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Vote for the Worst Dressed Celeb!

Written by PETA | January 7, 2008

For this year’s Worst-Dressed competition (in which PETA calls out the very worst offenders among fur-wearing celebrities) we’re doing things a little bit differently, and allowing the world to vote on who they think should make the list. Polls opened today, and Kate Moss and Britney Spears have jumped into an early lead—but in the fast-paced world of celeb gossip, all it takes is Cindy Crawford crawling out of her cave in a family of raccoons, or Sharon Stone flaunting her beaver in public again, and the whole face of the competition could change.

Remember, this isn’t just about who’s the ugliest (otherwise we’d just hand the prize to Kid Rock and move on) or the most brainless—this one’s about which celebrity has been the most callous, heartless, unapologetic proponent of the horrific fur industry this year. So cast your vote now, and help us decide which cruel celebs have the most need of being publicly singled out and embarrassed in early February.

I should point out here that while I don’t personally have any qualms about calling people out for promoting an industry that skins animals alive, there’s a lot more to this list than that: You may remember that after last year’s list was released, Christina Ricci publicly renounced fur and promised never to wear it again. And one previous winner, Martha Stewart, later went on to narrate an anti-fur video for us. We’re extremely grateful to both of them, and hopefully this year’s winners will be similarly inspired to change their minds.

So join the fun and cast your vote here. Not to unduly influence the competition or anything, but my own vote will be going to Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Takeo Spikes. Anyone who has the poor taste to play for a hated Washington Redskins rival and wear fur in his spare time deserves whatever’s coming to him.

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  • sandy says:

    victoria the posh tart wins hands down

  • Pam Fioretti says:

    How did you guys get to vote for four it only allowed me to vote for one!

  • Pam Fioretti says:

    Aarghh How are you supposed to choose out of this revolting lot!I want to vote for them all they are all as disgusting and horrible as each other! Tamara your comment!lol!

  • Felicity Brach says:

    I would like to nominate Cindy Crawford. Just thinking about her wearing those racoon skins makes me see red. She is aware of the horror suffering in the fur industry. What kind of woman is she. Gross! All these shallow individuals are disgusting.

  • Natalie says:

    I voted for Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford because as models they are centrally involved in and have a great influence on the fashion industry and as such they are sending a message to designers etc that fur is still in when it’s not!! I also voted for Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen because as child stars they came to be role models for many young girls and now being looked up to as adults they are setting a very bad example for future generations!!!

  • captain nemo says:

    hey COMMON NONSENSE STEVE how would it be to turn the thing other way round why not nominate the most hypocrite blogger one who hates PETA and the Animals and yet shows up every day on his most detested site!!!!!!??????

  • ann says:

    My pick for worst dressed isn’t on the list Kimora Lee Simmons. I know that her exhusband Russell Simmons is a vegetarian and does a lot with PETA and according to the archives Kimora donated money to PETA help dogs chained outside but why does that get her a free pass to wear design and sell fur?? She causes much more animal suffering than many of the choices listed not only does she get attention for her own clothes since she’s in fashion has a reality show where she shows off her walkin closet full of fur and both her clothing lines Baby Phat and KLS use fur and a lot of it!! Baby Phat includes coats for young girls that have fur. She even had a Barbietype doll made in her likeness with a fur coat!! PETA it’s time to show Miss “Fabulosity” that anyone who wears fur is definitely NOT fabulous!

  • Nancy says:

    Yeah Steve you’re right… that is hypocritical though I can’t say I know any PETA members who could actually stomach a steak dinner. Still doesn’t make the fur trade any less heinous. But sure hypocrites are everywhere. Confining that list to PETA members would make it woefully incomplete.

  • V.S. says:

    Dana regarding your post from Jan. 8 2008 1100 AM Great choices!



  • Dana says:

    Since it allowed me to vote for 4 I voted the following way Jennifer Lopez which I think we will all say deserves to be voted for blatantly denying the fact of the cruelty of fur and instead is more concerned with fashion. Kid Rock For a feel that he needs to have the attention of voted worse dressed his attitude on animals is much like Ted Nugents so I feel it will be hard for him to reach compassion…and I also feel that maybe he will resist Petas pleas more because his x wife is active with them. Jamie Foxx This vote was a combination of him wearing fur and his comments on the whole Michael Vick thing coming to Vicks defense. Cindy Crawford I think that she is one of the worse for she did No Fur campaign ads she obviously is well aware of what goes on in the fur trade but still found herself wearing fur. This to me is just blatant disrespect for Peta and all animals.

  • Ana says:

    Lopez and Blige get my vote. This list of losers is disgusting!

  • K says:

    Ahhh they’re all so ugly!! I can’t choose!

  • Nancy says:

    Looks like you already have a pretty spoton worst dressed list… are we just voting on the worst of the worst? Considering the mindboggling cruelty and stupidity it takes to buy and wear fur ranking seems irrelevant. Not as irrelevant as the people on the list but irrelevant nonetheless.

  • Dana says:

    I have already voted but let me tell you it was hard to pick the worse ones out of that list…I think they all should be nominated worse dressed……..I did decide not to vote for Ms. Britney Spears…figured she already has enough karma coming back at her for the way she is living life.

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    Well i checked them already out on PETA UK yesterday and i must say everyone is worse than the otherone! This is a shameful look when we know that today the whole world is informed about this hideous crime behind the fur industry! How can they wear such awful thing when they have the entire responsibility towards the people as a role model shame on them aaaallll! Nevertheless i thought that Lindsay Lohan is faking it???? And Vanessa Williams and Whitney Houston are vegetarians but obviously not very intelligent and Kate Bosworth Kate Moss and Melania Trump are involved in ‘green’ projects??????? i can’t understand this people are they so stupid and inconsequent or what? From the others i didn’t expect anything and i never liked them there is one missing Celine Dion additionally to her fur addiction she is also promoting bull fighting! So let’s say Altzheimer disease is an ugly thing but maybe PETA shall arrive in healing one or two of these sad ugly hags and wankers!

  • Tamara says:

    I thought it was Britney Spears who has been flaunting her beaver in public again… OH gonna have to think on this… I think I’ll go with Jamie Foxx “as Billie Dee Williams” in Dreamgirls… and omg you are so right about the “ugly”! lol