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Do You Have 60 Seconds to Save Seals?

Written by PETA | April 4, 2011

Canada’s commercial seal slaughter is about to kick into high gear, but you can do something to help stop it. PETA has created a compelling new infographic that provides key information about the massacre, like how seals are bludgeoned and sometimes skinned alive and how much taxpayer money is wasted promoting a product that Canada loses money on every year.

All you have to do to spread the word is follow this link to the infographic, then tweet it, e-mail it to your friends, or post it to your Facebook and MySpace pages. With your help, millions of people will instantly see the truth behind Canada’s shameful excuses for failing to put a stop to this travesty.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • jean polous says:

    How could people be so cruel to animals and kill them so mean. They shouild be shamed of themselves. I would lbe.

  • Luz Garcia says:

    This is the 21 century. There is no need to wear animals any more. It is cruel and barbaric. Animals feel pain too. Seals are so pretty.They are always fun to watch. Leave them alone, please.

  • Traude Fauner says:

    It’s shocking that this cruel killing is not ending. What kind of men can do such cruel murder. Why doesn’t anyone stop this – shame on Canada – this murder must be forbidden for ever.

  • Barbara says:

    I am shocked, that the Canadian Government still allows this horrific cruelty to animals! We see these pictures for decades now, after all stop this nightmare! This is criminal and should be punished by law. Where is the law for animal protection in Canada??

  • Aline Hrast says:

    Absolutely shocking! What´s happening with the Human Race?

  • Susan Doherty says:

    If God is just, these sealers and the Canadian politicians and regulators who allow these atrocities will one day suffer as these poor seals do. That day cannot come soon enough.

  • cheryl alley says:

    please stop!!!

  • ALBERT says:


  • Seh says:


  • Patricia bacon says:

    I can not believe that Canada continues this horrific slaughter despite all the negative actions taken imploring them to stop. Canada you are a cruel nation to allow this to go on and on. I will never support your country in any way or visit Canada until you stop your sick massacre of these lovely creatures.

  • Siobhan Newman says:

    Terrible that this cruel killing still goes on. How can these men sleep at night 🙁

  • LINDA BADHAM says:


  • LINDA BADHAM says:


  • BEACREW says:

    God! But when is this going o end!!!?????

  • David Beskind says:

    How many petitions have been signed, how many demonstrations & conversations have been had? Change seems to happen at a snail’s pace and it’s maddening that this still occurs. I favor direct action and confrontation against the sealers and all assholes who give them their bloody business. Fur fashion shows, are you kidding me??? We should rise up with force against this barbaric insanity.

  • annamaria bini says:

    love animals …not kill or torture…what are you giving to your child????Just blood?????

  • peta pat says:

    in the end, the victim will be with his Maker and the murderer will be with other murderers. i love justice ! for now, i cry for the victims who trust who are massacred. and cry and cry and cry.

  • Jouliana says:

    It seems every day we’re becoming a little less human. Be the voice these animals don’t have and end this brutality

  • Diane Rice says:

    This must be stopped. No one has the right to participate in such treatment of any animal.

  • Gina says:

    To end this cruelty… We should never buy any product from seal

  • Sandy Oak says:

    These people are all monsters… What the hell are they thinking? It really breaks my heart to see this. Hopefully someday all this will stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Kieran McGrath says:

    THis is just cruelty and horror to the extreem. Leave the poor creatures in peace. Live and let live

  • Regina Mendonça says:

    Por favor parem de matar as focas, coitadinhas tem direito de viverem em paz, não temos o direito de matar e fazer crueldades.

  • carol says:

    People are cruel to animals in every country from farming to circus to testing etc seal slaughtering like all slaughter is done by robotic sadistic air heads who have no soul or feelings. each one of these so called humans should be treated the way they treat the animals lets do it and see them squirm and cry. Oh how I hate these “people” all the decent canadians need to show force and get it stopped unfortunately governments are corrupt and get back handers thats why its allowed to continue.

  • Jo Collins says:

    This is one of the most heart breaking things Iv ever read about I am not brave enough to watch any video’s it must be stopped Respect..

  • Charlene C says:

    Please stop!

  • gloria thrall says:


  • Sunshine says:

    It is all about GREED, GREED and EGO! Stop killing these creatures! it is just for rich people to wear a fur coat to show their vanity! The same people we consume from, like their music, their so called “art”, the actors, famous and stupid people!!!TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

  • Diane skinner says:

    Truly evil is the only way to describe this. As are those who create the demand for such atrocity. There will be a reckoning for those involved, I believe.

  • Christie says:

    I can’t believe this still happens I’ve never been more ashamed of the human race! to abuse an animal so innocent, how could anyone choose to be that barbaric!

  • Robyn says:

    I’m Canadian, and I’m ashamed. In Canada, most of the younger generation (ie: me) haven’t even heard of the seal hunt before. I’m one of the few in my highschool who knows what it is. I’d have to say that around 99% of the population is disgusted by it. I doubt many Inuit support this practice even. I think it’s mostly the “whites”, for the lack of a better term, that are going out and clubbing the poor seals. PS: The seal hunt takes places in REALLLLY remote places with populations of like 50 people. Remember, it’s the government and fur traders that support this, not citizens.

  • Mikey Temple says:

    It’s odd how we claim to be a democracy, and yet I can’t seem to remember, as a Canadian citizen, voting on us slaughtering cute seals for money…

  • Kia says:

    I am from Canada as well, and absolutely none of the Canadians I know could ever be capable of such brutality and cruelty. It’s an unfortunate truth that many people from all walks of life (and all countries) are capable of such disgusting behaviors. Fortunately, not all of us are.

  • Thora Snowy says:

    yes, definately EVERY Candian agrees with this! I’m Canadian and I aprove of seal hunting. PS: ^^^SARCASM^^^ i hate seal hunting. its terrible & its only about 5% of Canadians at the most think seal hunting is wonderful. Don’t blame CANADA, blame the idiots who think it’s humane and ok, because not a lot of people wear real fur, & there’s no point in wearing something that heavy in the summer when it’s 30 degrees (celsius) out.

  • Deepika Green says:

    Stop the slaughter in the name of love and compassion for all creatures! HOw will you feel being in their places? Stop that cruelty and abuse!

  • snake lover.... says:

    come on canada….. We are just asking you to be what you really are…. Be human…. Have some humanity….. Nothing more….. Please….

  • louise says:

    disgusting is the wrong word for this

  • Patti says:

    It’s sad to know that things like this happend because these kiler are under the influence of drugs. That’s why they don’t wnat the seal slaughter to end becasue they need someway to support their drug habits. Shame on Canada!! I’ll ever go ther again and I used to love to go to Vancouver, not anymore.

  • Stacey A says:

    Does Canada have any laws against animal abuse? I cannot believe the government of canada would encourage, authorize, and legalize this. Do they allow people to do this to dogs and cats and other animals too? What about people: if someone likes another person’s skin tone, could they convince the canadian government that there’s a lot of money in clubbing and skinning humans too? Come on, canadian government: get with the 21st century and Stop the cruelty. You should realize you’re an embarrassment to many of your people.

  • Animal Girl says:

    I am so heartbroken…. I’m glad that Georgia has banned it!!! But Canada and the other places need to have a freaking heart!!

  • lorena peynado says:

    Detengan la matanza de focas es una verguenza para la humanidad, dejmos vivir a los animales, no qacabemos con ellos de ningun modo y menos por ser una moda.

  • marcy says:

    i am ashamed that i am human whe are the badest thing that excist/stop killing annimals/ stop it stop it is terrible and shows us that people are not worth to be alive

  • Pigeonlover says:

    This, this is why I’m ashamed to be canadian

  • kmm8563 says:

    This makes me so sick and disgusted that people can be so mean and cruel. There is no excuse ! No one except GOD has the right to stop any beating heart.

  • kaya says:

    STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!! It’s disgusting and inhumane!

  • Uttara says:

    It is shocking that this cruelty has not stopped even after such efforts of Animal rights organisations…..As humans increase in this world, humanity decreases

  • Michelle says:

    It is obvious, this needs to stop NOW

  • tina tine' says:

    there is no need or excuse for slaughtering seals. it’s past time to put a stop to it permanently.

  • Jay says:

    Surely, all those who torture God’s blessed animals will have to stand before Him one day & pay the ultimate price. However, until that great day, we must try to do all we can to STOP things the way they are now, for these defenseless creatures. This is pure disgust!

  • HMF says:

    This is a disgrace to human kind. This is a barbaric practice that Canada should be embarrased by. What a disgrace that its people and country stand by CRUELTY as a means to money. There is absolutley NO EXCUSE for this to continue. END THE SLAUGHTER NOW! I Will NEVER visit Canada for this reason and neither will my family.