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60,000 Canadian Seal Pups Saved

Written by PETA | April 25, 2007

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the sealers trapped in the ice in Newfoundland.

Well, it turns out that there are still hundreds of hunters trapped, and now they’re starting to run out of food, water and fuel. The Canadian coast guard is working hard to rescue them before it’s too late. Now I don’t wish suffering on anyone, not even callous hunters who cruelly kill baby seals who are too young to even swim or get away, but the good news here is that since so many hunters have been stuck for so long, it looks like they’re going to come up around 60,000 seal pups short of their quota this year, which means that a whole bunch more of these cute little dudes will actually get to grow up . . . and that, of course, is a very good thing!

Is it me or is the karmic irony in this story almost too much to handle? Check out this ABC News piece for the full report.

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  • Maya says:

    I’m glad to see our Canaadian friends read this blog. I give 100 percent of my support to you guys and I am praying for the safety of the sealers. As a certified veterinary nurse all I want to say is that this whole sealing thing would have much less attention if the sealers were shooting the seals instead of beating them to death. Listen the AVMA has made it very clear that beating an animal to death is NOT a humane way to kill an animal. If you or I beat an animal to death with a club even something small like a rabbit or a crab we would be arrested and thrown in prison!! Here’s my advice Watch No Reservations with Tony Bourdain PETA probably hates this guy. But I think it’s the Iceland episode he shows native peoples going out to kill seals for food and warmth THEY SHOOT THE SEAL WITH A GUN!! There is no reason whatsoever that the sealers cannot take this small measure immediately to ensure that the seals are killed instantly.

  • Brett says:

    I forgot to mention as well that you can sign a petition at and voice your concern about the seal hunt. Thank you in advance to everyone who does.

  • Cody says:

    Before pointing out the error in other’s ways I suggest going on an actual seal hunt. You don’t have to participate just observe. If I was going to write an article bashing a particular group I would want to fully immerse myself in their lives before judging them. That would take effort and time. I’m starting to realize that extremist groups are all the same they just hold different opinions. There doesn’t seem to be any use arguing. Everyone’s too lazy or scared to meet at middle ground for logical discussion. Ee ja nai ka

  • Brett says:

    Jen I am so sorry that you believe that. It is not regulated at all. The HSUS has brought over 700 videodocumented cases of animal cruelty against seals and you know how many of those have been taken to court? Last I can remember it was almost none. And you know why it is not regulated very well because there is not enough man power to actually go with all of the sealers and make sure that they adhere to the rules. It just isn’t possible. So congradulations on being ignorant to the facts and being blinded by the Canadian government and DFO. And sure the Inuits do hunt seals as well. But they use the WHOLE seal as opposed to the skin and nothing else. They are dependant on it for survival. You are not. They are not killing hundreds of thousands of seals every year you are. So that is why there is no remorse for you and your kin.

  • Brett says:

    Alison I am so sorry that you have been duped into believing all that garbage. There are countless videos on showing the EXACT opposite of what you just said. Just go there and search for seals. It will break your heart. They do kill baby seals not adults. The seals are not dangerous as they can barely get away because they are so young. The age limit is at 2 weeks old when the seals start to lose their white fur. That is why if a seal is able to get away it usually drowns because it cannot swim. The adults that are dangerous that you talk about are long gone before the hunt starts except for some mother seals. You newfies still use hakapiks to bash in their heads and up to 42 of the seals are skinned while still conscious. The other point I want to make here is that you only use the fur the rest of the animal’s carcass is left on the ice or thrown into the sea. The sealers get very little money from this hunt. The canadian government gave 20 million canadian dollars in direct subsidies before international pressure finally made them back down. Now they give indirect subsidies to the sealing industry otherwise it the industry would go bankrupt. So you know who is actually paying for this YOU! You know I really don’t care if their families worry all the time. Those killers go out there knowing very well the risks and they do it anyways. I don’t want to see anybody or anything die but karma is a btch. The sealers are getting exactly what they deserve. PS Please do not bring up that it is “tradition” either. That is a load of crap. The only people that I can stand to do this hunt are the Inuit eskimo tribes. You know why? Because their survival depends on it. They use the whole animal for food clothing etc. and they are not killing thousands upon thousands of seals either. The commercial sealers are not out there for “tradition”. They are there because they like to kill and that’s it.

  • Brett says:

    You know the funniest thing is that the Canadian government has to give indirect subsidies to the sealing program or it would go bankrupt. Now they have to spend more money to get those killers off of the ice. What a waste of tax payer money.

  • Brett says:

    Bwahahahaha idiot sealers.

  • Maliacoco says:

    That was no accident Go God!

  • Denise Borschell says:

    All I can say is God is punishing these people. No one is wishing these people to die but they hunting is murder. There is no reason why killing innocent animals should be a way of making a living. They should get another job. There out there if they were not so lazy they would find a better job. I don’t know how hunters live with themselves. I’ve seen the footage they go up to the animal and bash its skull in and people say they are supporting their families. I wouldn’t date a guy who hunted period because I consider those men disgusting. Well if these hunters don’t realize someone is telling them they should not be doing this than they are not very bright.

  • Jen says:

    “Heartless killers”? “God’s justice”? “I hope they don’t make it back”? What’s wrong with you people? Do you realize how ignorant your comments are? I’m a NewfoundlanderI know people who work in the sealing industry and people who work for the Dept of Fisheries and Oceans…if any of you read up on the seal hunt and learned the real facts about it you’d know it’s a highly regulated and monitored hunt. It’s being used as a model for many other hunts worldwide. It’s been approved by the World Wildlife Federation. The Inuit and other First Nation peoples have been hunting seals for over 4000 yearsit’s part of their culture as it is oursbut I see no hatred focused on anyone else but us. This in my opinion is essentially a smear campaign against Newfoundland and Labrador and its people. Congratulations on spreading hatred and misinformation. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  • kris shulfer says:

    woooooooooooohooooooooo!! finally someone above heard our cries for the babies!!!

  • Vicky says:

    I could care less about the sealers murderers! I know that seems heartless but I believe this is poetic justice for these heartless killers!!

  • alison says:

    Ok I’m from Newfoundland and I’d just like to say that we do NOT kill baby seals. There are age specifications that the sealers have to respect. These people are out on the ice working to support thier families in the only way they know how. It’s mainly outport communities that participate in the hunt these people learn how to seal when they’re very young the seal hunt has been in Newfoundland for years. We have in recent years stopped the use of clubbing we’ve realized that it’s inhumane. But wishing death on these people is inhumane towards people people who would have nothing no source of income without this hunt. Grown seals are not the fluffy white cubs that you see pictures of they’re very dangerous. I don’t want you to think I’m inhumane I’m a vegetarian and I don’t like the treatment of animals kept just to be killed for food. When it comes down to it a very few seals dying in comparison to thier population witout the hunt you’d be taking away some peoples only source of income. The seals get to live thier lives in freedom in the wild where they are not mistreated in any way they are killed humanely. There have been a lot of tragedies in Newfoundland regarding boats of any kind out to sea in winter. The families of the hunters are in constant fear that something will happen to the boats. You people can put and animal’s life before a person’s that’s disgusting. Just because you don’t agree with what they do for a living isn’t a reason to wish them dead.

  • Gayle Hyde says:

    Great news for the seals commisserations for the ugly hunters. Hate to say it but I will. Just deserts.

  • marie says:

    I also dont give a crap if those heartless bastards live or die. they murdered enough innocent its their turn..

  • Tessa says:

    KARMA! I just wish none of them got out alive but in life you don’t always get what you want.

  • nico says:

    as I always say It’s all about KARMA baby I don’t wish the sealers death but I also feel no sympathy for them do on to others I say so how can you bash the skull of an innocent little baby live creature who only makes the mistake of trusting these devil seal killers!!!! as far as that comment made about they can’t earn any wages another way that’s the biggest bunch of crap i ever heard!!! McDonalds always hires so I don’t want to hear that garbage of no other way of making a buck!!! their just greedy heartless humans looking for a quick buck.

  • avril sims says:

    this news has made my day the whole world has been watching canada you should be ashamed. seal culling needs to stop now!

  • Kathy Garrey says:

    They shouldn’t be out there in the first place. Now the Canadian Government has to risk the lives of the Coast Guard personnel spend many dollars saving those sorry heartless greedy pathetic killers. I despise and condemn their actions. And I hope the boats sink. Wouldn’t that be ironic if the seals who escaped slaughter had them for dinner?

  • Maya says:

    To the people here wishing sealers harm have you ever touched the corpse of a family member? I’m sorry if you have but if you haven’t you should wait until that moment then see if you still would wish it on the families waiting for their loved ones to come home. You who wish harm on the sealers have a difficult choice to make do you want to continue spewing your emotions onto a website or do you want to save animals? You can’t have both. To save the seals you need a ton of public support. Fighting the Canadian government and a way of life will be very very hard. To recruit people you must have dignity and you must show respect at all costs. The NRDC collected 500000 signatures to get the Bush administration to protect polar bears. They have the support money and respect of millions of people in Canada and the U.S. They brought the U.S. government to court over this and won. To achieve animal rights you can’t just have the support of a few fanatics. Let’s work for the animals first and let out our overflowing emotions somewhere else like on watercolor paper or in a song.

  • Kathy Garrey says:

    This is god getting back at them plain simple. I do not and will never feel bad for them. To be honest I hope they dont make it back!

  • Jen says:

    Hi Kelly The reason why I think the Canadian government allows the seal hunt is that i’m sorry to say we have too many old farts in high places. Especially in the Atlantic provinces. They are to hell bent on the “good old days” they refuse to move forward. During the election i asked all those who were running for office about amending laws to protect animals and environmental changes their eyes glazed over. Its very frustrating.

  • Canaduck says:

    Fun quote from a seal hunter from Paul Watson’s Myspace blog “Desmond Adams was quoted today in the Newfoundland media as saying ‘we all go out for the love of it rather than the money which isn’t there anymore.'” Nice huh?

  • Philip says:

    If these hunters were running around New Orleans bludgeoning puppies and kittens for their coats I doubt very much there would be any sympathy for hunters trapped in Hurricane Katrina flood waters. I hope they all die out there.

  • Courtney says:

    As a Canadian I find it repulsive that seal hunting is even legal let alone considered “sport”. I remember there was a time when they showed us a clip promoting our country and they actually showed a snippet of a seal getting clubbed. It was later scraped because people were complaining that it made us look awful that we would condone such violenceand it does Yet hopefully the sealers will have time to REALLY think things over and maybe consider that karma DOES have a funny way of biting you in the frostbitten ass. I hope then men come home alive safe and full of regret for making such a stupid endeavour in the first place. And please they do it for the fur and the money I’m sick of hearing this crap about tradition and food supply because really only the Inuits WHO DO NOT RESIDE primarily in the East but in provinces such as Nunvut rely on seals for nourishment and warmth not to mention that they use every part of the seal ie NOT FUR PROFIT I wish our country would ban it all together but I wish Harper wasnt a Bush loving scummy conservative either so hopefully one day both cruel practices will be out of parliment!!!

  • SusanT says:

    Please fellow animal loversfight the natural reaction to wish death and suffering on these callous men. Although I do not feel sympathy or pity for them I don’t wish them to die rather I pray with all my heart that while out on that desolate cold sea of ice they were moved to reflect on what they inflict on helpless defenseless beings. All the protests in the world could not equal the kind of lifechanging impact of coming to the realization that they are now nearly as helpless and defenseless as the seals they hunt. Let us all lift up our thoughts to the Universe and ask that all experience a profound change of heart. Nothing is so powerful as the deliberate putting forth of positive loving energy. I’m grateful that so many seals will live.

  • Nancy says:

    I’m sure most of us cannot stand the thought of any animal suffering including human ones regardless of the suffering they may have inflicted. But I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that the sealers’ presumed economicemployment status should release them from accountability for their actions. Since when is poverty a reasonable excuse for violence and murder? If bludgeoning other sentient beings is your chief source of income which according to most news reports this is not your problems run far deeper than your empty pockets. Of course if all the reports are false and these people really are in dire financial straits the Canadian government should be helping them find legitimate work… not subsidizing mass murder. Where is the dilemma here?

  • Adam says:

    This is great. I wish all the boats were disabled.I could care less for the lives of the sealers the earth doesnt need their kind. More food for the Polar Bears. I think we owe the bears at least that…

  • Maureen E. Roth says:

    What the Canadian people need is a very specialhumane and courageous leader to lead the ban on this barbaric massacre. Forget the macho rantings of the sealers. They could be financially compensated and that would work out cheaper than baby sitting the killer’s boats every year with tax payers money. Maureen

  • doug says:

    To Kelly I am against the killing 100. I am Vegan and very happy but these guys are poor and do need to make some money. The government needs to step in and help end the killing. Stephen Harper coupld help provide jobs andor subsidy if he felt it was an important issue but at the moment the “issue” is the environmentlol! I know! Anyway the unemployment rate where these guys are is huge and I am saddened that my government wont do anything to stop it!

  • sandra says:

    I’m so happy about the spared 60000 LIVES… I’ve got tears running down my face.. Thank Mother natureGodFrosty the snowman whoever! That’s a lot of babies that didn’t have to go through a merciless utterly violent and horrific death all for the mistake of being born a baby harp seal!! Why should they have to suffer for being born? Maybe this is a sign of things to come and this is truly divine intervention! I have no feelings of mercy for those mean thugs that can actually drag a still living baby animals across the ice with a pic to skin it alive and throw it’s carcass over the boat.. Serial killers. Peace and thanks to everyone that cares!!

  • Caroline says:

    What about the baby seals who already had their skulls crashed? Its sad and sardonic that just because these hardhearted morons were stuck up there some of them are spared. Else as we only know too well the rest would too would be pursued beaten and clubbed to death. I hope these jerks who go around mercilessly ending these defenceless pups start thinking of getting a real job when they get home. AND as for the Canadian Government its hightime they stop being sickblind and giving permission for these devilish acts to go on. Caroline

  • Amanda Busbridge says:

    Good stuff. Karma good ‘ol nature whatever it is. It has saved those beautiful babies. It happend down south with those Japanese hunting the whales and their factory ship caught on fire. Whales were safe until next year. Yes next year lets hope there is an ice age in that area.

  • zodiac says:

    I could care less about the sealersor killers. after watching the peta video of these murderers attacking seals I could care less if the sealers fall through the ice into a freezing grave. but all the seals that were saved is fantastic! thanks mother natureyou rock woman!

  • Cyndi says:

    Everything you do to others someday comes back to you I so not feel bad at all about them they are suffering just like the babies oh well

  • Tina says:

    What goes around comes around!………

  • jackie says:

    Happy Happy Happy. It has to be a signto fight so long so hard. When I saw those ships I broke down and cried. Maybe peta will shut this d hunt down YET!!!!!

  • Michael says:

    Hi Kelly As a Canadian I think there are a couple of reasons the seal massacre continues. Once elected a government municipal provincial state federal never does what its actual constituents want unless of course an election is nigh or it’s in their best interests to do so. And I think it’s become a matter of stubborn pride for the Canadian government No other country is going to tell us what to do!. Frankly I’m highly ticked off that the Canadian government purports to speak for all Canadians on this issue.

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve always believed you get what you give. I do wish harm on the sealers I could care less if they die! After all the work that PETA does to show the world the horrors of animal cruelty still people are stupid enough to participate in it?!! Who cares if they starve or freeze to death?! I DON’T!! That will just be a few less people in the world who condone the torture of some of the worlds most beautiful animals! LET THE SEALERS FEND FOR THEMSELVES THE WAY THE SEALS THEY CLUB ALIVE DO!!!!!!

  • Bilbo Baggins says:

    I was but a wee lad when the ice melted in my home town. Now the seals never leave him without a note from their parents. Times have changed but we’ll never forget.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Oh heck A little ice never hurt anyone. Perhaps they should stay another 2 weeks. Who knows they may get to like it. They sure don’t have any problems beating the life out of these beloved babies and their mamas that try to protect them. There are alot more things to worry about….. Animals Matter….. Judith

  • Maya says:

    You guys are probably right I may have been misled. I didn’t do enough research before I spoke. Sorry. I still stand by my statement though that death by falling in the freezing waters and leaving behind a family is not amusing and we should not be wishing it on anyone. I do still support an aggressive ban on seal hunting. Let’s find a creative and less offensive way to promote a boycott! Peace!

  • Sean Miller says:

    to Maya please consult the ‘toronto star’ there was a huge article about seal hunt. These hunters are going out for the pleasure not because they need it. It was all reported on the last PETABlog site on seal hunt. I guess it’s now in the archive so you have to dig!

  • kelly says:

    Maya these are NOT poor people doing the hunting. And they don’t need seals for food they shop at SUPERMARKETS! This is about GREEDY PEOPLE who want to make blood money. This “poor people” myth is just concocted by the hunter lobby to dupe the public into letting this go on.

  • kelly says:

    Jen so many Canadians seem to be opposed to this hunt. Why do you as a Canadian think it goes on?

  • animal pride says:

    after opening todays PETA website i made a huge jump and till now i’m in a very emotional mood reading this great news 60’000 seal babies shall be spared they shall live!!! this is a result of all working together God Mother Nature PETA so many other animal protection societies Sir Paul Pam Brigitte Bardot Richard Dean Anderson Emily Deschanel and so many others Ingrid Jack and not to forget we PETA members who really put pepper and salt in the last file concerning the pups. i become even a little bit reconciled with the hunters outthere i read somewhere that they made a snowman on the ice so i hope if they remain another 14 days outthere that they make many snowmen this is at least far better from their first job… But as i already mentioned i’m very emotional for the moment so pls excuse me if i write something inapropriate but this is another great victory in every way!!!

  • Maya says:

    As an American I pray for the safety of the sealers. I think what they do is revolting but these are not people who can afford to lounge around on the computer all day!! No welloff folks are out risking their lives doing this miserable work. These people probably have young children at home who may now lose a parent to this tragedy. We should be praying for them. If you want to blame someone PETA blame the Canadian government. They could probably offer the same yearly wage to these folks to NOT kill seals if Harper would give up any of his freakin’ luxuries and cold attitude. No one who has money to survive is out doing this work. I will support a boycott but I do not support any hint that we wish death on these people.

  • Nancy says:

    I don’t wish suffering on them either Jack. But they’re like horribly brutal sociopathic children who’ve been asked repeatedly not to touch a hot stove… they tend not to take heed until they get burned. Should be interesting to see how many sealers gain the wisdom of your average 3year old and decide to break with “tradition” next year.

  • Michele says:

    I am very saddened about the seals whose lives were not spared but I am very happy to know that 60000 seals will get to have a chance to live their lives.

  • Jen says:

    Hi I’m from New Bruswick which is not far from NFLD and as a Canadian I am deeply embaressed that my government still allows the seal hunt.I am very happy that mother nature has stepped in. I do not wish harm on the hunters I just hope now that they learn their lesson. Tons of people in my area protest every year and we are ignored. Its very nice to see the seals are getting the upper hand this year.