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Get Active for Animals Online

1.Add PETA on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Joining PETA’s social networks is the best way to stay up to date on animal issues, investigations,  and PETA’s many victories. Click on the icons below!


2.If you like it, share it!

We can’t spread the word alone. We count on people like you to take content that inspires and share it with friends. So next time you see a PETA post, video, or article that rocks, share it!

3.Take action online.

PETA has won many victories, including convincing the Army to stop conducting cruel experiments on monkeys,  defeating the yearly round of “ag-gag” bills, persuading J Brand to stop selling fur, and many more, thanks to activists taking action online. It takes only a second, and it makes all the difference for animals.

4.Get involved in the conversation.

Right now, animal issues are being debated all over the Internet. Whether that conversation is on Facebook,  YouTube, Reddit, or anywhere else, get in there and politely let people know that animals deserve our respect.

5.Download PETA’s iPhone app.

Check out the easiest way to take action in PETA’s campaigns and the single greatest tool in the history of animal rights.

Inspired to help animals?