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Quiz: Are You Ready to Adopt? (PHOTOS)

Written by Liam Cronin | February 22, 2013

Not sure if you’re ready to welcome a dog or cat into your home? Take PETA’s adoption quiz and find out!

1. Do you like to cuddle?

I do.

2. Do you want a best friend?

Hey! Where are we going? You know what? It doesn’t matter!

3. Are you ready to teach and learn?


4. Will you clean the litterbox?

You better.

5. Do you want to feel unconditional love for the next 10 to 20 years?

Editor’s note: picture too cute for caption.

6. Do you want a compassionate, caring companion?

Hey, you OK, bro?

7. Do you want to witness unbridled joy every day?

Life is good.

8. Will you go on walks?

Please say “Yes.”

9. Do you want a warm welcome every time you come home?

HALT! Who goes there?

10.  Will you be understanding and not overreact?


11.  Do you want a playmate?

Sandbox time?

12.  Do you want a travel buddy?

Hop in! I’ll navigate.

13.  Do you want to meet each morning with joy?

Yes. Today will be a good day.

14.  Are YOU ready to adopt?

Only YOU can decide.

If you answered “Yes” to all these questions, then congratulations! You might be ready to adopt. Visit your local animal shelter today. And remember, always spay and neuter!

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  • 3cats3dogswoman says:

    I adopted a sweet, sweet Aussie-mix from animal control on October 4th. Her human died and other family members didn’t want her. My gain; their loss.

  • Muttluva says:

    This story should have all mutts and no purebreds in the pictures. I am not saying purebred dogs are not adopted, but this article would best be represented by pictures of mutts as the focus is adoption. Again, I know pure bred dogs are adopted, but when I see pictures of purebreds, my mind automatically assumes a purchased pet whether it be true or not.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    yes, i am.

  • PETA says:

    @Heather Take a look at this page to see PETA’s stance on “pets.”

  • Heather says:

    I thought that PETA did not advocate pets? You have stated before that animals should not be owned. Although when I have a pet I always state that I am their caretakers. The bird advocacy groups that I belong to ask me to not talk about birds with you because they say that you are against people having animals as pets. I am completely confused.
    I currently care for a 6-year-old parrotlet, who was adopted. If I didn’t adopt him, he might not be alive today. If I let him out in the wild he would be killed or die very soon. That would make me sad. Am I violating PETA’s policies? I am sincerely confused.
    Please help me to understand your policies better, and please don’t send me more paper. I like trees, too.

  • Boohoo says:

    No. I want to see an end to the exploitation of animals as playthings for human whims. HAPPILY PET FREE FOREVER.

  • AbbyandSadiesMom says:

    NO FAIR!!! I volunteer at a 100% NO-KILL shelter as a Feline Adoption Rep and even though my Maine Coon, Abby, is the love of my life – all this cuteness is so darn tempting! Good thing she’s a one-person feline, LOL! My previous joy, Sadie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 17 years and we enjoyed 12 wonderful years together! I swear she sent Abby to me since Abby was re-introduced to me again at the shelter only one week after Sadie’s passing. The last time I met Abby, I wanted to take her home, but Sadie was also a one-person cat. I told Abby the last time that if it was meant to be, our lives would cross again. Little did I know that Abby’s human passed around the same time my Sadie passed! Wow…talk about Kizmit!

  • ferne harasimiw says:

    Not fair, this questionnaire is loaded with cuteness.