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I am considering a career in animal rights. Do you have any advice?

You might want to check out PETA’s current job opportunity listings by clicking here or the Web sites of other groups you may belong to, just to get a feel for the range of positions that are available.

We hire people with all sorts of backgrounds and skills:

  • Writing
  • Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Biology
  • Education, etc.

Consider PETA’s internship program or volunteering at a local organization. 

Even if you end up not working for an animal rights organization, you can always fight for animal rights in other ways. For instance, people who work with children can teach them about kindness toward animals or help stop dissection in their schools, lawyers can offer their services pro bono to represent activists and take on animal rights cases, and so forth. Anyone, no matter what their career field, can do plenty for animals in their spare time!

Click here for more information on becoming an activist.