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Whale Woes

Written by PETA | March 5, 2009

If you’re as big a fan of Whale Wars as I am, you probably already have a pretty good idea of the evil that is whaling. For those of you who can’t afford cable, suffice it to say that the Japanese continue to kill hundreds of whales every year under the guise of “research”—except that they also happen to have a thriving business in the sale of whale flesh and other whale products. Hmmm … sounds pretty fishy (or should I say “sea-kitteny”?) to me.

Do we have to paint a picture for you? No worries—our good friends over at Experience Project already have. Check out their short but extremely powerful video on whaling here:



If you can watch it without reaching for a hanky, you are a stronger person than I am. While there, you can also take a minute to put your John Hancock on a letter to President Obama urging him to stand by his campaign promise to strengthen the international ban on whaling (which the Japanese and Norwegians are pretty much thumbing their noses at).

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • pat ciochetto says:

    did we not learn anything from the book about the great white whale. there are those who know the humor behind this. let them enjoy what the spirit says

  • Lewis B. Sckolnick says:

    It all depends on how you weigh in on this issue.

  • Bonnie Brown says:

    I am the biggest fan of whale wars and a supporter of Sea Shepherd. Whaling is bloody murder and it’s disgusting. I can’t understand for the life of me why Japan would allow for this in the name of so called “research.” Who are they kidding? Marine biologists do not “research” whales by shooting harpoons into the bodies of these amazing graceful and endangered creatures and then process the whale meat for PROFIT. It’s repulsive.

  • Daniela Passeri says:

    For me killing a whale is murder….I don’t know how you can enjoy their products knowing the pain you have caused

  • Devin says:

    Its sick that people can be so cruel

  • Maureen says:

    You forgot to mention Denmark and Iceland. The latter has just substantially increased the number of whales to be illegaly slaughtered this year. Most of the meat from these whaling countries will be sold to Japan. All of these so called ‘civilized’ peoples are showing complete disrespect for these endangered gentle giants as they strugggle against polution overfishing and manmade sonar interference.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Vegan Japanese noise music musician has an entire CD dedicated to ending the hunting of whales and dolphins in Japan and throughout the world.

  • Toochis Morin says:

    These creatures need your help and protection. Please look in your heart to stop the cruelty inflicted upon creatures who posess great intelligence and kindness.

  • David says:

    video is hard to watch wish the Japanese respected the earth they live on I wish. The only ones out there enforcing international law is the SSCS. Major governments need to step in and get thier hands dirty to put an end to these lies. Wish the US Navy could get out there and stop these ships. They would be there enforcing international law.

  • McKenzie Hunter says:

    SAVE THE WHALES!!! Thank you Obama for fighing for these wonderful creatures created by god! Love for the whales! Kenzie