just cant do it any more! i can no longer be part of killing anything or any one.ive found pleanty of information on transitioning to veganism ,but would like some help on the political side{animal rites and ending the stupid wars}

  • Ammara Haque says:

    I am from Pakistan and want to contribute to the protection of animals. We have our own small organization named PAWS ( Pakistan Animal Welfare Society). Since, we have low funds, we have not been able to do alot, but believe in everything gradually.

  • Samantha says:

    Do all members get a membership card. i hav not recieeved one yet…

  • Josie Tyner says:

    Alec, you had my heart from “The Shadow. You, Sir, are a masterpiece with a heart of purest gold. God surely made you on a day when He wanted to show the world that a noble spirit, a brlliant talent and an-oh-so-sexy guy are a winning combo. Yes, you DO know what evil lurks in the heart of burger gobblers! Thanks for standing up!!!

  • CJ says:

    Celebrities are in a unique position to put forth animal rights. More power to them, and all others who value our precious animals.