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The internet is currently swooning for vegan pilot Matthew Ayer, aka “The Veggie Pilot,” who flies around the world, engaging his social media followers with his caring attitude and compassionate eating choices. Even his Instagram tagline, “Eating Vegan Food Everywhere,” couldn’t be more charming.

We, too, are hanging onto his every inspiring post, whether it’s describing delicious vegan airport food, showing us meals that he’s prepped for a flight, hanging out with a pig who was rescued from a wildfire, or other swoon-worthy content.

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Are you jealous of my PBJ game?!

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It’s not just The Veggie Pilot’s uniform and 100-watt smile that are making peoples’ hearts soar. People have never been more curious about being vegan than right now. Ayer described his vegan journey to “I was exposed to a lot of shocking information about dairy and the dairy industry. I already didn’t eat eggs but I was eating cheese at the time. Since I was vegetarian for animal rights reasons, it made sense that I should commit completely and stop consuming dairy.”

Through his website and social media presence, Ayer leads by example, letting fellow travelers know how easy it is to show how much you care about animals by simply not eating them. “I vowed to myself to start packing my own meals and take back the power from the crappy restaurants,” he explains. “I created Veggie Pilot because I had a feeling that there were other pilots and flight attendants out there who were vegan/vegetarian and I wanted to help with meal ideas.” And you can do the same! Share your vegan meals and kind tips on social media for everyone to see. You have the power to inspire countless people.

No matter what your lifestyle entails, you can always live consciously. With readily available vegan food everywhere you look, there’s really no excuse not to eat compassionately. Get on board by ordering our free vegan starter kit today:

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