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Will You Nip Just One Birthing Machine in the Bud?

Written by PETA | February 11, 2010

Warning: Graphic photos below.

This blog post may shock you with its bluntness, but it is the truth. It’s also a call to action. This is your chance to weigh in and help the unloved, the unwanted, and the throwaways from our convenience-oriented society. I want to ask you to look at some photographs that may haunt you, but they may also prompt you to act.


After crawling inside a car engine, this kitten suffered gruesome injuries but was still alive and screaming in pain.


PETA never turns away an animal for being “unadoptable.” Ever. In fact, in our area, as is likely the case in yours, the “no-kill” facility is usually full—full of dogs and cats who have been sitting in cages for months and, in some cases, years. And that facility, while basking in the glory of its “no-kill” pledge, often refers animals to us and to the city pound. We receive calls from desperate people who cannot afford the “no-kill” shelter’s admission fee or can’t cope with its waiting list. We do not turn our back on these animals. Never have and never will. So we take in the animals no one wants, and we ease their pain so that they don’t languish unaided or fall into the wrong hands—which often would mean going right back to where they came from. We will always be here for animals who need and deserve a kind hand, a loving word, and a peaceful exit from a world that has treated them like trash.


A passerby called PETA after spotting this dog, who had a chain deeply embedded in her neck and reeking of infection.
embedded chain


Last year, PETA did many things: We helped countless dogs and cats in “our own backyard.” Our phenomenal mobile spay-and-neuter clinics sterilized 8,677 animals (562 of whom we picked up for surgery and then took back home in PETA’s Animal Birth Control van). We built and delivered more than 300 sturdy doghouses and delivered about 5,000 bags of straw to warm up cold dogs who were chained or penned outside in all weather extremes. We provided free veterinary care for animals with infections, wounds, and illnesses. And we did something else that made a difference: Our shelter of last resort took in 2,352 injured, ill, elderly, and unwanted animals for euthanasia. Our Community Animal Project staffers showered each of them with love and affection in their final moments, gave them their very first soft caress, in many cases, and told them, “Good puppy!” often for the very first time.


These two starving, abandoned puppies were suffering from a severe case of demodectic mange covering about 80 percent of their bodies. They were surviving off scraps that neighbors and passersby left for them. A veterinarian recommended immediate euthanasia to end their suffering.


No one feels anything other than crushed to euthanize animals; those who hate euthanasia the most are the truly kind people whose job it is to perform it—people on our staff and in other animal shelters. It’s so easy for some people to turn away, to condemn, or to create the very problem that these brave souls deal with, but they are only cleaning up after the people who neglected those animals; who never showed them a shred of commitment or an ounce of compassion, who thought nothing of crating, penning, or chaining them up with a tractor-trailer chain because it was inconvenient to walk them or secure daycare for them; who didn’t think twice about leaving them behind when their house was foreclosed on or dog food became expensive; or who left the door open and let the dog or cat get hit by a car. Our staff is grateful that people in our community know to call upon us when someone needs to do what’s necessary.


This rat’s guardian came to PETA to have the terminally ill animal euthanized after a local animal shelter turned her away.
hit by cat


The animals who come through PETA’s doors are but a tiny fraction of the estimated 6 to 8 million homeless dogs and cats who are handed over the counter in animal shelters nationwide every year. These animals are abandoned, and many are left to languish in cages—waiting, looking up anxiously and hopefully at every person who enters, in the hope that he or she will save them and take them home. A whopping half of them will be “put to sleep” because that someone never showed up (the girl who stopped at the cage and giggled, the man who said, “Isn’t he weird-looking?”—they moved on with their lives). The people who are kind enough to hold these animals and stroke their fur as they take their last breath are not to blame for any of it. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of each person who refuses or “forgets” to have his or her cat or dog sterilized and everyone who has purchased an animal from a pet shop or a breeder instead of adopting from their local shelter.


After being hit by a car, this cat suffered a prolapsed eye and serious internal injuries but was still alive when a passerby found her.
hit by cat


PETA is calling on the governors of all 50 states to endorse mandatory spay-and-neuter laws that would require dogs and cats to be sterilized unless their owners purchase an annual breeding permit, the cost of which would fund low-cost spay-and-neuter services. You can help—you have a governor, and you may know a state senator or council member—or perhaps you could get to know one. Please join us in this effort, and please recruit everyone you know to do so as well. We will provide language for model legislation, but please, talk to everyone in the dog parks, at the vet’s office, and on the street. Download our posters and fliers and hand them out and put them up; pick a low-income block and help the people there spay and neuter their animals; and please, go down to city hall or up to the statehouse and lobby so that next year the nation’s homeless animal population will be lower. Individual dogs and cats would ask you to do this if they could.

Written by Ingrid E. Newkirk

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  • Cindy says:

    More effective animal protection laws and education from early childhood should be introduced in order to develop an appropriate moral standard of behavior towards animals.

  • Angelina says:

    I can’t believe they turned the animals away when their the ones who did it to theese poor animals. i think they shoul be killed the way the animals were killed!!!!!!!!! I tkink if this was done to the people who did this to the animals they would know what the anlmals go through when they do it to them.

  • De LaFreniere says:

    We all have to start helping by starting in our own neighbourhoods. Anytime that abuse of any kind is suspected we need to make that important call to whatever agency is available. I would rather be wrong than to have an animal suffering. We sometimes NEED to see what is happening out there!!!

  • L. Van Aalten says:

    You must be really sick if you do such things to innocent animals. We better take care of these beautiful creatures. All animals are needed to keep the only Earth beautiful and healthy. We are responsible to give them a good life and it’s our duty to help them all times.

  • nikitasha says:

    I saw all the pics they are terrifying i am really schoked.what kind of emotional bastards are these people they should be killed in the same manner.

  • reem al ali says:

    No comment. Cruelty shuts my mouth.

  • sue lesmond says:

    I am disgusted with the average human who doesnt give a dame for animals. I hope that what goes around will come around to these revolting abusers of animals. It is essential that people desex their pets. Iam sick of hearing people say that they let their dog or cat have a litter of pets to show the children. Well remember that this adds to the problem and that probably most of these cute puppies and kittens will grow up and then they will be disgarded and euthanised.

  • anabellaa says:

    they are so much… stupid and that they make is horrible Please stop

  • Julie Robertson says:

    There is so much misleading info that is spreading on the internet under the banner “Peta kills animals”. I am glad for your post addressing the reality of this issue. I have lately been on an internet posting rampage explaining to people the true situation and why Peta euthanises. Your post says it so well. Keep putting the truth about this issue out there because I hate to see people being mislead by the nokill fanatics and the consumer freedom propaganda. Also thank you to the brave and loving people who have the heart to perform the difficult job of euthanasia.

  • jenny says:

    It is so sad and awful to see the plight of these wonderful creatures. It must really pinch those people who did this to them. I wish I could really help them.

  • Jon says:

    I am in the london ontario area and need to get some help for our fsmily as we have just dropped ionto an extreme ly lower income we have in our household 3 males and 3 female which need to be fixed neutered and spayed as we do not want to get rid of them as they are our family we also want to be as responsible as possible and look after this as we did take these in when they were dropped off a block down the road and one which was found at the bottom of a farmers rain barrel in the middle of a horse pasture would you be able to let me know of a place who might help with subsidy or offer this as a public service i know wishful thinking right? thanks for your time Jon

  • Crista says:

    I always thought the “no kill” facilities were the way to go because I hated the fact thousands of animals were dying needlessly but now after reading and seeing these pics I appreciate PETA so much more for what it does for our innocent animals. Ending the suffering. Thank you PETA so much.

  • sherrylf says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this to horrid people! STOP being cruelinhumane to innocent creatures!!!!!!!

  • Maria says:

    This is horrible and its sad! Why would people even do this to animals?! The picture that really got to me the most was the picture where the cat got ran over. That is EXACTLY what happened to my dearly beloved car but she didn’t make it. After screaming in pain for a few minutes she died. I didn’t find out til an hour later and I cried my eyes out. People need to start having a heart and stop hurting these innocent creatures.

  • W.Flores says:

    I had a neighbor that told me he cattle proded a cat in the back of his truck with his friends as a game. I was discusted and horrified by his actions. BUT God taught him a lesson and he was hit and run over by a vehicle and almost died!!! That is what should happen to people who abuse animals. Yah God !! These are his little creatures and we need to protect them.

  • Biljana says:

    Firstthe only right way is sterilization. No excuse for killing stray. Second close puppy mills.

  • Kim says:

    Comment peuton faire autant de mal a des animaux c’est vraiment honteux!!! On devrait faire exactement la mme chose   ceux qui les ont mit dans de tels conditions! Proprietaires honte a vous! Quand vous arriverez au bout de votre vie j’spre que vous allez autant souffrir!!! Vous ne m’ritez que ca!!!

  • yolanda quitugua says:

    i just cant believe that anything like this happens… i dont think ive ever even seen anything like this before… i am making sure that this sees its end

  • Marg Durrance says:

    I have nipped all my birthing machines in the bud don’t understand people who don’t. I just consider that part of being a responsible pet owner. Very graphic pictures and so sad.

  • fran says:

    this is the most discusting things i have ever seen… there should be laws to prevent this torture… people keep your pets inside never let them out of your sight.. someday God will stop all this suffering and pain

  • Jessica says:

    Wow these have to be some of the most graphic horrible pictures I’ve seen…it’s hard to believe that such things can happen to animals. These images were heartbreaking but I think it’s the one of the cat who got hit by a car that made me want to throw up…I couldn’t even look at the picture it was so horrible. I’m sending this to all my friends so that they can see what happens to animals and so that they can do whatever they can to help. I know I am.

  • Teresa Sedillo says:

    The so called animal shelters I call them animal death shelters. Anyway these places should be more like the rescue groups which are very protective with who is going to be adopting one of their pets. Anyone who turns in their pets to an animal shelter should not ever again be allowed to own a pet for the rest of their life. I have one dog and three cats and I will do anything for them. If I have to risk my own life for them I will. To me an animals life is just as important as a persons. Anyone who hurts any animals should get the same sentance as a person who commits crimes on people. I’m so sick and tired of people not having any regard for an animals life. God created them first and he loves them just as he loves us. God did not intended for animals to be abused or hurt in anyway form or fashion!!!!!

  • Brittany says:

    This brings tears to my eyes I hated seeing those pics.No animal should suffer if we can help it.I love cats and dog’s if i could id save them all but i cant.

  • Zachariasz says:

    This is so sad!!!

  • Sonja Talboys says:

    Those pictures are heart breaking some of the human race are pure evil with animals. In my opinion some breeders and puppy farming should be closed especially puppy farming people found doing this should be heavily fined and a prison sentence they are the dregs of the earth these people. Also I think a law should be brought in that everybody having a cat or dog must have them spayed or neutered when the time is right if the dog licence was brought back that would be a way of finding people and checking. If people don’t do this then they pay a very heavy fine. In some circumstances there should be a way of givng help to the not so well off with the cost of spaying and neutering. Not enough laws in this Country for animal welfare but Labour have made a start.

  • Annoula says:

    Sometimes the most humane thing is to euthanize an animal that is suffering and beyond help.

  • shar says:

    RUKidding I agree…I do not support the idea of trap neuter release of the feral cat coalition…I think it is the most cruel thing. They live in fear their whole life…of hiding and running from humans who throw rocks at them or put poison out or get run over and they are continually full of fleas get upper respiratory infections and left outside in the cold and rain…when a feral catkitten shows up to my house…I have an enclosed protected patio with little cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic for warmth with clean bedding inside each box and when I get home from work I will open my laundry roomoffice sliding glass door and they will come in and actually sit and watch TV and curl up on the carpet and go to sleep or play with the toys I have….so you tell me…do you really think a cat wants to be left outside??? I don’t think so….everyone of my cats that I have had has been a stray domestic or feral that has decided to trust me enough to become they get spayedneuter shots etc. and then inside the rest of their life….fat and happy….to trap these 7 feral cats right now and know I am sending them to their death is like someone is ripping my heart out….but I cannot let them breed nor can I allow them to become hurt by my ugly neighbors….

  • Meli says:

    it is cruel like little person we are then we would be PEOPLE so we could not treat our cocreatures so. Everybody should think about it like he lives and what he can do around it better to make. Since every living being unfortunately in the same kind no matter whether person or animal.

  • Cyndi says:

    Thanks Peta too many people walk around with the “I don’t want to know syndrome” I am glad this article shows what goes on while they turn their heads. I live in a rural town and these morons here dont believe in spay and neuterit is a travesty what happens to the mose innocent of creatures. The animals. Thanks PETA for being so BLUNT keep it up and raise some eyebrows for the animals.

  • SABRINA KELM says:

    Stop this Horror!!!!

  • Tucker says:


  • shar says:

    Terri Wasylycia I agree

  • Sean Wheeler says:

    F the government is blind to this! They can do way more to help and an animal shelter turning away an animal in need is monstrous!

  • legrand says:

    How can do we have so much cruelty in itself I confess to being outraged at these pictures and sometimes regret being a human so I am ashamed of what my peers do I wish these people the worst death and extreme suffering so that they understand that innocent animals were able to feel I would never see this but it is a utopia

  • SHAR says:

    Everyone of these pictures I have seen MANY TIMES in the horrible neighborhood that I am in. I could tell you horror stories that would make these pictures look like a fairy tale…….fighting with these cruel disgusting ignorant uncaring human beings has permanently damaged my spirit and heart…I have had my life threatened several times and the worst is no back up or help from friends animal control humane society police city council mayor’s office ZERO….ON MY OWN…the neighborhood changed from nice old people and when they died to gang members and now mostly hardcore ignorant lowlife of every form…the most cruelest mexican illegals…WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY… As far as nokill shelters…that is a nice concept..but how many animals are sitting in cages for TOO LONG…that is no way for any animal to live…until we get the spayneuter laws and licensing very strict these noncaring humans will continue to do back yard breeding and then throw them outside to wander and fend for themselves…how many times have I come across these low lifes breeding dogs to sell as their “job” instead of going out and finding work…I AM THE WITCH WITH A CAPITAL “B” OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD and I must be doing everything right as I am still alive….now I have 7 or 8 feral cats that come to feed at my house that I will have to trap and have them put down because they are not safe in my neighborhood and I can’t let them breed and produce any kittens…they end up looking like the above pictures and they crawl on their last legs back to my house to die or if I am lucky I can catch them and take them to the emergency animal hospital to be humanely euthanized…… Animal lovers and rescuers need to ban together and when one person like myself is having a problem then there should be a circle of help from other animal lovers for help support consoling etc… Thanks PETA for all you do

  • Steve says:

    These photos sadden me. I have 9 cats all are strays that found their home with me. Surgeries shots meds etc. have often left me struggling to buy my own groceries. I would take in 9 more if I could afford them.

  • Bianca Flores says:

    I believe that our morale as a whole has devalued.These indifferent people have no beauty.real beauty is having a noble heart having a noble heart means being humble. being humble is admitting that you aren’t above it all.Be humble and remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you and that as a community we need to do whats best for it. That includes all the animals. I love my animals so seeing this abuse to other animals not only hurts but reminds me that ALL animalsincluding my ownare vulnerable. We need to take care of our animals people!!

  • Laura Bundesen says:

    makes me so sick to think humans can do things like this to innocent animals!! We need to take a better stand against people like this. I will do my best to help and protect any kind of animal that is what God would want.

  • Sharon Kennedy says:

    We need to get more Christians on the front lines to oppose these travesties. Christ died on the Cross to give justice to all creation. We need to use our voice vote and faith in full action to stop the cruelties that cause such sorrow to all of Heaven.

  • Sharyn Shubert says:

    I pray to God that the human race will stop all this insane cruelty to animals. I am ashamed of the way so many of us treat these gifts that God gave us to look after and care for. Please let us all start to correct this situation now.

  • CJ says:

    I agree with the need for mandatory spayneuter laws and finding a way to enforce them. The thought of people treating animals so poorly is extremely upsetting. However the one complaint I have about this article is about the picture of the cat hit by a car. I agree that whoever hit it maybe should have stopped and done something but I don’t really see how it fits with the shelter issue. In a case like that…yes many shelters would put the animal down based on the injuries but at the same time sometimes fighting to keep an animal in the kind of condition alive isn’t what is best for the animal.

  • yazzy says:

    I get mad and sad when i look at this. I love animl and after reading and looking at this i will do everything to help make peta job better by helping any animl i see.Im so sorry for those animal.we love animal right so lets show them.

  • yasmianne says:

    I have never in my life seen something so bad.we should be heling not tunr them down.when i will mack sure help them when i see them and all yall should to. we love animl so lets show them.

  • Zakk Williams says:

    That’s why people shouldn’t do crap like that to their pets. If they adopt them they need to take care of them!!! If they don’t want them anymore give them to a shelter or something!! Don’t just throw them on the street!

  • maria says:

    i would go miles to help vioceless animals….but absolutely refuse to budge even a milli meter for a human. the ‘not so being’ just dont deserve it!

  • Mart says:

    i cried when i see this post. i can imagine this thing that happens in enosent animals. Animals didnt talk god gave us mind to think. i hate that peoplethe demons of this generatuions.

  • Cassandra says:

    I cannot believe how horrible the situation has become. Countless people I know have bought their pets from breeders which I do not understand when there are millions of homeless pets that need homes. It just makes sense to adopt. Somehow people are stupid enough not to know.

  • Michelle says:

    Those photos are so disturbing I’m at work right now and I can’t stop crying just seeing these poor creatures in so much pain How can anyone do such things to these defenseless animals is beyond me I have been supporting PETA along with other organizations for the ethical treatment of animals for years now and I will always do what I can to help and inform everyone I can I believe that the people that turn away from these photos or videos because it upsets them disturbs them or makes them want to believe this horrible treatment and chaos is not actually happening to these poor creatures need to be educated and they need to see what is happening in order for them to want to get up off their a and do something to make a difference in the lives of these animals And that’s what I intend to do I will inform and educate as many people as possible hoping they will do what is right I can only hope all those who say they care and love animals will do the same

  • Stephanie says:

    People truely disgust me. This is my opinion Abusers of people and animals don’t deserve to live! How can people do that to these precioius beings? It just blows my mind that people would do such things!

  • angieven ipong says:

    i feel so sorry for these animals.their owners must suffer the same way too. how irresponsible? id like to say for those people who planned to have a dog or any kind of pet love your pet of what they are and who they are when they grow up. because maybe there’s some of you wants to have a puppy because they’re cute then soon when they grow up you’ll see that they’ve change a lot in their physical appearancethey’re not cute anymore just like when they’re just a puppy.then you will not lovelike them anymore.and then you will just abandon them. love everything about the animals…