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Put on Your (Vegan) Dancing Shoes!

Recently, some friends and I have taken up Zumba. If you haven’t heard of Zumba yet, think Jazzercise-meets-Latin dancing. It’s a fabulously fun way to stay fit, and it doesn’t require any special gear—I usually just wear workout clothes and my nonleather sneaks.

If you or your little ones are learning or performing a “for real” style of dancing (like ballet, ballroom, jazz, tap, etc.), you’re going to need some “for real” dancing shoes. Luckily, it’s a snap to find animal-friendly shoes for many different dancing styles online. Here are a handful of places with cruelty-free dance shoes to get your feet moving—without stepping on any animals’ toes!

Ethical Wares’ “Last Dance” line offers vegan practice shoes, a men’s ballroom dancing shoe, and women’s ballroom shoes, including a pretty sandal.

• The Cynthia King Dance Studio in Brooklyn sells cruelty-free ballet slippers with polished canvas uppers and synthetic soles. They are a big hit with the dancers at the studio!

Step One Dance Shoes’“Fantasy” line can be ordered in faux leather with hard rubber soles and offers a variety of ballroom and Latin dancing styles.

Discount Dance Supply has a great selection of affordable dance shoes and supplies. Call before ordering to inquire about the materials, as some of their canvass and synthetic shoes may have leather soles.

• For modern dance and other styles that are often performed in bare feet, Dance Paws makes a great leather-free product that will “save your sole”!

I’d love to hear about other places that sell vegan dance shoes!

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  • Susan Robertson says:

    I just talked to Discount Dance and all of their canvass/synthetic ballet shoes do have some leather in them (the soles). From the other comments, it looks like the Cynthia King line is the only one for 100% cruelty-free ballet shoes. Thanks TW (10/7/11) for sharing that you had researched this thoroughly!
    Happy ballet mom, Susan

  • amanda says:

    my little guy dances ballet, and cynthia king only does children’s shoes in pink! 🙁 anyone know of any children’s size vegan ballet shoes?

  • Geneva says:

    I just calle discount dance supply and the do not sell a vegan dancing shoe. The soles are made from leather.

  • Rud D says:

    I am looking for vegan salsa shoes in India. Does anyone know any company that sells them? A website link would be very helpful. Thanks.

  • Ushko says:

    Thank you soooo much to lishiej for the advice with “very fine”, I kept trying to order my shoes from supadance (the step one dance shoes) but my size is continuously on backorder (curse my big two left feet, made me think i should give up dancing). I got my latin shoes from them, but time was closing in for my ballroom competition, so grateful for that info! Thank you so much!

  • TW says:

    I researched all of these sites (and others) and could only find vegan children’s ballets at Cynthia King. Just ordered three pair for my girls! Thanks for the article.

  • misty says:

    I am wanting my girl to try ballet. Thanks for the article about the amazing vegan shoes! Cute Idea. Do you know if these shoes will go for cheaper prices? Let me know!!

  • Dugan! says:

    I recommend the Capezio DS03 canvas dance sneaker: I use it for contra dancing. Nice support. Split rubber sole that slides some.

  • lishiej says:

    Very Fine Dancesport shoes ( will custom-make vegan ballroom dance shoes from their “classic” line. Just email them 🙂

  • sara says:

    Custom made dance shoes with a choice of a synthetic non leather sole!

  • Marie-Joie Renaud says:



    I have two questions.

    I was wondering if you had these informations.

    1.Does “Moonlight” make 100% synthetic salsa shoes?
    2.What company makes “Moonlight shoes”?

    Thank you!


  • Marie-Joie Renaud says:


    I have two questions.

    I was wondering if you had these informations.

    1.Does “Moonlight” make 10% synthetic salsa shoes?
    2.What company makes “Moonlight shoes”?

    Thank you!


  • Marina Bowbeer says:

    I have been dancing salsa for a long time and I cant find vegan dance shoes, checked out Ethical Wares, they only have one pair to choose from. Plz help, any other sources? Yes they all have suede soles for spinning, there has to be something on the bottom for spinning.

  • Laura K says:

    Be careful with canvas shoes. Sometimes they have suede soles. The ones in the photo with this article, for example, say that they have suede soles, and it does not say synthetic suede.

  • Ky says:

    very helpful info! thanks for listing this out. my little sister takes dance, and isn’t vegetarian, but i think my mom would be interested in getting her cruelty-free dance shoes.