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Response to SeaWorld’s Open Letter

In defense of its “abusement” park, SeaWorld unleashed an expensive and inaccurate ad campaign in newspapers across the country.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigs

You won’t believe what pigs can do when we don’t eat them.

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Help End Animal Testing in 60 Seconds

Animals in laboratories need YOU! Speak up to help end animal testing.

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Vegetarian Stars Featured on PETA Stamps

Vegetarian stars lend their famous mugs to PETA’s latest stamp collection.

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This List Just Might Change How You Feel About Snakes

Find out the shocking truth behind snakes used for exotic-skins fashions. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS.

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Animal Rights

Follow in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr. and dare to dream. Lead a revolution for animals.

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The USDA: Working Hard for Animal Abusers (Infographic)

PETA’s infographic illustrates how the USDA is slacking and protecting animal abusers instead of animals.

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Robbie Rogers: Protect Your Animals From Fireworks

See pro soccer player Robbie Rogers speak out about how to protect frightened animals from fireworks displays

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Gross Things in Meat (Infographic)

Check out the infographic that exposes exactly what the meat industry is hiding inside that burger.

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Revolutionize Your Wardrobe With Daniella Alonso

Actor Daniella Alonso is asking people to choose fake for animals’ sake.

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