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What’s wrong with chaining dogs?

Condemning dogs to “solitary confinement” on a chain is so cruel that it is illegal in some cities. Chained dogs are exposed to searing heat, bitter cold, rain, and wind, putting them at risk for heat exhaustion, frostbite, and exposure. Chains can wrap around trees or other objects, water bowls can easily tip over, and food can quickly spoil in summer or freeze in winter.

Chained dogs often become overly fearful of intruders and protective of their tiny patch of ground. They are easy targets for cruel people who taunt and tease, putting their defenses on red alert. Not surprisingly, dogs who spend much of their lives tied out on a chain often become dangerous, while dogs who are well socialized and supervised rarely bite.

Perhaps worst of all, chained dogs are terribly lonely. They are pack animals who long to live with, love, and be loved by their human families. Denying a dog this companionship is so cruel that some dogs go crazy with loneliness. It’s best for everyone when dogs are treated as treasured family members.