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Victory! Capital One Pulls Ape Ads

Written by PETA | March 14, 2011

After years of using primates in its television spots, Capital One has informed PETA that it will stop airing its current ad featuring a chimpanzee and that it will not use primates in future advertisements.

Capital One’s decision comes after PETA provided the company with information on how great apes used in advertising are ripped away from their mothers as babies and physically and psychologically abused during training. When they grow too big and strong to be safely handled, they are often discarded at seedy roadside zoos and pseudo-sanctuaries.

Capital One told PETA, “We believe you have made profound and compelling arguments about the treatment of primates.”

Of the top 15 U.S. ad agencies, 10 refuse to use great apes in their ads. And every new national ad featuring great apes in 2010 was either pulled or modified when the companies learned about the cruelty associated with using wild animals as “actors.” Now, please help us keep the pressure on CareerBuilder, which once again exploited chimpanzees for its 2011 Super Bowl ad and says that it intends to continue to use these animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • G. Fulton says:

    Josh Winestien and others that use/abuse animals for thier own selfish fame is a good reason NOT to take your kids to the circus…

  • Padora1 says:

    Thank you Capitol One for making me proud to be a credit card holder with you. You reviewed your practices and changed your advertising accordingly!

  • Maureen Braz says:

    Thank you PETA and thank you Capital One for making the right decision to not use primates in future ads.

  • Mariette Eriksson says:

    Well done to all of us, and good luck to the animals

  • anastasia nikolakakis says:

    Wow, it boosts my spirits to know that a combined effort from Peta supporters altered the way that Chimps are used by Capital One. Thank you Peta, supporters and Capital One.

  • Laura says:

    Do you have a link to Capial One? Important to flood people with thanks when they do right just as to flood them with boos when they do wrong.

  • Elena Perez de Gracia says:

    Muchisimas gracias a Peta y Capital One, un paso mas para un mundo mejor

  • Poppy says:

    Many thanks PETA and Capital One! Here in Holland we now see a Hi-advertorial (telephone company) and a BCC-advertorial (washing machines etc.) were animals are used in. In the first mentioned there are people climbing over a fence of the zoo to sit on an Ostrich and tie up a bear. In the second one there are goat,rabbit , frog etc… I hope PETA will do something to stop this also here… Thank you again, Poppy

  • Tina Phillips says:

    Re: Capital One Pulls Ape ads! Thank you PETA and thank you Capital One for making the right decision.

  • kathryn trevino steury says:

    thank you capital one. you did the right thing and your actions are appreciated. you are above the rest.

  • Ruth says:

    That’s good that they did that, but are they going to really do it, I say this because Donna Karan said that she was not going to use anymore bunny rabbits in her line of clothing and she LIED, rabbits are still dying and she does not care.

  • Sheila says:

    Awesome job PETA and thank you Capital One for listening and taking action!

  • Mark S says:

    Thank You PETA, and Capital One, You definetly made the Right Choice, the Humane Choice, We all will be better off, because of it; I will not Cancel my acct. with Capital One, now since I see that they are on the right side.

  • shirley cooper says:

    Capital One – I understand you did not realize the cruelty involved with the apes. I want to sincerely thank you and Peta for putting a stop to it. Lets just hope others follow your lead. Thank you again.

  • Debbie Beach says:

    Thank you PETA and Capital One for making the proper decisions for no longer using primates in your advertising now and in the future, KUDOS!!!!!!!

  • Karil says:

    Thank you PETA for giving animals a voice! Thank you for empowering us all to help.

  • Ana Lucia says:

    Quero registrar aqui a minha indignação quanto aos maus tratos que pseudos seres “humanos” fazem aos animais. Eles são tão filhos de Deus quanto nós! Precisam de respeito, de leis que os protejam, de liberdade. Que o Amor e o cuidado à eles aumente sem parar por todo o planeta!!!

  • Carlos says:

    PETA and the supporters kick some @$$ once again!

  • Marla Hargrove says:

    Wonderful!!! This is a stepping stone.

  • Beth M says:

    Thank you PETA and Capital One for making the right decision to not use primates in future ads.

  • Mario Circello says:

    Ciao, sono felice che abbiano deciso di non utilizzare più primati per le loro pubblicità. E poco, ma è un piccolo passo nella giusta direzione: il rispetto delle altre forme di vita!

  • Beth M says:

    Thank you PETA and thank you Capital One for making the right decision to not use primates in future ads.

  • suziebb says:

    I have a capital one account and this great news.

  • Alfred Z says:

    Great news!