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Alec Baldwin to Bash Horse-Drawn Carriages on ’30 Rock’

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 21, 2012

As ever-more people join PETA and New Yorkers for Clean, Livable & Safe Streets (NYCLASS) in calling for a ban on New York’s horse-drawn carriages, Alec Baldwin is taking advocacy for horses to primetime.


In an upcoming episode of 30 Rock, people across the country will hear Alec’s character, Jack Donaghy, call horse-drawn carriages “rolling torture wagons for nature’s most dignified creature.” That’s the perfect way to describe the disgusting little business that forces horses to trudge along in all weather extremes, inhaling exhaust fumes and risking becoming one of the horses who are killed or injured by cars.

Here’s what Alec had to say about the upcoming episode:

“Rolling torture wagons for nature’s most dignified creature.” That’s how my 30 Rock character Jack Donaghy describes horse-drawn carriages, and it’s why I agreed to appear in a scene featuring a carriage. It reflects my personal belief that New York should join Toronto, London, and Paris in outlawing hansom cabs from city centers. I’ve been speaking out with PETA against the cruelty of horse-drawn carriages for decades, and I’m thrilled that Intro. 86A, the bill to replace the carriages with eco-friendly classic replica cars, has garnered so much support in the City Council. I urge New Yorkers to contact their City Council members in support of the ban and people around the country to sign NYCLASS’ petition. 

So make like Kenneth the page and do as Mr. Donaghy says. If you live in New York, please contact your City Council representatives and urge them to pass Intro. 86A. If you are outside New York, please sign NYCLASS’ petition to ban horse-drawn carriages. 

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  • ldrboyle says:

    Wonderful that Alec is a voice for these helpless animals. So cruel and inhumane to put horse drawn carriages out on the streets.Thank you, Alec for caring!

  • Heather says:

    Nina, there are rescues and private citizens who will take in all the horses that are being used in the carriage industry. They will finally live like horses should, in pasture, instead of standing on pavement 9 hours a day. Please go to and sign their petition.

  • Heather says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Baldwin. Hopefully, once NYC does away with this abusive practice we can work on getting Montreal, QC Canada to do the same.

  • shayna says:


  • Francesco Bombelli says:

    ‘m completely agree with Mr. Baldwin I hope they’ll do the same even in Rome!

  • Barbara Leonard says:

    Nina, same thing that happens to thousands of horses without a home….they’ll fill the horse slaughter plants in Canada & Mexico. But you can help to stop this….get on Facebook…they’re plenty of anti-horse slaughter sites….keep sharing on Facebook to get the word out. There are a network of MANY horse rescues and people who daily work very hard to save as many horses as they can….and they’ll do their best to keep them from being slaughtered.

  • Pascal Jean-Pierre Poitras says:

    We wouldn’t want my lags to be trapped between two cars, winter is bieutifully slippery, because ignorance reaps what it sews, we wouldn’t look aside the solution to replace horses.

  • Nina says:

    What will happen to these horses after they are released? will they find a good home?