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21 Tiny Dogs Saved From Hoarder

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 9, 2012

A crate on a slab of concrete is no home for a dog. But 21 dogs being held by a Florida hoarder each had only a crate and a dirty piece of bedding inside a concrete-floored kennel to call home. All the dogs were filthy and unaltered and denied regular veterinary care. And their exposed outdoor kennel gave them little protection from the myriad dangers that they faced, including other animals and cruel people.

After PETA was tipped off about the hoarder, we contacted officials with the county’s animal services division and urged them to convince her to do the best thing for the dogs: to surrender them. Animal services talked to the hoarder and told us that, as is often the case in hoarding situations, the woman had taken in too many dogs and quickly become overwhelmed.

She agreed to surrender the dogs, who fortunately were all still friendly and in relatively good health, even after living in such deplorable conditions. After some much-needed vet care, grooming, and spaying or neutering, every dog was relocated through animal services and local humane societies and put up for adoption.

Like people who hoard material possessions, animal hoarders usually suffer from mental illness. They fail to provide for animals’ basic physical and social needs, and the animals suffer as a result. If you suspect an animal- hoarding case in your area, please alert police and animal control immediately.

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  • Ursula says:

    Hoarding is a mental illness, does having compassion for animals mean none is left for humans?

  • Carrie Night says:

    PETA, you are life-saving wonders!

  • Rory234 says:

    hoarders are sick. support open admission shelters, never buy animals. Thansk you peta for all this incredible work!

  • Ella says:

    The No Kill scammers have convinced the mentally disturbed that it is ok to let animals die slowly and torturously and to suffer. That isn’t rescue, it’s animal cruelty! Shame on anyone who rationalizes this cruelty as ok. Slow, painful deaths are far worse than humane euthanasia!

  • Anita says:

    In India ,animals are treated very badly… Chickens,goats sheep horses donkeys dogs cows camels and cats we need PETA to do something!! We really need to educate people about animals.

  • PetLover says:

    UAE has more deplorable conditions esp for kittens… Its an absolute anti pet country, ,, waiting for the DAWN for UAE. They are not even taken care by Government, nor spayed or neutered, at the same time delegates impose penalties on feeding the stray. Its a kingdom, and we are helpless here, but we join hands, we shall make it a better place for them to stay and to be cared off.

  • Carol Murphy says:

    Let’s not forget that those suffering minds may be doing their BEST to save those animals from the euthanizer. Not that it’s right but maybe without that person you would not have had animals to rescue. Not meant as a complaint but just raising awareness of mental illness.

  • Vijay Babu says:

    Really happy after reading the news… Unfortunately I’m sure PETA too is lacking in doing such kind of activities for dogs in India. I’m not even aware of a Government owned dog shelters in Kerala. I’m ready to adopt dogs who need care. I never care of the breed. My dog Kitchu is over 10years of age and knows our way of life and to leave in our society. He was found by my sister in the street abandoned by some one even before his eyes were properly open. I’m sure he would be a good guide for any new comer. If it is possible by Peta to track some place were a dog is waiting for some help hand in Kerala please inform me.

  • MP says:

    Thanks God! this time you have done a good job.

  • MATT says: