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Do You Have 60 Seconds to Save Seals?

Written by PETA | April 4, 2011

Canada’s commercial seal slaughter is about to kick into high gear, but you can do something to help stop it. PETA has created a compelling new infographic that provides key information about the massacre, like how seals are bludgeoned and sometimes skinned alive and how much taxpayer money is wasted promoting a product that Canada loses money on every year.

All you have to do to spread the word is follow this link to the infographic, then tweet it, e-mail it to your friends, or post it to your Facebook and MySpace pages. With your help, millions of people will instantly see the truth behind Canada’s shameful excuses for failing to put a stop to this travesty.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Roberta J. says:

    I have been fighting this battle since I was 19 years old when I met a man that I admired greatly, Cleveland Amory. We started the Fund for Animals and worked in San Francisco. We were shouted down, and some were arrested for a demonstration in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. We would target all the women who walked in and out of the stores in furs. After 45 years! it is so disheartening that the seal slaughter still goes on. Let me know if anyone else is ready to take it to Canada and save as many as we can.

  • The coyote says:

    these pics of the cute and innocent seals looking up at the devil man holding the club over there heads breaks my heart and makes me mad…sooo mad this must stop!

  • jana says:

    Stop the killing!

  • amy says:

    There is no excuse in any such torture and treatment of an animal. You surely cannot call yourselves human and condone this torturing. You are only wasted skin to think this is acceptable.

  • rhonda ross says:

    The slaughter of seals is cruel and sickening…shocking that Canada participates in such barbaric behaviors toward animals. As a Canadian that fights for animals rights..this horrific behavior carried out on Canadian soil is against what the majority of Canadians believe in. Stop animal cruelty !

  • Eva Exarchou says:

    No human can accept this slauter, or any other slauter of animals. I disagree and complain about this and I ask all sensitive people worldwide, to stop the tragic situation!

  • Indiana says:

    I was just wondering, if peta were taking petitions… i am 12 and wen ont the streets of altona, to ask people if they woud sign my petition to stop testing of products on animals. i have about 50 people 🙂 soon to have more

  • Lynn says:

    The people of Canada are probably not getting the truth shown on their media. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ What is Ted Turner’s opinion on this? He should not be killing or eating bison. NPR showed a wonderful video of a Canadian taking his pet bison for a ride in his truck (like a big dog) to the local tavern; and a photo of the two together enjoying the sun and grass. Men can help buy telling their wives and girlfriends: “I think fur is ugly and cruel, I’d much rather see you wearing a ski jacket or ski coat.” The main reason females wear fur is because they think it will impress males. And vis versa: if the male in your life cares about your opinion, tell him you don’t like fur or leather.

  • Lola W says:

    We do not need this business, the people doing this do not need to be involved in it – it has no real purpose in even the small picture of the industry. Choose to be part of the forces for good in the world; stop the slaughter.

  • g says:


  • rainforest says:

    This comment is directed to Rainy’s comment Rainy,rainy,rainy,Be brave,it would make most sad,it makes me sad. To not look at it,or share it or to not tell people about it is turning our heads to it,which means it will continue. I’m sure both you and i agree THIS MUST STOP ! To make change,you must first acknowledge it ! Cure your sadness “HELP !” Spread the word and when you are done, S M I L E ! For you have made a change that’s long overdue !

  • Rainy says:

    I don’t want to share it I’m sorry but it’s horrible and I don’t want to look at it,nor would any of my friends. It makes me feel so sad…

  • animalrescue says:

    This is one of Canada’s greatest shames and I am always astounded that there are women who will have anything to do with such men and I fear there are women who even contribute to this disgusting, barbaric and primitive practise. I always wonder what these men are trying to make up for. Often, it’s low status, little education, but it’s the educated and the wealthy, that have so many other ways to experience this world, yet want to bludgeon and kill, that would make me avoid them – what is going through their minds? Truly sick.

  • sabrina says:

    this is so cruel !! stop this folks common .

  • Janine Estabrooks says:

    The fact that there are people living in Canada who have no problem going out and killing these poor animals for no real reason is the most disgusting thing that I have ever read in my whole life. Get a clue people this wont stop until some one stands up to the idiot harper and makes that loser listen

  • Molly says:


  • animal luver says:

    how these people dont know this is cruel and heartless is beyond me. i knew this when i was 5!!!! come awn people!!!!!

  • Gina M says:

    I have signed petition after petition to stop this horrendous killing, each year!!This will not stop until the people of Canada make it a major issue with the political candidates they choose to elect!!!! Everyone, go out and vote for the candidate who makes it his #1 priority to stop this once and for all!! The world will respect and thank each one of you!!!

  • Aimee says:

    I have no words to describe how angry and upset this makes me. My tax dollars are going towards funding the mass-killings and there is nothing I can do. This is inhumane and disgraceful and I think the unnecessary waste is shameful. The human race makes me sick.

  • sandra says:

    being a Canadian,this practice makes me ashamed.

  • Lorraine Redfern says:

    I am a little bit behind as information is concerned, but I know what goes on in Canada. I try to turn away from the disgusting sights that I see when the baby seals are getting bludgeoned to death. This world and it’s people are slowly turning away from being merciful, all they can think of now is the big bucks. It’s like an epedemic where everyone is doing their best to outwit the man next door. Take the elephant and rhino, there tusk’s are cut out and they are left to die. And again, we have dogs, cats and all sorts of furry animals that suffer like we could never imagine. These animals don’t ask for what they get, they just have it thrown at them and who gets paid for the luxury of it, certainly not those beautiful big eyed seals. It is way passed the use by date as far as seals are concerned and in my estimation it’s about time.

  • wendy says:

    What I cannot understand is, why is it that the Canadian Govt do not make a stand and STOP these dreadful killings? as someone so rightly said these creatures of GOD have never done a thing to us so WHY does man get such delight in killing them?

  • nichole says:


  • josie1967 says:

    Canada this is disgusting please STOP IT NOW.

  • Saikat says:

    I’m sorry, I have nothing but love for CANADA but THIS makes me wanna throw up.

  • Barbara says:

    “Thou shalt not kill.” – God, via Moses

  • Laura says:

    I agree with Lisa, who posted about a “common thread” about these men, and women, for that matter, who have no trouble or guilt with killing any type of baby animal. What is wrong with these people? And please don’t tell me that it is just a job to them- that is a lousy excuse!

  • LeeAnn says:

    This makes me sick!! Stop this horrible, inhumane practice now!

  • roo says:

    oh gosh ! why must they slaughter them ??!!

  • Andrew says:

    Another few hundred thousand a year to the 150,000,000,000 animals killed per year count

  • Attila says:

    When I recently traveled to the E.U., I learned very quickly how people there feel disdain toward Canadians because of the ongoing seal hunt. When you destroy God’s creations you are against God. And I’m against anyone who destroys life; particularly the defenseless and innocent. Animals are defenseless against humans and their weapons.

  • Lisa says:

    Why is there a common thread of the kind of “men” that do this have no problem killing babies of any species, AND the innocence of ANY animal is the same as the innocence of a baby. So, WHY do these people have NO problem killing babies? DISTURBING!!!!!

  • Rainy says:

    God. I’m Canadian and ashamed of my country for allowing this to happen. This needs to stop, I’m ashamed of those people. They’re giving all of Canada a bad name! And those poor seals never did anything to us!

  • antona grady says:

    please please stop this horrible crutley to these beautiul animals. These people who do this are not human??

  • meowsocks says:

    The first time I heard of these killings I was seven years old, now I’m sixty-five and it’s still going on because someones making money from the butchery.

  • teresa says:

    please stop this abuse of killing these seals and any other animals. this is horrible. they have feelings to.

  • roscoe says:

    i thought canadians were generally a specially civilized people,how wrong!

  • grace says:

    Canada you have many other multi million industries to better the economy. Seal slaughtering is something to be ashamed of.

  • mary cornell says:

    I am now 47, I have been trying to get this stopped since about the age of 14 when I posted a petition to be signed at our local grocery store. I would love to see it end in my lifetime.

  • Ann-Marie says:

    This makes me ashamed to be a canadian.

  • Catherine welk says:

    This sickens me everytime I hear about it and read about it!the canadian people need to wake up and see this animal as a beautiful legend.lets all speak up for them and give them life and love not hurt and harm.

  • ruth says:

    Has anyone sent this and the ARMY sheep killing video to Paul McCartney and Justn Bieber and Ellen Degenrous? For that matter how about every news station everywhere forcing them to show it and do a story so the world SEES it up close? Not to mention “Watch Through the Glas Walls” McCartney did. You’ll go Vegan as fast as my brother are after seeing it and you will probably have to hold back from wanting to hurt the people laughing while they slaughter. Ruth

  • so sad says:

    all who kill or harm animal should go to prison all living things should have equal rights

  • susan johnson says:

    I have just had it with reading about the slaughtering of these beautiful seals. We just have to do more to stop this. What is wrong with our system?

  • Casey says:

    This is absolutely terrible. I’ve always fought for the rights of animals but I hadn’t anticipated this much brutality.

  • JACK says:


  • hannah cobain says:

    i am disgusted to see that Australia hasnt banned seal products. Australia is one of the major animal abuse countries with our live export and no myxomatosis vaccine. ugh. sickening.

  • Rebecca Lippert says:

    Canada- you make me ashamed of having gone to University in Canada. Not to say America is perfect by any means, but this is the most outdated practice. So inhumane, so wrong, so disgusting… it makes me sick to my stomach. How can you possible justify an innocent living creature receiving such pain and torture? You can’t. Please have a heart, otherwise I wish the same treatment upon you all in the afterlife.

  • Carol Ryder, Esq. says:

    LETS ALL MAKE THIS GO VIRAL, INCLUDING VIDEOS, ON FACEBOOK (E.G. BETTY WHITE, BTW, BIG ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST WITH CO-STAR WENDY MILALIK). We need to target all countries that do this and gruesome vidoos are the only way to go. I teach my animal law seminars but “accidentally” show the gruesome ones and hit the Powerpoint relatively fast. See website for more dates if you are in NY.

  • SUSAN says: