Sayreville, New Jersey


No person shall own, keep or harbor a dog in the Borough except in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter and the following regulations.

9-8.11.2 Tethering of Dogs.

a. It shall be unlawful for any person to tether, fasten, tie, restrain or cause an unattended dog to be fastened, tied or restraining to houses, trees, fences, garages, stakes or other stationary or highly immobile objects by means of a rope, strap or other physical restraint for the purpose of confinement, except in circumstances where all of the following requirements are satisfied:

1. The tethering is for a total of no more than seven (7) hours within a twenty-four (24) hour period, with a maximum of four (4) hours at any one (1) interval and a minimum one (1) hour period between confinements.

2. The tether is attached to the dog by a non-choke type collar, swivels at both ends and attached to the stationary object by anchors, latches or similar devices in a manner which the dog is able to move freely and prevents the tether from becoming entangled around the dog or any object so as to limit the dog’s freedom within the tethered area or to prevent the dog or any of its appendages, from becoming entangled by the tether.

3. The tether shall be of a type commonly used for the size of the dog involved.

4. The construction of the tether shall be of a lightweight, yet durable material, shall not exceed twenty (20) percent of the animal’s weight, and may not be thicker than one-eighth (⅛) inch. No dog shall be tethered by means of a choke-type, pinch-type, prong-type or improperly fitting collar.

Tethers shall be affixed to dogs via appropriate collars and/or body harnesses.

5. The tether must be a minimum of fifteen (15) linear feet in length, less than six (6′) feet above the ground, and shall remain tangle free.

6. The tethered dog has easy access to potable drinking water, edible food, dry ground, and adequate shade and/or shelter within the tethering area.

7. The tethering area shall be clean, clear of obstructions and/or debris and no less than one hundred fifty (150) square feet per dog in total area.

8. The dog, whether used for companionship, hunting, farming, breeding, or is an otherwise working dog, is regularly monitored while tethered for the aforementioned period of time.

b. Chains shall be prohibited for use as a tethering device.

c. If there are multiple dogs, each dog shall be tethered separately and in such a manner that the tethers shall not become entangled with each other.

d. No dog shall be tethered within five (5′) feet of another person’s property, public thoroughfare, and/or right-of-way.

e. No dog shall be tethered at a vacant structure or premises for any purpose when it is not monitored by a competent adult who is present at the property for the duration of such tethering.

f. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered shall not be tethered for any period of time.

g. No dog under the age of one (1) year or under twenty (20) pounds shall be tethered.

h. No dog that is sick or injured shall be tethered.

i. No dogs shall be tethered between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

9-8.11.3 Restrictions on Leaving Animals Outdoors.

a. It shall be unlawful for any person to leave any animal outdoors and unattended for a continuous period of time greater than one-half (½) hour if the National Weather Service has issued weather alerts or storm warning, or if the temperature during such period is either below thirty-two (32°) degrees Fahrenheit or above eighty-five (85°) degrees Fahrenheit. The animal shall be considered outside regardless of access to an outdoor doghouse or similar structure, unless such structure is a properly functioning climate-controlled and weather-resistant structure.

b. No animal shall be left outside during snow storms, ice storms or thunderstorms.

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