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Royal Wedding Round-Up

The following post is by Lauren Gordon, PETA’s celebrity marketing coordinator. Lauren is also a certified holistic health counselor.

Anglophiles, unite! Royal wedding fever has struck the states! Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials have been dubbed the “Wedding of the Century,” and coverage of this royal celebration has engulfed the media. Get the scoop on animal-friendly royal wedding news here:

  • PETA is sending a special wedding gift to the royal couple containing “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”

If you didn’t make the guest list for the royal affair (or maybe your invite just got lost in the mail), celebrate at home by making traditional English dishes, such as vegan sausage rolls and crumpets, served alongside a cup of tea with soy milk.

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  • catlover1998 says:

    because their rich they think they can wear cruely made clothes?
    wat a couple of …….:/

  • Cindy says:

    Angora is made from the fleece(hair) of the rabbit–the rabbit is not killed for it.The rabbit is combed-like you wouldo comb your cat or dog ,to remove the fleece.The fleece is washed,dried and spun into yarn then it is knitted,crocheted or felted into a garment.
    There is a breed of goat called the Angora also used for fleece

  • Rex's Mom says:

    There were a lot of horses pulling carriages in this wedding. What about them? I am sure these horses live in much better stables than the ones in the States. I HOPE they do live better. And has Prince William stopped hunting? Remember the controversy a few years ago when he shot a deer in Africa or something like that.

  • Paula says:

    hats? what about the bears that are killed for the queens guard ,and did you hear that bacon sandwiches from pigs where the take home food for guests,where was Paul McCartney?
    well,that tells you the couple has no respect for NATURE !

  • zoe says:

    omg. why are they doin it they want to get pibublisity right well then to get thet they should stop or have a campaighn agaisnt what there about

  • Judy says:

    Please tell me that the angora shrug Kate M. wore as the second outfit for her highly publicized wedding was fake fur! There is no indication that it is anything but white rabbit fur in all the posts I see about her outfits. Meanwhile, if you put ‘angora shrug’ or something similar on Google, you get rabbit fur ads all over the place! I am so disappointed by this display of ‘fashion’ without any regard to anything positive. Outdoors in winter, there could at least be some function for the fur (thus at least some reasoning, say, for a uniform hat–though not for a party and not reasoning still valid today, in my opinion). But, why (oh, why!) is Kate wearing rabbit fur in April? Even if it is faux fur, it sells all fur.

  • kat258 says:

    Kate, along with everyone else on this planet who feels it is acceptable to wear fur needs to be made fully aware of this utterly barbaric trade. If the leaflet “Your fur had a face” doesn’t make an impact nothing will.

  • Ozzie says:

    maybe you could get the Royal Guards to ditch the ridiculous fur hats, for a cruelty free look? And promote anti fur to the newly weds.

  • Amber says:

    What about the bearskin fur royal guard helmuts???

  • Guess8 says:

    I heard that princess Kate is wearing an angora sweater for her after wedding party…boohoo
    Someone should explain to her the pain and suffering the poor little bunnies go through……

  • brad1974 says:

    I was surprised that with all the efforts taken to be environmentally and animal sensitive, the Kate chose to wear an angora sweater/jacket. Was it real ???

  • tidhouse says:

    What is the source of the feathers used in all the ladies’ hats?

  • MA Moore says:

    Best wishes to the Royal couple! I hope we see a new age of animal free products and cruelty free cuisine! Thank you Ingrid and friends at PETA for all you do to shed light on the plight of our furry friends!

  • Lami says:

    All of those dreadful bear skin hats……….

  • geordilil says:

    Best of luck to them. The corgis should have had some of those commemorative Canine t-shirts. Now if we could get them to give up
    hunting and condemn the seal hunt while they’re in Canada in June. . .

  • geordilil says:

    The corgis should have gotten the commemorative t-shirts!
    Now if we can get them to give up hunting.. . and to condemn the seal hunt while they’re in Canada in June.

  • swesara says:

    i heard they where gonna serve lamb for their grand dinner, thats not vegan at all!

  • mister jingles says:

    Please, Prince William, following your beautiful mom Lady Diana, become vegetarian and stop hunting: she didn’t like it!

  • Yvonne says:

    Kate is in a perfect position to spread the news on animal rights by not wearing fur and not hunting, she could even be the face of a cosmetic company who doesn’t test on animals, that would be one successful company!

  • Danell says:

    Hey, if you can segue the Royal Wedding into coverage for animal welfare, I’m all for it !

  • sarge311 says:

    Can you get them both not to engage in fox hunting? Or wearing fur? Princess Diana refused to wear fur. Now if only you can get the 2 of them to stop, THAT would be great!

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