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Woman Treats Cat Like Garbage

Written by PETA | August 24, 2010

UPDATE: Mary Bale has been charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

Picture this: A middle-aged woman walks down a residential sidewalk. A friendly cat jumps up on a ledge. The woman stops, pets the cat, and … looks for the cat’s guardians? Keeps on walking? No. She pushes the cat to a trash bin, slams the lid, and strolls quickly away.

You don’t have to picture it, because the whole sickening scene, which happened in Coventry, England, was caught on a security camera video. The cat, named Lola, spent 15 hours trapped in the bin on a hot day, terrified and eventually covered in her own waste, before her guardians heard her faint cries and rescued her. The woman has been identified.



Lola’s ordeal is a prime example of why letting our cats roam outdoors unattended isn’t doing them any favors. Cruel people, as well as traffic, poison, aggressive animals, disease, and countless other dangers lurk outside our doors. For tips on keeping cats content in the “great indoors,” check out PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk’s book 250 Things You Can Do to Make Your Cat Adore You.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • corrina says:

    this is disturbing to know that some f person could do such a thing to a living being weather she is meantally there or what her deal is its a concern i have 3 cats and to think someone could be so inhumane

  • Hanny says:

    Did anyone stop to think that this lady may have a mental retardation? I agree that this is totally insane but it’s very hypocritical of PETA to say that cats shouldn’t be roaming around the neighborhood. They are always protesting sea world and zoos because they don’t give the animals enough space. You people are INSANE to think that a lady should be killed because of this. Yes it was wrong and she should be fined. But killed? Come on guys.

  • ocean17 says:

    oh that poor cat how inhumane and sad. that lady is obviously delusional and probably is most likely a closet psycho. how cruel and uncompassionate of her to act like that thinking no one would care or notice.

  • T says:

    sick lady! How anyone can do this i just don’t know.It makes me very sad.She belongs in jail or in a mental wardmaybe they should shove her in a trash can….

  • compassionANDrespect says:

    This woman has recieved death threats and the police are now GUARDING her home to protect her !!! Who was there to protect the cat ? This woman should not have protection she deserves to get whats coming to her ! And even worse is what she told the news ” i dont understand why everyone is getting so excited its JUST A CAT ” then went on to say she did it because she thought it would be funny ! SMH .

  • Gina says:

    Yes do tell us.

  • maureen says:

    I keep saying “people have not ceased to amaze me”. As I watched this person on Inside Edition she claimed it was only a catlike so many other heartless uncaring people in this world there should be a fine for her to pay.And of course her answer was she was only joking I did not find this a bit humorousthere is something wrong with her. Doesn’t she realize the trash collectors could have accidentially killed her.the catshe must have known this was someones petthe cat was very friendly to her.But if you took a long look at this woman it would not surprise me if she has done other things to peoples pets.You are a very UNCARING person what is your address because I would never want you as a neighbor.

  • Chris says:

    The woman needs immediate psychological help. But she should to pay for it herself. I would prefer a lengthy prison sentence with no counseling so she would be forced sit and think about it. Can’t believe there was no arrest. Barbaric laws prevented any legal punishment. I just hope tons of people contine to stand outside of her home. The good thing is that the cat is okay and that woman will never be rid of her reputation. Her evil ways will follow her everywhere as long as she lives. She obviously already has mental problems and should not be let out in society. My husband said that a perfect punishment would be to stuff her in a trash can big dirty dumpster for 15 hours then if she rents her house the landlord would evict her and nobody else would rent to her. This incident really upset us. If I saw this woman on the street I would have some words for her and lead a campaign in the town for her NOT to be around children and of course animals. If I lived the the area I would put up posters all over town with her name on it and the photo of her putting the cat in the trash can. I wonder what other things she has done in her life. A nonfeeling empty hearted sick woman. And I don’t care what has gone on in her life previously to trigger this horrible act. I wish I could send her a letter personally and let her know how many peoples lives she has affected with horror. Better yet get her in a small room and talk to her for 15 hours or longer and talk and talk and talk nicely but repeating myself of her inhumane wrongs. I would like to talk so long that I would practically bore her to death even knowing it wouldn’t change her. Just a terrible unforgiving act. I wish her a living hell for the rest of her life. This was an intentional act with the intent being death to the cat.

  • Audrey says:

    Just the night before last I heard this cat SCREAMING outside…I didn’t know where it was coming from. So I looked around walked toward the sound and there was a little black white cat and a HUGE orange cat screaming at it. Sounded like someone got hit by a car. Then there was one about 10 feet away too. I know there’s a bunch in the alley out back too. After breaking up the fight the little black white sat at my feet scared out of its mind but not scared of me! I’m sure she belonged to someone…someone who doesn’t appreciate her enough to let her into the house and keep her safe!

  • Audrey says:

    Her actions could be interpreted in two ways SCENARIO A 1 She looked around to see if the owner was near. 2 She put the cat in the garbage so it wouldnt wander into the street get hit by a car. 3 She did it swiftly so she wouldnt get scratched or bit. SCENARIO B 1 She looked around to make sure no one was watching. 2 She put the cat in the garbage can because she is a monster. 3 She did it swiftly because she didnt want to be seen and didnt care about that cat at all. I guess its all in how you see it. While I DO like to think scenario A is possible and give her the benefit of the doubtscenario B seems all too probable.

  • rachel says:

    i am guessing many people posting here are american… please note that in many european countries it is the LAW that cats have access to outside to some time every day. they feel it is cruel to keep cats indoors all the time. not sure if that is true where this specific cat is but it is the law in some places that the cats can get outside. i still have been boiling angry at that woman though.

  • Holly says:

    And then we have the problem of not only the cat being tortured by people like this but owners don’t spay and neuter their cats so we have this gross overpopulation due to home owner’s negligence. I can’t stand when people let their cat’s roam outside. They’re DOMESTICATED for a reason… by putting them outside you’re putting them right back into the environment you thought you were rescuing them from. Ridiculous!

  • sharisse says:

    once again we are reminded why there has to be strict INFORCED laws regarding the treatment of creatures…but hell people have thrown away newborn children so i guess cats are fair game…

  • Lisa B says:

    I wish someone would throw her in a garbage bin and nobody would find her. What a sick individual!

  • Alexandra says:

    GH I agree with your statement that people who let their cats roam all over the place don’t love them has much. Outside my apartment I can hear cats fighting all the time. It makes me mad. If your cat likes to go outside so much use a leash or those outdoor cat pens. I would NEVER let any of my cats outside unattended.

  • GH says:

    Hold on! Look at that busy street! The cars flying by! Cats are getting hit by cars and die constantly. Letting a cat out here is murder for that cat. And the owners said they put up the cameras because their cars had been hit by traffic. So they KNOW the street is dangerous and they STILL let their cat out? They have responsibility here. It’s cruel to put a cat out to get hit by cars or hurt by psychos. Cats don’t stay in their yard. Plus in America there are coyotes. Why don’t people love their cats enough to keep them as indoors only pets?

  • Sol says:

    if this horrible woman were in my hands i would do something much worse than throw her to the trash bin ..

  • Natalia says:

    Oh my god im flabbergasted. What a vile woman that’s despicable. So glad she’s been caught on film red handed and sincerely hope she gets what she deserves

  • Anon says:

    What a disgusting excuse for a human being that woman is. That seriously made me sick to watch that I could personally NEVER throw a living being into a garbage bin even if I hated them. Congrats to England for exposing this horrible woman. On another note this is even more devastating on the level that this is probably just one of many situations like this. This one happened to be caught on film and for every one time you are caught there are at LEAST 10 more times you weren’t caught. I hope this woman is punished.

  • John Carmody says:

    This is making news all over Europe! That woman deserves cruelty to animals charges but the good news about this video is that millions of people will maybe think twice about doing something similar to this after seeing this video on news channels across Europe. Well done for whomever released this footage.

  • ratking says:

    this shows again how mean people are acting when they think that they are not observed! they are capable to do any crime! my three cats and my dog have a lovely inner court where they can go when they want but there is no way outside! i rescued one cat and the dog the two other cats were abandoned cats when young people saw that a car stopped near the church and someone threw them out! one of the two cats was brought immediately to me because they know that i love animals! but they didn’t find the other one! only after 4 months he arrived in front of my door when my son let him in at midnight! but it must have been that secondone from the car because they said it was reddish! he was completely starved and almost died but i saved him and today he is a marvellous cat and all the four are playing together!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    A few years ago our condo complex had a large roaming cat problem with both feral and cats with homes roaming all day and night. Our homeowner’s association’s solution to the problem was to hire one of the residents to trap the cats. Sadly he was not just trapping them he was poisoning them and throwing the bodies in the garbage bins. The cats with homes began to be kept indoors but sadly a few of them lost their lives to this idiot. When the owners and tenants of the condos found out who this person was and where he lived we contacted the Orange County Register which published a story complete with the name of the homeowners association the name of the complex and a photo of the man standing in front of his unit upon which someone had sprayed “CAT KILLER” in black spray paint right across the the front. The local S.P.C.A came out and told the association in no uncertain terms that what they had done was unacceptable the local police department told both them and the poisoner what they had done was unacceptable and any further complaints on this would result in arrests of all involved including the property manager and the cats were humanely trapped and and removed by the S.P.C.A. We have not had a repeat of this incident.