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Vegan Food

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s Is HERE With 4 New Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s has four new flavors of almond milk–based desserts that sound beyond delicious.

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What Nutritional Yeast Is and How It Will Change Your Life

Nutritional yeast—aka “nooch”—is here for all those cheese-lovers who think they can’t give up cheese.

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Check Out the New Milk Made From Peas and Potatoes

The world’s first vegetable-based milk is prepping its American debut.

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16 Food Trends That Prove 2016 Is #TheYearOfVegan

Innovation, technology, and compassion are driving this year’s top food trends.

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Picture This: The Best Vegan-Friendly Movie Theaters

Gone are the days when movie-going vegans had only Sour Patch Kids to eat. These theaters offer hearty vegan meals to enjoy while watching the big screen.

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World’s First Avocado Ice Cream Launches

Cado Avocado Ice Cream is the avocado-based treat that the whole world has been waiting for.

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The World’s First Vegan Butcher Shop Is Making Us Hungry

Check out The Herbivorous Butcher, the world’s first vegan butcher shop, opening in Minneapolis.

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Vegan Restaurant ‘by CHLOE.’ Is Set to Take Over Manhattan

Vegan quick-serve restaurant ‘by CHLOE.’ will open two new locations in Manhattan this year.

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Vegan Fast-Food Joint VeganBurg Opens in California

There’s a new burger joint on the block, and it’s all vegan.

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Watch Pamela Anderson Cook Up Some Steamy Winter Recipes Photo by: Emma Dunlavey

Watch Pamela Anderson Cook Up Some Steamy Winter Recipes

Watch Pamela Anderson and Delahna Flagg put their “sensual vegan” spin on cooking.

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