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Why does PETA give fur coats to the homeless?

Donating unwanted furs that have been marked with red paint to homeless people not only helps needy people keep warm, it also allows us to counteract reports of a “fur comeback” by showcasing that we are receiving more donations of fur than ever before from people appalled at the cruelty involved in fur ranching and trapping. In media interviews resulting from fur giveaways, we are able to point out that, even after using hundreds of furs in educational displays, dumping them at museums and outside furriers’ stores, painting them for floats, dragging them through the streets, burying and burning them, and even donating them to wildlife rehabilitators for use as animal bedding, we still have plenty of coats left over.

Fur giveaways also counteract furriers’ efforts to portray fur as “upscale,” “chic,” or a status symbol; rather, the overwhelming influx of fur into our office means that fur has hit rock bottom.