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What’s up now, PetSmart?

Written by PETA | June 21, 2007

Yeah, that’s right. We got a giant bird costume.

For a little bit of context, you should check out our undercover investigation of two PetSmart locations which revealed appalling conditions for the animals sold by the stores. There’s also a handy little factsheet here, which explains (for anyone who hasn’t figured it out by themselves) why big birds don’t belong in small cages. This picture’s from a demonstration outside yesterday’s PetSmart shareholder meeting in Chicago.


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  • Karen King says:

    While shopping at Petsmart we are asked if we would like to donate $1 to help homeless pets. Where have my contributions gone? Have they been good stuards of my money? I was really suprised and disappointed to read about them on your website and the video I received as a member. Thanks for the good work and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  • cookie says:

    god didnt bring animals into the world to be misfitted these people have no heart. why are they still in business. what would they think if the treatment the same was done to them. hmmm. different story now.

  • nonya says:

    If you are not aware petsmart has an outbreak of psittacosis in its stores which has stopped the sale of live birds in the stores. the lie and tell the public that they are not sure but this company loves money not animals and would not stop selling them for a period of time unless they might lose money. most stores have not been tested for psittacosis.

  • m.b. says:

    …and my cat is allergic… How can you be an activist for animal rights yet imprison that poor cat in your house? What happened to “Animals aren’t ours to…” Let me guess you’re not even a vegan are you.

  • NatureMuzic says:

    I am going to boycott PetSmart mt store of choice as they continue to keep Beta fishes in small 68 oz. jars! They can NOT swim barely turn around tho’ they are “just fish” as some say it IS inhumane ! This is no life for any living being. I havd also made small marks on the jars lids some have been there for what must seem an eternity for the Betas ! Please if your local PetSmart or any pet store practices this please tell the manager boycott them ! Thanks

  • Maya says:

    Thank you Ariel and Stacy for your help!! I am willing to drive almost anywhere in Western Mass for Welllness wet only all their dry food now has fish and my cat is allergic. Now I have to find a new dry food with no fish. But all the pet stores around here have begun selling birds and reptiles EVEN THE GRAIN STORES! to make more of a profit. I told them explicitly that I am a vet nurse and I will stop recommending them the minute they do so but that does not deter them. It has been very challenging. I’m glad people on this board are willing to help me find another way though! I will try Agway! Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    You could purchase them but in a way puchasing all those birds is just as bad. All intentions meant well I know but by purchasing them you’re just encouraging petsmart to find more birds adding to their economy.

  • Ariel says:

    About purchasing Wellness perhaps you can go to a Wellness ws and purchase it from the company itself. If not there are distrubutor websites. One brand I bought I was able to either purchase it from the company itself or from a distrubutor both via mail. No cost difference.

  • Ariel says:

    My heart aches for those birds when I see them in cages. They were meant to fly freely. If people want to see birds all they have to do is look at them outside happily enjoying their lives. I always think that I wish I had the money to purchase all of them and return them to their natural habitats.

  • Rachel M. says:

    I’m lucky that the petsmarts in my area have very educated employees and take good care of their animals. I check up on them all the time. Theres this one petsmart where I met an employee who makes sure he spends at least ten minutes with each small animal in the store every day. Now thats responsible. If only all petsmarts had employees like that.

  • Stacy P. says:

    Maya Most grainfeed stores sell Wellness but not animals i.e. Agway. What town do you live near?

  • Maya says:

    Aw let the poor guy out I say! I’ll take him home feed him and bring him back to Brazil where he belongs! Bird owners just kidding please don’t let your birds go in the forests of Brazil Very nice I hope you guys keep up the pressure on pet stores. Wild animals belong in the wild! Like I said before if you must get a bird get one from an animal shelter! Good work PETA. ps Does PETA or anyone have a list of grain pet stores in W. Mass that don’t sell animals and also do sell Wellness? All the stores I’ve been to just started selling reptiles recently so I had to stop going!