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Vivisector of the Month

Written by PETA | February 3, 2011

It’s time once again for the not-so-coveted Vivisector of the Month award. Of course, all vivisectors deserve the “prize” for their mad science, but we’ve narrowed the field to two particularly nasty candidates. We’re asking you to vote for the person you would most like to see in a stockade getting beaned in the head with fruit.

Mark Lowell is a faculty member at the University of Michigan (UM) who seems to have forgotten that when he went through medical school he swore an oath to do no harm. Lowell directs a Survival Flight course for nurses; in the course, cats and pigs are tormented even though superior human simulators are used to teach the same skills in other courses at UM. Cats have hard tubes repeatedly forced down their windpipes for intubation training, and many of them are killed. Pigs have holes cut into their limbs, throats, and chests and are stabbed with needles in their bones and the tissue surrounding their hearts. PETA, students at UM, the campus newspaper, the student government, and even UM alum Iggy Pop are vigorously urging Lowell to shut down this nasty operation.

In the other corner, weighing in at “cold and callous,” is Bradley Greger. This peach of a person is one of the experimenters we’ve been telling you about at the University of Utah (the U) who buys cats from the North Utah Valley Animal Shelter and subjects them to cruel experiments before killing them. Greger also drills holes into monkeys’ and cats’ skulls and implants electrodes into their brains. He screws titanium pins into the monkeys’ skulls and attaches an aluminum head-restraint device to immobilize the animals in chairs for up to eight hours per day for brain experiments.

You can use our form to e-mail the University of Michigan and the University of Utah and tell them that you support modern, humane science—not cruel animal experiments.

So who will it be: Mark “Lower Than Low” Lowell or Bradley “The Butcher” Greger? Get your moldy oranges ready, aim, and fire.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Betty Almand says:

    quit experimenting with monkies.

  • Chloe says:

    I think animal experimentation, research, and product testing should be illegal and every institute, college, and pharmaceutical company that does this should be put out of business or sent to jail.

  • cam says:

    What you give, you get. These barbarians are in for pain pain pain

  • jackie brandao says:

    the photo of this little monkey with members separated in a cold steel chair and without compassion reminds me of a rape by a stalker. You violate the life, joy, serenity and the existence of this little monkey. all this useless for experiments and repeated every day do without any qualms, no positive results, they are even the opposite and are a disaster for human health! You have no empathy, no compassion, no soul and your karma will be so heavy that I hope to be there to see you crumble in repentance, seeking forgiveness that the Creator will not give you, believe me.

    Your searches are not relevant to the community, they are useful only for your wallet. While you torture an animal that can not complain to justice, you receive subsidies and that’s all that interests you. Commits can you go home, kiss your kids, your wife, and perhaps to caress your dog while your hands are full of blood, screams of pain and despair paid by these poor guinea pigs. There is no difference between you and the torturers of animals, you just hide under your white coat! Besides, I always wonder why you put whites while your blood is red and innocent victims? It is time you catch the flight modernity other personal experiences because you may find yourself behind like those old players who want to continue their careers, they are pathetic but you, well, you are dangerous for animals and society. Change quickly away. thank you and wish you a good redemption before it’s too late.

  • Annemiek Mulderij says:

    Both should be locked up in an institute for the mentaly insane. Why are they still running free ???

  • Cassie Vasquez says:

    the real decision here which one to bitch slap first?

  • Fiona Campbell says:

    The united states of america. Supposedly an enlightened and modern society. If this is the way that you treat your animals then maybe you should change you description to backward and inhumane.

  • Jackie says:

    Both of these monsters are as bad as each other. Evil human beings

  • Arianna says:

    Well said Carol…… obviously they need some drilling into their heads……this makes me sick just thinking about it!

  • Ester Locorotondo says:

    All these cruelties and unbelievable pains you make those innocent victims suffer will return to you and your beloved ones multiplied thousands of times!

  • Carla* says:

    Signed and noted. Down with ALL vivisectors, you sub-humans are NOT welcome!! Knowing full well their are human simulators out their and they prefer to do this just goes to show you how sadistic they truly are!!

  • vanessa di meglio says:

    This is a shame!!!!!

  • Amy Baker says:

    If this abuse is not stopped all I can say is that there is an afterlife and their day will come and it will be just as horrific as all the suffering they have inflicted on these animals.

  • keith says:

    Ain’t there someone out there who can blow these vilest of vile tossers away.. they are not even sub-human .. just sheer gutter scum and this is all it will need as one prominent anti vivisector ( whose name escxapes me said ) some years past..

  • Carol says:

    It is impossible to pick a “winner”. Both of these vile people deserve the “prize”.

  • win says:

    they crossed the line hand in hand

  • Judith says:

    Bradley Greger can you imagine the terror and fear imposed on these living creatures. They have done you no harm. Please use modern humane science. The days of amimal testing should be well and truely over.

  • Anne says:

    Hands down Bradley “The Butcher” Greger! One can view his numerous experiements from the link and just the titles are barbaric enough to make me have nightmares such as “A chronically implantable, hybrid cannula-electrode device for assessing the effects of molecules on electrophysiological signals in freely behaving animals.” Mr. Greger, won’t you behave?!

  • tripwirestrippinonanimalabuse says:

    goin local is a motto we use here in utah.

  • Eve Shooter says:

    I am horrified that such practices go on & are legal. How can these people sleep at night? The worst crimes are those committed against the defenseless and innocent whoever or whatever they may be. May the powers that be forgive you as I would find it impossible. Barbarians is to good a word.

  • nancy says:

    Both! I absolutely think both are despicable barbarians.