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15 Facts Lobsters Everywhere Want You to Know

The following article was written by Liam Cronin.

1. Lobsters aren’t all red. They can be many different colors, including bright blue.

2. Lobsters carry their young for nine months.

3. They can live to be 100 years old.

4. When they’re teenagers, they’re awkward, too.

5. Lobsters don’t have a central nervous system. Instead, they have bunches of nerve tissue spread throughout their bodies.


6. They go on vacation, traveling more than 100 miles each year.


7. Not all lobsters have claws.

8. Lobsters have to shed their shells in order to grow.


9. Sometimes they walk hand in hand, with older lobsters leading the young ones.


10. Females can carry live sperm for up to two years, until they decide that it’s time to fertilize their eggs.

11. They chew their food in their stomach.

12. They taste with their legs.

13. Lobsters can be right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous.


14. They can’t go into shock.

15. This means that lobsters can feel everything, including when they are dismembered alive at Linda Bean’s Maine Lobster.

Tell Linda Bean to stop tearing apart these smart, sensitive animals.

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  • Veronica Carter says:

    I cannot understand how people can be so heartless. Killing any living creature to eat is barbaric. Shame on Linda Bean and all the others who do what she does, and those who eat them.

  • Psychobird says:

    And what about how they scream out in pain as they’re being boiled alive???

  • Brianna says:

    It is awful how humans treat animals, I will make sure that I and anyone I know does not associate or purchase from Linda Beans.

  • dora says:

    PETA rules and will prevail! I have no tolerance for anyone who harms animals and this place will hopefully shut down forever. People need to come together and protest by taking action. tell everyone you know

  • pauline wolf says:

    this is horrible–so sad-humans are the most violent species and damaging… EVIL-this must be STOPPED NOW PLEASE-we are all connected thank you

  • Allanmlsgrtnsml says:

    How can you look at yourself in the mirror?

  • Robin Lyn says:

    I have been a veggie for almost a year now and I will never go back. Just like pigs .. Lobsters are sensitive creatures.. This breaks my heart. Keep these babies in the sea with their families.

  • Sarah says:

    If you just sit down and take a minute to really think what you are doing , you will realise just how wrong it is. When did it become ok in people’s minds to torture then eat these wonderful creatures?

  • Sheila Howells says:

    Once again Man abuses animals for financial gain.Disgraceful.

  • Behrensteina1 says:

    Shame on you Linda Bean! These are live interesting and exciting sea creatures! Please stop with the extreme cruelty of these innocent Lobsters! Leave these wonderful sea creatures, God’s creatures, to leave in peace! I do believe that we can all manage without eating this fascinating creatures! Thanks for listening and take this to heart!!!

  • Linda Gibson says:

    This is horrible. I had no idea this kind of cruelty goes on. I’m well aware of cruelty of most other animals, but never have seen this. Thank you for making me aware of it. Please help get it stopped ASAP.

  • Carl says:

    Stop killing those Lobsters !

  • Sam says:

    I won’t shop at all at Linda Bean stores.

  • louis gauci says:

    Stop torturing defenseless creatures. They have no voice but the feel life us.

  • Heaven's says:

    I can’t believe how awfull this is. I support you, PETA !

  • Sabine says:

    How awful!Why people have to eat Lobster I just can’t understand. It doesn’t justify the cruelty and the torture those animals have to go through in the slightest! e-mail sent…shame on you Linda Bean!

  • Harrison says:

    I am shocked that Linda Bean would do such an abominable thing to such creatures…