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Uncompromising Stands on Animal Rights

PETA has always been known for uncompromising, unwavering views on animal rights. We aren’t afraid to make the difficult comparisons, say the unpopular thing, or point out the uncomfortable truth, if it means that animals will benefit.

PETA’s “Uncompromising Stands on Animal Rights” is an overview of what sets PETA apart. Our positions may be controversial, but they are always true to our driving mission: to stop animal abuse worldwide.

Just click a title below to read more about a particular topic, and if you have a question about PETA’s position on any animal rights issue, please feel free to ask us!

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Caged Birds
Catch-and-Release Fishing
Chaining Dogs
Crating Dogs
Declawing Cats
Electric-Shock Training for Dogs
Feral Cats
Life-Taking Charities
‘No-Kill’ Shelters
‘Outdoor Cats’
Pit Bull Breeding Bans
Predator-Reintroduction Programs
‘Responsible’ Breeders
Why Animal Rights?

Be sure to check out these pages to find out why PETA believes that animals are not ours to: