Gov. Glenn Youngkin Signs 5 Historic Beagle Bills After Virginia General Assembly Votes Unanimously to Protect Dogs at Envigo’s Cumberland Facility


Based on a July 2021 inspection, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cited Envigo, a dog-breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia, for 26 violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA), 12 of which were direct or critical (i.e., having serious or severe adverse effects on the health and well-being of the animal). In October 2021, the USDA conducted a “focused” inspection (i.e., one that does not cover the entire facility but rather focuses on following up on previous violations) and documented 13 more violations—including 11 repeat and seven critical or direct ones. In November 2021, the USDA cited Envigo for 29 additional violations, including 14 direct and 16 repeat violations for issues identified in October. In March 2022, the agency conducted another focused inspection and found five more violations—all repeat and two of those direct.

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The USDA’s veterinarians’ findings from the two inspections include the following:

July 2021

  • CRITICAL “Mortality records show that during the time period from 01/01/2021 to 07/22/2021 over 300 puppy deaths were attributed to unknown causes, however, the facility has not taken additional steps to determine the causes of death in order prevent similar deaths of other puppies in the future.”
  • DIRECT A “huddled” and depressed” puppy was covered with feces in a waste pan.
  • CRITICAL Three dogs were killed in fights, and 71 others were injured by dogs in adjacent kennels.
  • DIRECT Numerous dogs were denied care for “severe dental disease,” wounds, eye ailments, non–weight bearing limbs, ear infections, hair loss, crusted and oozing sores, swollen toes, and more. The report states, “Animals with medical conditions including eye, skin, ear, and dental problems, may suffer from pain, discomfort, infection, and stress. Daily observation of animals to identify medical problems is essential for animal health and welfare.”
  • DIRECT Thirteen dogs were denied food for 42 hours while nursing 78 puppies. The report states, “Deprivation of food causes stress, hunger, and anxiety. Placing the food where it can be seen, smelled, and in some cases touched by dogs while the dogs are fasting is causing unnecessary distress and anxiety.”
  • DIRECT More than 450 dogs were deprived of adequate space, and hundreds of dogs and puppies were confined to rooms in which temperatures reached 92.3 degrees.
  • CRITICAL The facility “refused to provide full copies of the study records which include the procedures performed on dogs while they are on a study.”

October 2021

  • DIRECT REPEAT Only 17 staff members are directly responsible for all husbandry, daily observations, and medical treatments for almost 5,000 dogs. The report states, “There continue to be severe staffing shortages …. The facility must ensure that there are sufficient employees to carry out the level of husbandry practices and care required.”
  • DIRECT REPEAT A puppy and dogs were deprived of veterinary care for an eye infection, crusted and oozing sores on their paws, multiple skin lesions with “thickened” and “inflamed” tissue, and more.
  • CRITICAL REPEAT Puppies died after falling into a drain, and one puppy was “found deceased … with [the animal’s] head stuck in the swinging kennel door.”
  • DIRECT REPEAT Fights continued among kennelmates, often leading to injuries. One dead puppy was found eviscerated, and records showed that her kennelmates had “chewed on” her corpse. The report states, “No steps have been implemented at the facility to prevent potential compatibility issues. … There is currently no systematic pro-active attempt to identify incompatible animals[;] dogs are moved only after injuries are sustained.”
  • DIRECT REPEAT Workers put down nine dogs who were injured when “body parts” were pulled through a kennel wall by other dogs and bitten, causing “physical harm and unnecessary pain.”
  • REPEAT Inspectors witnessed multiple puppies’ legs and feet passing through the openings of “noncompliant” floors.
  • REPEAT There was “old, dried, and moldy feces” in dog enclosures, up to 6 inches of feces piled in a gutter, one kennel with “at least nine or ten piles of feces,” and an “overpowering fecal odor” and “strong sewage odor” in the facility. The report states, “Due to the accumulations of dirt and debris on the walls, it is evident that the facility is not spot-cleaning or sanitizing effectively to prevent accumulations or to reduce disease hazards.”

November 2021

  • DIRECT REPEAT Many young puppies were killed via intracardiac injection without pre-sedation, a method that causes pain and discomfort and is deemed unacceptable by the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • DIRECT REPEAT Dozens of dogs were denied care for “severe dental disease,” “severe medical conditions of the ears, eyes, feet, skin, haircoat, and poor body condition,” “lameness,” “weakness,” “lethargy,” and “traumatic wounds.” Dogs were found with “loose teeth which moved with light pressure, exposed roots of teeth, pus along the gumlines, bleeding gums, hair and foreign material embedded in the gumlines, severe recession of the gums, severely reddened and inflamed gums, missing teeth, and significant accumulations of dark colored hard material (calculus) along the teeth.”
  • DIRECT REPEAT Twenty-one puppies were found damp, shivering, and cold. According to facility records, “25 additional puppies had been found dead with cause of death attributed to cold exposure … over the last 8 weeks.”
  • DIRECT REPEAT Inspectors witnessed “numerous serious” dogfights, found dogs with injuries from recent fights, and observed dogs guarding food from cagemates.
  • DIRECT More than 740 young dogs and puppies were deprived of adequate space.
  • Multiple dogs were deprived of adequate protection from the elements.
  • Other violations included inadequate staffing; incomplete or inaccurate records (for “at least 937 dogs”); “[n]umerous construction and maintenance issues”; “broken waterers and self-feeders”; unsafe enclosures (“6 dogs were found actively stuck in the flooring”); “wet, caked and moldy” food and feeders contaminated with “large numbers of live maggots”; filthy, cluttered, and unsanitary conditions; and insect infestations.
  • An inspection at a facility housing 36 cats found three violations, including cats being exposed to “numerous sharp points created by wires”; gaps in flooring and fencing; “broken, cracked, and crumbling” concrete; and inadequate sanitation.

March 2022

  • REPEAT A young dog had untreated wounds on his ear, a female dog’s leg had gotten caught in the door of her enclosure, and another eight dogs were treated for tail injuries that “varied from minor wounds to tail fractures and bone exposure.”
  • REPEAT Enclosures were unsafe—e.g., at least 130 of them had flooring with gaps large enough for a dog’s foot or leg to fall through the openings, multiple enclosures were found to have “sharp points at the levels of the dogs,” two dogs were found actively stuck in the flooring in one room, and in another room, a dog was found “with both rear feet trapped in the flooring.” Records showed that at least 12 additional dogs had been found this way between November and March.
  • DIRECT REPEAT Continued compatibility problems were found among the adult dogs, leading 97 dogs to sustain body and/or extremity injuries, some severe. Documented injuries include lacerations, bite wounds, bruised and damaged extremities, ear damage, and tail damage. “Eight dogs were euthanized as a result.”
  • REPEAT Moldy food was found along with feeders with “excessive grime covering the interior metal walls. This grime appeared to be a combination of hair, saliva, food particles, and skin oils. Some of the grime is so thick inspectors had difficulty being able to scrape it off with their fingers.”

The facility remains under federal investigation, and more citations are expected.


Results from PETA’s 2021 undercover investigation into the facility mirrored the USDA’s findings. Food was willfully withheld from nursing mother dogs for days, even after the USDA directed staff not to do that—and workers were told to lie to federal inspectors about it if asked. Workers with no veterinary credentials performed medical procedures on dogs, and PETA’s investigator found more than 360 dead puppies in the course of the investigation alone. Dogs were routinely left in cages while workers sprayed them with high-pressure hoses—leaving the soaked animals to shiver and their food to become moldy and infested with maggots—and puppies fell through holes in the cages and ended up in drains, covered with fecal matter and other waste, and typically died as a result.


  • SB 87 (Stanley R-20/Boysko D-33) and HB 1350 (Bell R-58) prohibit dealers and breeders from importing or selling dogs or cats bred by anyone with certain federal AWA violations on and following the bills’ effective date of July 1, 2023.
  • SB 88 (Stanley R-20/Boysko D-33) requires dog and cat breeders to maintain and report to the Commonwealth records of all the animals they sell for experimentation for two years after each animal’s sale date.
  • SB 90 (Stanley R-20/Boysko D-33) requires dog and cat breeders that breed animals for experimental purposes to offer “surplus” animals for adoption prior to euthanasia.
  • SB 604 (Stanley R-20/Boysko D-33) clarifies that dogs and cats in the possession of breeders that sell animals for experimental purposes are protected by cruelty-to-animals laws.


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Virginia Coalition for Beagle Protection

The Virginia Coalition for Beagle Protection is a coalition of national and Virginia-based animal protection organizations formed in response to the crisis of care at Envigo, the largest commercial dog-breeding facility in the Commonwealth. Our members include the following animal protection organizations:

Alleghany Humane Society

Animal Resources of Tidewater

Basset Rescue of Old Dominion

Bay Beagle Rescue

Beagles and Bentleys

Bristol Humane Society Margaret B. Mitchell Spay/Neuter Clinic

Bully Advocate & Rescue Collective

Cat Action Team

Chesapeake Humane Society

Danville Area Humane Society

Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge

Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue

Heritage Humane Society

Homes Fur Hounds

Humane Society of Fairfax County

Humane Society of the United States

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Lynchburg Humane Society

Middleburg Humane Foundation

Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

Norfolk SPCA

NoVA Coalition for Animals

Partners Among Cats and Canines


Peninsula SPCA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Portsmouth Humane Society

Reba’s Animal Rescue

Richmond SPCA

SPCA of Northern Virginia

Symbiotic Inc.

Virginia Alliance for Animal Shelters

Virginia Animal Control Association

Virginia Animal Rights Voters

Virginia Beach SPCA

Virginia Federation of Humane Societies

Wise County Humane Society

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