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Further Abuses of Australian Animals Exposed in Gruesome Investigation

Soon after the Australian government acknowledged the abuses of Australian animals in a Cairo slaughterhouse and suspended the export trade to Egypt, PETA released additional footage from the investigation of live Australian sheep as they were being mishandled and crudely slaughtered in Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt. As a result of the release of this footage, the Australian government sent a delegation to the Middle East to investigate the abuses inflicted on Australian sheep there. PETA sent the undercover footage to the ministers of agriculture in these three countries, along with a plea to accept only chilled meat from Australia.

Activists within Australia have met with key government figures who reportedly have been deeply disturbed by the undercover footage and gained a better understanding of the cruel treatment that Australian sheep face once they arrive in the Middle East.

Even the Australian Veterinary Association, which has traditionally supported the live-export trade, has publicly declared that it will withdraw its support for the trade unless it sees significant improvements in animal welfare. If you’ve yet to act on this important issue, now is the time! Please write to the Australian government today to demand an end to the cruel live-export industry.


Further Abuses of Australian Animals Exposed in Gruesome Investigation

In January 2006, in conjunction with Animals Australia, PETA conducted an undercover investigation in the Middle East and North Africa to expose the handling and slaughter conditions endured by sheep who are exported to these destinations from Australia. Contrary to the claims of the Australian government and live-export industry, we found no improvement in the way that animals are housed, handled, and killed in the Middle East.

Australian sheep and cattle are kicked, beaten, and dragged off boats by their ears and legs and are left to die in barren feedlots. They are bound up and thrown into the trunks of cars, and they are slaughtered in prolonged and cruel ways that are illegal in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Click here to help stop the abuse of sheep in the wool industry.

Australia’s most popular investigative current-affairs program, 60 Minutes, aired an extended feature exposing the industry’s lies and highlighting the continued abuses that animals endure. In response to the massive outcry caused by the exposé, the Australian government suspended live-animal exports to Egypt.

PETA’s investigative footage was reviewed by one of the world’s foremost experts in humane slaughter, Dr. Temple Grandin, who was horrified by the animal abuses documented, stating, “The abusive treatment shown unquestionably must cause great suffering, pain and distress.” Read her full report here.

Please demand that the Australian government bring an immediate end to the cruel live-export trade and encourage your friends to do the same:

The Honorable Barnaby Joyce
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Australian Government Department of Agriculture
GPO Box 858
Canberra ACT 2601

His Excellency Tony Abbott
Prime Minister of Australia
Parliament House
Canberra, ACT 2600

Please also urge the live-export industry to conduct an immediate review of its practices, both on ships and in destination countries:

Scott Hansen
General Manager Corporate Communications and Livestock Exports
PO Box 991
North Sydney NSW 2059
Phone: 02 9463 9333
Fax: 02 9463 9208
[email protected]

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  • shivani johri says:

    I m an Indian and wish to free these animals from cruelty ….please stop all d in human acts taking place in Australia…!!At least please feel the pain that animals are suffering !! This is a request to all authorities of Australia to end up the cruelty and help the animals…to stop the inhuman acts…!!!

  • Janet Walter says:

    I thought Australia was a progressive modern country but their treatment of exported live animals is primitive. I wanted to visit the country but have decided not to in view of this issue. They should be ashamed. I hope they are.

  • Charlton Dave says:

    Stop selling any live animals to the Arabs, they cannot be trusted to treat any animal with respect and compassion.

  • copernic says:

    Maudite soit la race humaine !!et on se dit plus intelligent
    les humains meritent de s’eteindre !!

  • Robin says:

    What a shame to your country.

  • Birgit Heine says:

    Ich bin erschüttert, wie man da zuschauen kann… Tiere so grausam zu quälen.. Sie sollten sich schämen über solche Zustände und hoffe inständig, daß diesem Treiben Einhalt geboten wird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anastasia says:

    Ca n,est seulement le crime, c,est cruelite inadmissible!! Mention a commentaire derniere: il ne faut pas exporter ni ni viande! Pourquoi ca?

  • Gloria Kay says:

    What a way to line your pockets. You should be ashamed .I am sure there is a more humane way. FIND IT !!!

  • The Slow Awakening says:

    I am an Australian and deeply ashamed. Please spread the word of the animal atrocities permitted by our arrogant parliamentary representatives, the sycophants of a corrupt and diabolical trade in live animals. Do not buy anything made in Australia.

    On Sunday 14 August, 20,000 people rallied around the nation in protest of live exports. This morning our parliamentary scum rejected two bills to ban this trade. Our tears, our pleas, the heinous revelations over 8 years on the dreadful treatment of our helpless animals in the lands of the barbarians have fallen on deaf ears. To whom now do we turn?

    Australia too is a land of barbarians but we, in defence of weak and helpless critters will never retreat. Please help us to stop this vile trade and spread the word. Thank you on behalf of all brutalised animals.

  • A. VALENTI says:


  • Lyn Gardiner says:



    I have watched the various footage, shame on Australia and other country who allows this barbaric practice.

    They should only receive chilled meat, they are not humane or civilised for anything else.

  • colette long says:

    I am horrified about those sheeps. Please make it stop immediately.