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Vegan Food

Want to Live Longer? Eat ‘Vegiterranean’

These “Vegiterranean” recipes can help you get that healthy Mediterranean glow.

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Celebs and Supporters Love PETA’s 35th Anniversary Menu

PETA celebrated 35 years of victories for animals with a unique plant-based menu.

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Sweet Earth’s Newest Sammie Just Made Breakfast More Fun

Spice up your morning with Sweet Earth’s new breakfast sandwich.

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31 Vegan Recipes for Every Day in October

This October, eat more fall and winter vegetables with these 31 vegan recipes.

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How to Order Vegan at The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory has a huge number of delicious vegan options on its menu.

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Jamba Juice Introduces Vegan Almond-Milk Smoothies

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better, Jamba Juice introduces vegan smoothies in three delicious flavors.

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How to Make Kinder Choices at Fast-Food Joints

Animals’ lives and your health are both affected by what you eat. Here’s how to make a positive difference.

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13 ‘Raw’some Vegan Recipes in 10 Minutes or Less

If you’re as busy as we are, you’ll appreciate these quick and easy raw vegan recipes.

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Kite Hill Announces New Ravioli Made With Artisan Vegan Cheese

Kite Hill is a progressive vegan-cheese company that now offers artisanal vegan ravioli.

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8 Over-the-Top Vegan Desserts

Get ready to indulge with these fantastic dessert recipes.

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