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Victory! Pigeon Massacre Canceled

Written by PETA | January 28, 2009
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People often hear about PETA’s “big” victories for animals—such as how Donna Karan dropped fur from her collections—but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, as a result of pressure from PETA, government officials in Ohio agreed to cancel plans to poison the pigeons who had made their homes near the county courthouse. The original plan was to serve up feeders full of poisoned birdseed to the unsuspecting pigeons. Messed up, right? Good thing we stepped in, because—thanks to our efforts—they’ll be researching more humane methods.

The poison would have sent birds into convulsions, made them disoriented, and caused them to suffer for hours before dying. Poison is indiscriminate—any bird could ingest it. And the dead birds’ bodies would also have posed a hazard to other animals, including cats, dogs, and birds of prey, who might consume them.

Not only is poisoning pigeons cruel, it doesn’t even accomplish the long-term goal of getting rid of the population. Pigeons naturally maintain their numbers depending on the amount of food and space available. If 100 pigeons were poisoned, the surviving pigeons would breed more quickly to replace the dead members of their flock, which means that the population would actually increase over time. Case in point: These same officials had tried poisoning the flock in the past, only to find themselves with even more feathered friends in the long run.

Nonlethal methods of resolving conflicts with pigeons, such as Bird Barrier, are not only kinder but also more effective. Everybody wins!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • lynda downie says:

    We’re just fortunate to be humans who have our ‘mess’ discreetly dealt with by sanitation and sewers. Pigeons don’t have our luxury. Maybe we can show a little concern and respect for them and implement measures to take care of their ‘mess’ as well.

  • Lisa says:

    What do you propose to get rid of the annoying pigeons? I love animals and because of you and a great project in Environmental Science I have stopped eating chickenbeef for the most part and support antifactoring farming endeavors. HOWEVER I have seen how awful pigeons are at more than one apartment complex and when you put spikes up they can’t land but they’ll find another place to sit and make a mess. They are right there wrodents….

  • christina says:

    Now this I can support! Way to go PETA. Pigeons are awesome. They really do have beautiful feathers many colors. Some of them have those adorable bright red feet too. I cannot imagine how anyone could knowingly poison and animal and be ok with the suffering and death. We need to learn to share this earth with our animal friends and deal with a little things like pigeon poop. This society has become so spoiled and self absorbed that some people find the most natural of things to be inconveniences. People that find it so normal to just kill animals with no regard…those people make me sick.

  • Nick says:

    Way to go PETA! D

  • vegancoin says:

    Great going PETA someone needs to show these stuffed shirts the compassionate approach and the proper ecofriendly way. Poisoning a flock of sentient innocent birds just seems so wrong heavyhanded and misplaced. Somewhere somehow someplace something is right with the world.

  • Debbie Barnes says:

    You go Guys!!!!well done.Im a keen bird watcher I put out seed everyday for the doves pigeons.The absolute delight it brings is untold.I look forward to seeing them everyday I feel almost “left behind” when they leave at night to go roost.They are my little friends and yes they are beautiful.I even once took a dove with a broken wing to the vet to be humanely put to sleep.

  • roxanne says:

    Coo Coo Peta Coo

  • Lauren says:

    That’s fantastic!! Very happy to hear it! Go PETA!!

  • lynda downie says:

    THANK YOU PETA! Coo. From a distance and from a disinterested eye pigeons may appear gray. But have you ever seen the dazzling colours in their feathers up close when the sun glints on them? Stunning beauties these modest little birds.

  • kelly says:

    Think of the wild birds this plan would have killed!

  • MT says:

    Thank God someone is listening!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    See I like this side of PETA. The PETA that sends letters saying whats fudged up in hopes that people will agree and won’t do whats fudged up.

  • Canaduck says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!!!