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5 Ways to Help Animals on Twitter

1. Follow @PETA on Twitter

PETA’s Twitter account is the best place to receive urgent alerts, easy ways to get active for animals, shocking videos, our latest victories, and mind-blowing facts about animals!

2. Retweet Us!

PETA’s Twitter account boasts more than 400,000 followers, but we need your help to get our message out to millions more. Retweets help us win victories for animals and keep people informed. Engage your followers with animal facts that you can find only on PETA’s Twitter!

3. Share PETA Pages on Twitter is chock full of information on animal issues, from animal adoption to going vegan and much more. If you see a PETA page that you think is important for others to see, tweet about it! Share some of our most popular pages now:


4. Tweet Your Own Animal Rights Messages

Find your voice for animals by tweeting reminders and tips about how to live cruelty-free. Remember: Every character counts. And don’t forget to tag @PETA!

5. Get Involved in the Conversation

Right now, conversations about animal rights are happening on Twitter. Get in there, and respectfully let others know how compassionate people should act!

Inspired to help animals?