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Five Ways to Help Animals in Labs

Animals in laboratories suffer through years of agonizing and terrifying experiments with nothing in their future but a painful death. While PETA—through its undercover investigations, research, and advocacy campaigns—works hard to shut down these cruel institutions, you can help spread the word and lead a cruelty-free lifestyle with these five simple actions:

1. Make sure that the products you use are cruelty-free—search our list and pledge to go cruelty-free today!

2. Speak out against animal testing by participating in PETA’s urgent alerts. that ask companies like Nestea, institutions like the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and even your members of Congress to end cruel animal experiments! You can also take action on urgent alerts on the go by downloading the PETA iPhone app.

3. If you donate to a charity, choose to support only charities that are kind to both humans and animals.

4. If you’re a student, a parent, or an educator, speak out against the killing of animals for school dissection. Learn more about dissection and how to make sure that humane alternatives are available in your classroom.

5. Finally, urge your friends and family to go cruelty-free by sharing PETA’s Top Five Shocking Animal Experimentation Facts on Facebook.

Once you’ve completed all five of the above steps, learn more about humane alternatives to animal experiments and take action on all our urgent alerts!

P.S. For the best way to stay informed about animal rights news and ways to take action, join PETA’s Action Team today!