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Want to Ask Ingrid a Question?

Written by PETA | January 8, 2008

IEN_With_Dog.jpgHBO’s I Am an Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA was officially released on DVD today, so you should definitely put in an order for it if you haven’t seen it yet. Although it leaves out one kind of important point, the documentary is a fascinating look at the inner workings of PETA—from how the organization’s campaign ideas are born to what goes into an undercover investigation to what Ingrid Newkirk eats for breakfast.

To save you the trouble, the answer to that last question is “oatmeal,” but if you have some more pressing questions for Ingrid after watching this documentary, now’s the time to ask them. Either leave a comment with your (polite) question, or just e-mail it to me, and I’ll compile them all and pass them onto her. I’ll send her the questions over the next few days and post a blog with the answers in a couple of weeks’ time.

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  • Paige Horinek says:

    Ive just joined peta but have been an animal activist for as long as i can remember i want to get involved at rallies protests ect. when do these take place

  • Brenda Ellwein says:

    I wanted to get approved so I could ask some questions about starting a shelter. When dealing with animals that have been abused and or mistreated what do you do with all of the raw emotions that you feel? It makes me sick angry frustrated. I have been considering starting a shelter for cats and dogs but have recently had to stop and question what to do with all the raw emotions. Does anyone have any advise to give in this area?

  • carol says:

    i am glad to read these commentaries posted above it makes me feel not alone in my feelings for all the animal horrors going on all over the world and sorry to say much of yet not enough of the human race cares the poam about the turkeys really touched me so long i hate using animals for foodnow the first comment about getting really sick over animal abuse is just what i experience i think about all the time thinking most people would think i was crazy but now i know im not we all ought get together and touch on our feelings soehow through peta mabey opening apace on their web sie

  • K says:

    Another thing I was wondering about was the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act AETA. I contacted my representative and senators one of whom is Inhofe who introduced it when I first heard about this bill. I read that Bush signed it into law November 2006. How much impact has this bill had on animal rights activists? I have read many comments concerning this bill and I am still a bit confusedIs this bill unconstitutional or does it just make the punishments harsher for people who do what is already illegal?

  • K says:

    If it’s not too late to ask a question Ingrid do you think we will ever achieve total animal liberation? If so how long do you think before this happens? What do you think is the best way of achieving this goal? Thank you. And thank you for everything you do for animals.

  • Louise McGannon says:

    I just wanted to thank those who liked my “poem”. I wasn’t sure if it was good. If it is good enough to publish I would love to put it out there somewhere in the hope that it opens new eyes. Any ideas or suggestions where? Thank you PETA for all you do.

  • Susannah S says:

    Louise I’m a writer and I was struck by your writing. These are beautiful images and beautiful words but this isn’t a poem. Rather it’s a testament to the lives of animals that should’ve had a chance but didn’t and it should be published as an article in a magazine where people unfamiliar with animal rights can see it. I hope you can get it published.

  • Gerry Ardigliano says:

    Dear Ingrid I think it would be beneficial if PETA were to consult with Psychic Mediums to speed up the process of helping animals. There are some Psychics who truely are 100 genuine in their skills in contacting the other side for help. PETA has nothing to lose and everything to gain. The fact that you are an atheist is beneficial due to your highly developed rational and freethinking mind. You can contact me I will give you a few names of people who like yourself are very altruistic. The media attention alone for this new idea will be a plus for the cause.

  • Molly says:

    I watched I Am an Animal and have experienced PTSD symptoms over seeing the clips of animal cruelty. I’ve had a hard time sleeping and can’t get some of the images out of my mind. I strongly believe that to be truly informed you cannot turn a blind eye so I know that it was important for me to know the realities of how cruel humans can be to animals. Knowing this allows me to be more proactive but I would like to know what happened with the scenario of the wolf. I think it was a wolf that was skinned alive. Where was that and did that ever stop? I really need to know more details so I know how to help. Thank you Ingrid for all you have done and are still doing for animals.

  • Jennifer Maitland says:

    I have recently come into a delimma with a neighbor behind our next door neighbor. It all started three weeks ago when one of our cats went missing. We were devestated and looked at the local animal shelter with no luck. Then a week later our other cat went missing. At this point I posted signs throughout our neighborhood. Today I received a nasty phone message from the neighbor behind us stating that she traped our cats and turned them into the animal shelter. I am going to go to the animal shelter in the morning and hopefully recover our pets but I am wondering if there is any legal action that can be taken against this woman for kidnapping our cats? I am so worried that our cats have been adopted out or put to sleep but I am hoping for the best tommorrow. If you have any advice our family would greatly appreciate it. Regards Jennifer Maitland

  • Dana says:

    Kristina it is not Ingrid that takes insulin…There is however a great section in Ingrid Newkirks book Making Kind Choices that explains who this was and what drastic diet changes this person has made to ensure that very little insulin is needed . Funny how tails go through so many different versions that you ended up getting one that stated Ingrid uses insulin.

  • Andi says:

    Dear Ingrid Why can’t a law banning the use of all primates in laboratories be passed? There is overwhelming evidence that primates are almost identical to us when it comes to DNA emotions and suffering which is why they can’t force testing on humans. I’m sure Jane Goodall would help in this matter. What is needed to make this happen? First the primates banned then any animal considered a “pet”…etc. This would be a great start.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kristina “Insulin production from animal pancreases was widespread for decades but very few patients today rely on insulin from animal sources largely because few pharmaceutical companies sell it anymore. Synthetic “human” insulin is now manufactured for widespread clinical use using genetic engineering techniques which significantly reduces the presence of impurities. Eli Lilly marketed the first such insulin Humulin in 1982. Humulin was the first medication produced using modern genetic engineering techniques in which actual human DNA is inserted into a host cell E. coli in this case. The host cells are then allowed to grow and reproduce normally and due to the inserted human DNA they produce a synthetic version of human insulin. Since January 2006 all insulins distributed in the U.S. and some other countries are synthetic “human” insulins or their analogs. A special FDA importation process is required to obtain bovine or porcine derived insulin for use in the U.S. though there may be some remaining stocks of porcine insulin made by Lilly in 2005 or earlier.”

  • Ghazal Tajalli says:

    Ingrid you are truly a hero! I have been an animal activist for about 2 12 years. And there are many things I would like to ask you but I will go with one for now. Many times when i am out with friends or laughing and having a great time I start to think about the poor animals who are suffering. Then I feel so selfish that I am enjoying life while so many suffer. Or even when I am worrying about something in my own life then I say to myself “Stop being so selfish there are animals out there in much worse situations” How do you help the animals and at the same time still enjoy your life? Is it selfish to have fun while so many suffer. I help animals in any way possible but sometimes I get so depressed thinking about it. Can you give me some advise? Another questions though great improvements have been made do you ever see a day when animals will not be tested on and when there are no animal circus etc. You are an inspiration to everyone and I wish one day you could get the noble peace price. I would love to meet you!!! Thank you for everything you do and we are behind you all the way. It is because of PETA that my eyes opened for the animals… for all who don’t have a voice animals and humans alike!!! ghazal

  • Kristina says:

    Ms. Newkirk I would love to hear your thoughts on the rumors that you take insulin that is made from animals. As well if it is true the justification behind it.

  • John T Eyre says:

    Why have you not yet apologized for recommending that the Vick dogs all be euthanized ? Fortunately the Judge is smarter and kinder and at the advice of ASPCA those dogs are now living a happy life in the care of loving sanctuaries. Most are at Best Friends in Utah who deserve our financial support.

  • Dana says:

    Louise I agree that poem was very well written and touching. liliana I am facing the same issue The Ringling Brothers Circus will be here at the end of this month..I have sent many letters to the editor of the local paper but think there needs to be something set up at this event to inform the people attending this awful event of the horrors that go on behind the curtain of this show…I do not feel that most people just do not care I think they just are not informed. For a few ours of entertainment these animals suffer a lifetime of abuse!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Louise Very well done expressed with emotion sensitivity and empathy.