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Brookstone Stops Selling Frog-O-Spheres

Written by PETA | January 25, 2011

After 18 months of protests, thousands of calls and e-mails, and appearances outside Brookstone stores by our giant “frog,” Brookstone has finally decided to pull a cruel product called the “Frog-O-Sphere” from its shelves!

PETA started campaigning against the tiny plastic frog prisons after receiving complaints from Brookstone customers and after a whistleblower reported that frogs and snails housed in the tiny 4-inch-by-4-inch plastic boxes were neglected, deprived of veterinary care and adequate food, and kept in filthy water. The whistleblower told PETA that when frogs became obviously ill and “unsaleable,” they were moved to the stores’ storage rooms, where they often wasted away and died.

PETA’s undercover investigation of Wild Creations—the company that came up with the idiotic idea of throwing two frogs and some gravel into a container smaller than a shoebox and leaving them there for their entire lives—revealed filthy conditions and deadly neglect. In some cases, frogs were so hungry that that they chewed each other’s legs off.

juhansonin/cc by 2.0

Brookstone joins Magic Beans, Target, and other retailers that have stopped selling these cruel products, but Coach House Gifts is still selling frogs in “EcoAquariums” to make an easy buck. In one shipment to Coach House Gifts, 37 out of 40 frogs died after they were left in a container so long that they suffered from heat prostration. Please take a moment to urge the company to stop selling its deadly EcoAquariums.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Barb Falls says:

    Human Beings are so cruel and frogs and all other animals are beautiful. Stop the torture and think before you buy.

  • Jennifer says:

    @HadABrain: I want to start by saying I am happy you don’t abuse animals. I know the meaning of the CIRCLE OF LIFE as I think most other people posting comments here do. When animals in the wild kill it is either for survival or defense. They don’t have the resources available that we do for food and shelter to feed and protect themselves. Their lives depend on hunting and defending their territory from predators. I have never heard of a human dying because they didn’t have a frog in a Frog-O-Sphere as a pet. As humans we bear the responsibility to not hurt other beings for our pleasure or monetary gain.

  • LJ says:

    I recently saw these in a Hallmark store (in PA) and was so disturbed I left without buying anything. I’m grateful for this victory with Brookstone – good work, PETA! Now let’s target Hallmark!

  • cornelia mangold-thiede says:


  • Karen Saucedo says:

    Target used to sell those totally sealed plastic cubes with a fighting fish and gravel too. They stopped that after complaints because the fish, naturally, died from suffocation and starvation. Target and these other companies need to get THE POINT: CRUELTY DOES NOT SELL and diminishes the store.

  • Patricia Stokes says:

    They’re not ours to sell…leave them where they belong!

  • Joelle Porter says:

    I can’t believe they’re still selling this revolting “product.” I’ll boycott them until they stop.

  • Lynne Farruggio says:

    The cruelty of people never ceases to amaze me! People will do anything for a dollar!

  • Ferdinand Freinthaler says:

    leute die tieren solche schmerzen zufügen,gehören auch mal so behandelt!!!

  • Linda W says:

    You know, Rachel has the right idea, we need to congratulate and patronize those stores that act to correct a wrong. WELL DONE BROOKSTONE STORES!

  • Sweetpea43 says:

    I agree these eco aquariums are a ridiculous idea. Does anyone have a suggestion for what they should do with these frogs? We suggest they not release them into the wild, but offer no suggestions or alternatives for their future well being.

  • chanderkumarsoni says:


  • L Haydon says:

    I’m with you Sue R, when will we do something about the baby chicks being ground alive?  

    I just went on the Coach House Gifts website and did a search, but couldn’t find the frogs.  Maybe that is a good sign?  I will send an email anyway about this horrific “gift.”  

  • Linda W says:

    K – Hallmark cards in Canada? What location did you see this at? Has anyone sent commentary to their head office?



  • Whitney says:

    Some people will seriously do anything to make a dollar.. Of all things.. Those poor frogs.. I hope it all ends soon..

  • Michel says:

    they are still accepting orders…I was able to place(and) cancel it!!!

  • Karen Chaieb says:

    Is there anything that people will not do to animals for a buck? I have never heard or thank God seen this! How disgusting and how abusive!

  • twinkle says:

    i hope people begin to internalize the sickening outcome of our capitalist driven world.  Soon they will be selling babies in boxes. oh wait, just go to williamsburg where the babies are encased in the glassbox out the window meant for the air conditioner! (If your having that many offspring that some need to be stored in glass shelves… maybe its enough.)  That evil little voice that has creeped into the ears of all americans and tells them who to kill to make a dollar is spreading like a pandemic! It is a disease equally dangerous as other human-induced infection like mad-cow and avian flu! however i must lso commend those of you who dont allow the little green monster in and proactively fight aginst the grain of money-making selfishness! we need to be more respectfull of all creation both human and animal. we are all equally mass and spirit and should not be treated otherwise.

  • joey says:

    what in the world! the this is selfish inhumane and uterly stupid! how would you like the same treatment wall mart, CHG!hmm!? thanks for your work PETA.

  • Rachel says:

    My local Brookestone store stopped selling these 2 months ago. My best friend went out and bought the last one they sold, which the employee found in the back of the store. After he realized he couldn’t take care of them in that small cube, he asked me to put them in my 10gal aquarium. Unfortunately, they were too far weakened, and they both passed about a month later. Thank God the rest of the Brookestone stores have come to their senses.

  • Joseph. A says:

    I’m So Grateful That This “Creation” was ripped off the market. People like these really need a wake up call. Karma is Karma, and in the end they’ll get there justice. Thank you for saving these frogs. 🙂

  • Robert Duffy says:

    Absolutely f*cked up!

  • B says:

    OMG D: What is wrong with that people?? That´s so cruel, Isn´t this illegal in the US??? Those are living creatures!! There is something plain WRONG with Brookstone and with their customers. In my country Hallmark does not sell those spheres, but anyway, I´m not buying anything from Hallmark ever again.

  • Linda says:

    It never ends…….

  • Michele Anello says:

    This is why I love PETA, you guys make things happen:)

  • Jonathan Barber says:

    I also saw these at Hallmark and asked if they were being cared for. I was told they were fed twice a week which is still absolutely horrible. I hope they jump on the bandwagon and stop the abuse.

  • matthew says:

    If you people do not like this, do not buy these things, and if enough of you people believe this, the company will go belly-up.

  • jaren says:

    stop torturing the frogs.

  • Cheryl Roe says:

    Congrats to Brookstone for stopping the seling of those beautiful little frogs in those horrible conditions. NOW WALMART….QUIT selling and leaving those poor Beta fish in about 3 or 4 ounces of water often stacked on top of eachother so their containers air holes are covered up. COME ON AMERICAN BUSINESSES, WE SHOULD BE BETTER STEWARDS OF OUR LIVESTOCK THAT GOD HAS gracefully given us to care for HUMAINLY!!!!

  • Ashleigh says:

    Cole, I absolutely agree. It’s so depressing walking past the tanks in Walmart.

  • Marybeth says:

    I remember seeing those in Brookstone once and wondering to myself if they were ever fed or cared for while on the shelf. It’s heartbreaking to hear the reality was even worse than I imagined, but I’m glad that most reasonable retailers have decided to stop selling them.

  • Jodie Lacey says:

    What a horrible way to live just for companies to make a buck at the expense of an animal to lose its life from them!

  • Timothy Pullen says:

    Frogs, just like snakes, spiders, lizards, birds and many more creatures are all wild animals and should be living free. All these animals need our love, care and respect. If we must have pets, they should be dogs and cats that come from a local humane society. I have travelled and lived in many countries and it makes me sick to see the levels of animal cruelty and neglect that exists due to peoples pathetic whims and needs to have some exotic creature in their home. Each one of us has a responsibility to make sure that all these creatures live their lives as animals and as nature intended. Member of PETA, ASPCA, RSPCA, WWF

  • HadABrain says:

    I don’t hurt or abuse animals but you guys are being a little extreme.  Are you going to start punishing people who eat frogs legs next? How about rights for fleas and rights for spiders I am sure they have feelings too. I am guessing you guys. NEVER took biology because if you had You would know something called the CIRCLE OF LIFE. Do you think a lion thinks about human rights or zebra rights? Do you think a shark thinks about human or fish rights? Come on people!

  • Jazwelch says:

    Come on people its bad enough companies are taking over there ecosystem now your torturing them in little balls this is pathetic do something else for a living will ya!

  • Heleane Deodato says:

    Hallmark just lost me as a customer. A couple of years ago I reported Walmart for keeping Fish in little tiny bowls on unsafe shelves, where they could get knocked over. The fish did not look good either. They did move them to a safer place.

  • zero says:

    I have kept four golden tree frogs from tadpoles for six-seven years now,just recently lost one to old age-(I think)the amount of effort the family takes in catching flies for these guys is huge-theyre a truly large undertaking…keeping their environment appropriate,etc…..there’s no way this globe idea can be sustainable-it is totally cruel….they deserve to be prosecuted-frogs are natures’ canaries(sic) and should be treated with respect,just like everyone else!

  • ocean17 says:

    yes that is an awful product and uncompassionate. gazooks. truth is that frogs have feelings are are peaceful sentient creatures, they belong in their natural environment. and they should be free from mans illogical and cruel interference and abuse. of course this is good news.

  • Denise Polich says:

    Anything to make a buck!!!! What the f$#@! Do humans have no feelings for animals??? Frogs are one of many of God’s creations!!! Let them live free.

  • Sue R says:

    People never amaze me by what they will do for a buck!!!! Just give out stuffed frogs, for crying out loud!!! What the eff is wrong with this country..And again..WHEN?? will we do something about the baby chicks being ground ALIVE??

  • danielle doyon says:

    Cruel and unacceptable. These frogs are not toys. They are living creatures! The sell of these products should be cancelled…cruelty for money…NO!

  • alysa says:

    what an awfull and cruel idea!never buying this produt!

  • Cole says:

    And Walmart should have to stop selling fish; especially the one in Leland,NC where they allow the fish to die and then eat each other. It is very sad and when I reported it to them I got attitude and they did nothing.

  • Carol Gilbert says:

    I’d like to do the same thing to the manufactures of these grotesque ‘EcoAquariums’. See how they cope.

  • Cole says:

    My stepsister bought a frog-o-sphere two Christmas ago for my nephew, but realized he would not take care of the frog. So for two years Serge has been living with me. He is part of our family just like our dogs and cat. He is a lovely creature and treated very well.

  • Amber says:

    Frogs have feelings, too! They’re creatures just like you and I! Please stop hurting these helpless amphibians… The death is not worth the money!

  • Laurence Burris says:

    I remember watching frogs in lakes, ponds and marshes. Cruel free entertainment at its best!

  • MandyC says:

    Thank goodness! What an awful product that is! I would never have bought it…what did the idiots think would happen to the poor frogs?? Thankfully thousands of frags are now safe and sound. Love and light to those that didn’t make it 🙁

  • K says:

    Hallmark also sells these horrible cubes. I requested the store to stop selling them, but the manager refused. Hallmark needs to be held accountable for perpetuating this cruelty as well.