14 Pictures of the Cutest Bear Cubs You’ll Ever See

A post for people who love bear cubs, feelings, and seeing animals living free.

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Mother Cows Search for Missing Babies at Cheese Conference

Five grieving “cows”—and other concerned PETA members—went to the American Cheese Society Conference to search for their missing babies.

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News Flash: Jennings Has a New Co-Anchor

Jennings has found a new home in New York City, where he spends his days snuggling, playing, and admiring the Manhattan skyline.

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Piglets Rescued: First Photos! Larry French | PETA

Piglets Rescued: First Photos!

Pigs kept in deplorable conditions in North Carolina travel up the East Coast to find sanctuary at Poplar Spring.

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Dumbo: Old Movie, New Twist? © iStock.com/GP232

Dumbo: Old Movie, New Twist?

Can ‘Dumbo’ have a fairy tale ending after all?

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Where’s the Best Place to Live With a Dog? © Kendall Bryant

Where’s the Best Place to Live With a Dog?

Watch PETA’s streaming dog park cam and find out what everyone’s barking about. You can even see dogs swimming!

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Adopt an Animal © Aneesh Sankankutty

Adopt an Animal

One of the most vital ways that you can help Animal Rahat’s efforts for animals in India is by virtually adopting one of the animals. Adopt an animal today!

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