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Victory! Hens Spared Horrific Death in Grinder

Written by PETA | November 10, 2010

Last week, we told you about TWJ Farms, an egg factory farm in Nebraska that planned to kill 70,000 unwanted chickens by placing them in an industrial machine and grinding them up—while still alive. According to a whistleblower, TWJ has killed hundreds of thousands of hens this way in recent years, and TWJ CEO Joe Claybaugh seems to confirm it in news reports. A witness stated that many of the birds were maimed or mutilated during the process and suffered in agony for hours before they died.

After PETA sent an urgent plea asking local and state law enforcement officials to intervene—and thanks to your calls and e-mails to the company—we have received confirmation from the Nebraska State Patrol that TWJ will not grind up the 70,000 chickens as planned.

We’re still waiting to hear directly from TWJ and its primary egg customer, Minnesota-based Michael Foods, Inc., that TWJ and all Michael Foods egg suppliers will use only legal, approved means to kill sick, injured, or unwanted chickens. But you don’t have to wait to make a difference: You can help spare millions of birds from unimaginable suffering by cutting eggs out of your diet.  

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Jennifer says:

    Where/how can I apply to adopt some of the hens? (If this is an option for them.)

  • reality says:

    As long as there are people eating meat and thinking that they will die if they dont, then the supply will be met somehow orthe other. Opposing one such company is just fighting the smoke. The real fire is in the person’s stomach and senses which need to be put out.

  • sheryl burnell says:

    i want to say any human that can needlessly killed and torcher any living creature should be ashamed of themselves it makes me sick to think of it and if i had known how this animals where killed i would have stopped along time ago i did no anybetter and thanks to your website you have changed my life for the better and i will speak on behalf all animals big or small keeping my main focus on the animal farms since they dont have many to speak for them we have to

  • Brooks Clark says:

    Another good reason to quit eating chickens is the steroids they are injected with. I recently became a diabetic at 26 years old, 4% body fat, and a healthy diet. There is a link between steroids and diabetes, and it is said that 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed with some type of diabetes at some point in their life. Take it from me, you don’t want this. And hopefully it can help eliminate the cruelty to these innocent animals.

  • exkiodexian says:

    It’s astonishing that this is not against the law. This is just barbaric. I’m happy they have halted this practice, although who knows how long. Who knows what will happen to these birds. And they’ve already used this method on 10s of thousands of other birds. Just deplorable.

  • fjserrato says:

    Its things like grinding live chickens that make my stomach cramp and churn when I look at meat. Now that I have given up meat I am disgusted by smelling or looking at it.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Sam. We do not, in fact, need animals for their food (, so we certainly CAN avoid killing them. However, PETA recognizes that a vegan world won’t be achieved overnight. In the meantime, we also work hard to reduce the suffering of the billions of chickens by exposing filthy, inhumane living conditions, and by promoting Controlled Atmospheric Killing (To learn more, please read: – PETA

  • Valeria says:

    hi 🙂 i just turned vegetarian today, because i never really liked the taste of meat, and i absolutely adore animals. i cant see how these people would be cruel enough to even do such a thing. every creature deserves to live a happy painless life. glad peta stopped it. 😀

  • Donna says:

    I agree with 2yingyang2. I dont trust them. They could be lying & they could be twisting the truth. They do not want these animals so they dispose of them the cheapest way possible. So did they say what they ARE going to do with the chickens? I dont understand why they cant be donated to local farms or organizations or the world food depository? Thank you whisle blower. Maybe those people in control of this and those other workers should suffer at the hands of that machine. That will make them think twice wont it!

  • Cheryl says:

    Iris (of Nov. 11th), come on. Imagine yourself in the circumstances of these chickens. Being unwilling to help chickens because you like chicken and dumpling is so lame that I am embarrassed for you. There are far greater joys in life. And tofu doesn’t have to be one of them if you don’t like it. I’m vegan and rarely eat tofu. To all people in all industrialized nations: most male chicks of the egg-laying variety are killed in this manner. You don’t need eggs. Please don’t eat them. This is the outcome of massive demand for eggs. Count yourself out!

  • ashleylynn** says:

    i’m very happy that the chickens were not killed and i think that this should turn into something positive! why not donate the chickens to places in need of them? if they are willling to grind them up, they can surely donate them. it sickens me that this it was even considered an option. sick bastards!!

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa…….. thanks PETA 🙂

  • bev gannon says:

    terrible. sick and inhumane, cruel, vile. i dont eat eggs. not for years now.

  • Julia Leonhardt says:

    Sadly, the poster named “Kristin” is correct. I bought cage free/free range etc. eggs for years believing that those chickens were treated humanely. The USDA is utterly inhumane and corrupt, and our agricultural/livestock laws are completely toothless; the USDA, as is the case with other regulatory agencies (e.g., the FDA and EPA) are beholden to corporate lobbyists, and their mission to protect our country’s welfare is secondary, if it exists at all. Other countries have cleaner food supplies (with e.coli and Salmonella contamination being the exception and not the rule), so why can’t we enforce or utilize the same stringent standards? Google “free range loopholes” and you will see what a horrific scandal these “labels” and “certifications” are.

  • risa renee says:


  • saurabhIBM says:

    This was so terrible.let them live a life even if they are not productive.we dont grind humans after 60 rite??

  • lorna says:


  • Kathleen says:

    Why don’t they donate the chickens to people who want to raise chickens. Free range eggs taste so much better than store bought ones. Worst case scenario, if the chickens have to be kill, then donate the parts to shelters that are in real need right now. There are plenty of hungry people out there.

  • [email protected] says:

    This is amazing! This is a victory guys! I know there is so much further to go, and all of this could be solved if everyone became vegan, but let us take this in for the moment. Something unimaginably horrific has been stopped because of compassionate people. Our voices actually do make a difference! It can be so hard to believe sometimes, but it worked. PETA workers, PETA members and tons of other vegetarian and vegan sites reacted, sent e-mails, made calls and now TWJ Farms can not use this horrific slaughter method. Of course, there is always more that can be done. These hens I am afraid, may have already been killed but we can still help others in the future. We can do research, find places that will take the hens, we can urge the company to take better care of them in the first place and we can try to get jurisdiction passed that further protects these hens. I am pretty sure that law enforcement halted TWJ Farms because of the Nebraska Livestock Animal Welfare Act. We can add to these laws, get them passed in other places. Better yet, we can convince others to go vegan!

  • MOREL says:

    Je suis végétérienne et je ne comprend pas pourquoi il y a tant de gens qui mangent encore de la viande.Je suis en super bonne santé et je me sens en paix avec ma conscience et la nature que j’aime vraiment et que je respecte le plus possible.Il ne faut pas arrêter d’informer sur le sort des animaux car il y a une foule de gens qui n’ont pas conscience de ce qui se passe réellement dansles fermes ou les hangars.Tous les producteurs de ces souffrances se cachent très très biens. En tout cas je ne les plains pas les producteurs agricoles car ce sont eux qui ne veulent pas changer leur mode de production animale. Pour eux l’animal est avant tout un produit qui rapporte.Quelle tristesse

  • Sim says:

    I feel its ok to consume chickens and eggs and I don’t think cutting down on meat and egg consumption is the way to go.

    What I feel is a need to change the methods chickens are reared and killed for food.

    If these chickens are not needed and going to be killed, they should be given a quick and painless death. Same thing applies to all other animals.

    We can’t avoid killing them because we need them for food but we can minimise their suffering. They die quickly and painless and w/o any fear.

    The enviroment they live in should be looked into as well.

  • forever_indie says:

    thank you peta for stepping in on this…people sometimes make me sick. how could look at a living peice of this world and put it in a grinder to live its a last few breaths in pure agony…..i do not get how people can be so heartless sometimes

  • Water Rat says:

    WTF!?!? this is the first i’ve heard of this! what makes ANYONE think this is okay?!?!?! it’s disgusting what people will do in the name of monetary profit.

  • GMC says:

    I’ve had about enough of this! We need to really organize and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE COMPANIES ONCE & FOR ALL!!! — they not only murder the animals but POISON the humans!! Let’s do it, people!!

  • PETA says:

    @needtoknow – Nearly all the animals raised for food in America today spend their lives on factory farms. These animals, who feel pain and fear just as the dogs and cats who share our homes do, are separated from their families and crammed by the thousands into filthy warehouses. They are mutilated without the use of painkillers and deprived of everything that is natural and important to them—they won’t be permitted to see the sun or breathe fresh air until the day when they are forced onto trucks bound for the slaughterhouse. On the killing floor, many animals are completely conscious and struggling to escape while their throats are cut—and some are still conscious while their bodies are hacked apart or when they are dunked into tanks of scalding-hot water. The best way to stop farmed animal abuse is by going vegan.

  • Nibirulilu says:

    I totally agree this is horrific to kill an animal this way. I hope they really stopped. Those chicken should be give to good home were they can move around freely in a garden, be safe and protected from predators. My mother had a chicken as pet. I learned to love and respect animals from her. People should also teach their children the same thing. I am very proud to be a member of PETA and pledge again never to wear fur. Thank you for all your good work.

  • marjie says:

    for the duh , person out there chicken organic free eggs it,s still a babby in the egg, you no stp a ckicken just going to start it,s life..anyway if your not for animal right,s witch you are puerly not still eating the eggs then why are you on a peta site ????

  • Donna says:

    THANK ALL THAT’S GOOD FOR PETA..without PETA animal’s wouldn’t have a chance…I feel like I live in a parallel world that is not reality when I see some of the horrible things humans do….we, as a whole do not deserve this wonderful planet that we are destroying daily with no conscience whatsoever.

  • LauraG says:

    I believe that if more people were actually aware of the cruelty level in our food industry this wouldn’t happen. Thank you PETA!

  • BETTY HAASE says: