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Wisconsin: ‘America’s Cow Hell’

Written by PETA | June 29, 2009

Many vegan Wisconsinites cringe at the sight of “Green Bay Cheeseheads“—not to mention their state’s standard license plate, which reads, “America’s Dairyland,” and features an image of a quaint farm.

Caring drivers in Wisconsin deserve a compassionate alternative to “pro-provolone” plates, so PETA wrote a letter to Governor Jim Doyle pointing out that people who are concerned about cruelty on dairy farms should be offered a license plate that reads, “Wisconsin: America’s Cow Hell,” and comes complete with a realistic image of distressed, sick cows crammed together on a filthy factory farm.

While we wait to hear back from the governor, the Madison-based animal rights organization Alliance for Animals has already produced an “America’s Cow Hell” sticker for Wisconsin drivers to place over the existing “America’s Dairyland” on their license plates. Visit Alliance for Animals’ Web site to order yours today.


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Written by Karin Bennett

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  • john says:

    great idea we all need one of these who came up with this one send me one asap

  • Emily Farnsworth says:

    wow… I love the idea of that liscenes plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer L. says:

    I live in WI and I hated the stupid dairyland license plate so I paid the extra 25.00 dollars a year and got the endangered resources plate which contributes to reserving WIS natural resources! It’s extremely tough being a vegan in Wisconsin!

  • manja says:

    I have recently seen videos of this insane act of the killing fields my youngest daughter has become vegan and I am going in her direction thanks peta

  • kev says:

    I hope one day cows can live in peace and be treated like humans

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Wisconsin is nightmarish for cows and countless deer that are hunted and maimed. A few years ago they tried to pass a law to legalize the massacre of stray cats. Madison is a humane part of the State replete with veggie food and animal advocates.



  • Aneliese says:

    Love it.