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Victory! Angel’s Gate Founder Charged

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 15, 2012

Update: On May 15, 2012, officials filed 17 additional charges of cruelty to animals against Susan Marino, based on evidence gathered as a result of PETA’s undercover investigation. Animals like Tuxie—the cat whose gaping neck and head wound Marino picked at and who, PETA learned, died last fall after suffering terribly for many months—will finally be granted a chance at justice. Marino now faces a total of 22 cruelty charges as well as a drug-related charge.

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney’s Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel’s Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call “a hospice and rehabilitation center.”

PETA’s investigation of this hellhole exposed the daily neglect and terrible suffering of disabled, elderly, and ailing animals, many of whom had been shipped to Marino by well-meaning but severely uninformed individuals and agencies, including the New York Center for Animal Care and Control (NYCACC), which doomed Malcolm the Chihuahua and hundreds of other animals to die slowly at Angel’s Gate through its “New Hope” program.  

PETA had provided the District Attorney with the evidence that our investigator gathered while volunteering at Angel’s Gate. Our investigator saw Marino allow animals to suffer, sometimes for weeks, from treatable conditions as well as terminal illnesses without providing veterinary care, medication, or pain relief. Paralyzed animals dragged themselves until they developed bloody ulcers. Animals developed urine scald after being left in soaked diapers for up to two days. Dehydrated animals were denied water, and others were forced to stay outside in freezing temperatures. The bodies of dead animals were left among those of the living for days.

While Marino has been charged, the nightmare is not over for the animals at Angel’s Gate, as they have not yet been seized. Please help us ensure their welfare and the safety of future victims by joining us in urging the New York State Attorney General to revoke Angel’s Gate‘s nonprofit status and ensure that the animals are removed from Marino’s custody. Please click here to send a letter to the Attorney General, and please, when your animal companions become elderly or ill, let them live out their final days with dignity in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their families, not at the mercy of a conniving stranger.

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  • Nirvana Raab says:

    Oamenii sunt cele mai infioratore bestii!

  • Robert Paugh says:

    Thank you PeTA for putting in so much time and effort where one person could never do something like that alone. This woman is a monster.

  • Nick Hunter says:

    Can’t believe I’m living on the same planet as this Marino woman! Eternally grateful to PETA’s undercover workers for exposing this cruelty masquerading as animal “respite care”!!

  • prairiegal says:

    Good….she deserves to be punished severely!

  • Cernunnas says:

    FINALLY!! : /

  • Angela Andreos says:

    The wheels of justice move ever soo slowly – Thank you PETA for all your time and hard work that went into uncovering this hell hole.

  • Susan says:

    The abuse of this poor, suffering animals is inexcusable & must end. People should put themselves in the place of these animals & ask how they would feel if they were abused,

  • Evalyn says:

    Stop has to be Stopped! Make me so sad, tears, hurt dont like!! women go hell evil pusishment caused the ANIMALS! Hope is over! those animals MUST OUT OF THERE ASAP!!!

  • paula dejong says:

    Thank you Peta for revealing this tradgedy. Please ensure that these animals do not suffer any more and prosecute to the maximum possible. People have to know this will not be tolerated

  • Angry says:

    They should pass laws that requires a month to month check up by the authorities to make sure ha animals are being treated properly and with respect love and kindness.Also hidden cameras should be a requiremet to all sancturies for the safety of the animals and as soon as some disaasembles the cameras that an alarm with the authories go off nad get to that particular address immediaely to find out why it was disarmed and fine that person in doing so. This way it’ll give second thoughts if that place is even safe and up to code with the laws and rules. I hope they really throow the book at her harsly.

  • Micheal Moffat says:

    we are change life has value beyond measure Peace and Love

  • r howard says:

    horrible, sad story. what about the people who sent their pets to a place like this? it is far more cruel to send an aged or sick animal away from his or her family than to have it euthanased if it is suffering.

  • Ruth says:

    I would give her a taste of her own medicine, [text cut] !!!

  • ginger says:

    Years ago when she was on TV in the local news & the media was ooing & ahing over what wonderful work she was doing….I could see how horrible it was for the poor animals. She bragged that animals who were only hours away form a peaceful passing were “saved” ….yes, saved to suffer in terrible agony, dogs crying in pain and dragging themselves on front legs…THANK YOU PETA….for going after this deranged woman & thank you for reminding us that real love is letting go when the time comes but never deserting our companions to anyone else.

  • jenn says:

    This case is over a year old.. I hate that it takes THIS long for people to be punished.. these poor animals. If anyone knows their animal was sent there.. GET IT OUT. DO YOUR HOMEWORK..

  • Marcia Mueller says:

    This is a horrible story of greed, meanness, and deception. I hope she is punished (although any punishment she gets won’t be enough) for the pain she has caused the animals. I also hope that the people who placed their pets with her and thought they would be taken care of can sue her for the heartache she has caused them when they found out what actually happened to the little ones thought were beingt helped. She should be shunned by all decent people.

  • Loridonna says:

    Good going…… let’s work on getting those animals to safety. Many animals are still being taken to Angel’s Gate and Ruby has gone from healthy looking to where you can see her backbone. Those animals NEED OUT OF THERE ASAP!

  • daisy lee nyc says:

    keep animals away from this Marino woman!

  • rocco says:

    this is so sad, these poor animals. hoarders are sick people, oblivious to the needs of the animals they warehouse. THank you PETA!

  • Molly says:

    This makes me sick and my love for animals is so strong that I couldn’t even finish the video clip I cried so hard. People like this shouldn’t even exist seriously I am so thankful for Peta, these animals are suffering and should be either put in homes where they are loved and properly cared for or put down because honestly they look like they are hurting and unhappy and sometimes the most humane thing to do is let them live a pain free life in heaven… I love all animals and I do not know how this even happens or what type of sick messed up human being can watch animals suffer like this and not do something to help, this lady should be put away for life for what she has done. If these were people she would be, just because they’re animals shouldnt change the punishment. My love and heart goes out to these little babies even if they do end up being put down I hope they find happiness and rest in peace with no more pain! Selfish cruel human being, I hope you also get what you deserve!

  • JC says:

    Thank you so much, PETA, for keeping the pressure on in this case. Just sent a letter to the AG — come on, take the animals away from this sick, dangerous woman!

  • Elaine says:

    Thank God! She deserves much worse, actually, but I’m glad she has to pay for her cruel and crazy behavior. When the time comes for me to let my beautiful boys go, I want to have the wherewithal to do what is best for them, even if that means saying goodbye.

  • Suzanne Carlson says:

    This case exemplifies how PETA gets the job done. They go in, garner evidence, present well-documented complaints and persist until justice is done. Without them, disgusting places like this would continue to hurt animals without end.

  • LucyP says:

    Thank you, PETA, for exposing abuse at so-called rescues such as this one. This case is a reminder that there are fates far worse than euthanasia for suffering animals. Please never hand animals over to strangers–our animals depend on us to always put their best interests first.

  • Yvonne Polenc says:

    so happy this women was charged, I remember when this case came to light a couple months ago! The link to the attorney general is not working.

  • Jennifer Via says:

    Please take their license away! My father had a kennel license & he/we would never leave an animal suffering like that! Its a huge let down to the former owners of these animals & to actual rescuers! Please see that the other animals get rescued from Angels Gate & don’t die in agony! Make an example of Susan to let others beware of neglect/abuse!

  • Maryann says:

    I would have them close this center down. Send them to a place where the animals will be cared for. There is no rhyme to reason for things to be this bad. The owner here is very irresponsible and can’t even probalbly take care of herself. Save the animals and put this woman and her staff in prison for the wrong doing they have done.

  • Nancy says:

    Loving animals means being willing to say “goodbye” when they are suffering. They cannot understand why they are hurting and they are completely dependent upon us to ease their pain. This is horrible, the woman seems to enjoy showing their wounds. She doesn’t seem to comprehend their pain at all. She’s sick!

  • Catherine says:

    When and if they seize these animals from this horrid place what are they going to do with them? Euthanize them? Or send them to the already full shelters in the area, where they will have no chance of getting adopted, because of the condition they are in, so eventually getting the needle anyways. I’m sorry but the outlook for these animals does not look good either way..

  • Horrified!! says:

    OMG! I have seen picture’s on their FB page that made me question the animal’s surrounding’s, injuries, sores, etc. But watching her pick up these animal’s so f’ing casually without any regard to their suffering so she could ‘show their wounds off’ and then the wounds themselves! OMG! Please get this place closed down. These animal’s could’ve been put down and not suffered with these horrific open wounds, sores, dog fights, etc. And she’s ranting that PETA is editing their video’s to make it look worse….If this is edited then the original must be 10x worse. PLEASE CLOSE THIS PLACE DOWN. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE It’s obvious she’s only in it for the money. *crying now* *Praying*

  • Susan says:

    To all supporters who wouldn’t listen to what PETA had to say/wore blinders…..we tried and tried to tell you, but you chose to not listen and chose, instead, to continue to support a woman who shouldn’t be near animals. Period. She had all of you fooled…thanks for your hard work, PETA.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    so bad.

  • Colette Hulett says:

    If your pet is too ill to be looked after at home (or at the vet for a few days or reasonable period of time), euthanasia is probably the right choice and you should be with them during the process. If you can’t bear to face it you should rather not adopt a pet in future. It is more unkind to send your pet away from their home and family.

  • Anna says:

    Angels’s Gate?? Looks more like Hell’s Gate to me!! Disgusting!

  • Debbie says:

    I can’t imagine letting one of my cats go to a facility like that. I would do anything I could to keep them at home. If they got to the point where I couldn’t stop their pain, then it would be time to euthinize. I would not want them to be with strangers. I’d want them with me.

  • anne marie says:

    c’est génial !!mais que sont devenus les animaux ,sommes nous sûres qu’aucun animal ne va plus servir à l’expérimentation ,j’ai peur

  • Mariela Arqueros says:

    Es terrible que siempre exan inocentes y ista el maltrato hacia los animales. Me es muy dificil entender puesto que ellos son seres tan inocentes y fieles. Espero que los seres humanos reaccionemos de una vez del daño que les provocamos a ellos y a nuestro entorno, por favor no los sigamos matratando.

  • AnimalLover101 says:

    God Bless those terrible kept animals and Peta! Keep doing what’s right!

  • Наталия С says:

    К сожалению я проживаю далеко от Вашего города, но полностью на вашей стороне и желаю скорейшего разрешения проблемы и этой ужасной беды. Удачи, всем защитникам животных!!!

  • Rowena Sheppard says:

    Isn’t it possible for management etc. of the place to be taken over by genuine animal advocates rather than close the place and probably PTS for the poor darlings? I hope this woman and anyone who has participated in the cruelty receives the max penalty though I’m sure it will never come close to fitting the crime.

  • CLAUDIA says:

    Thank you Peta…for exposing this heckhole…

  • lynda chabane says:

    God bless you PETA for bringing this case to court. The dreadful suffering of these poor innocents brought tears to my eyes. Justice has to be done and these poor wretched souls given the deserving homes they should have had in the first place!! Keep up the great work you do.

  • C Devone-Pacheco says:

    Thank you PETA for exposing Angels Gate, but when are you going to rescue the suffering animals that are still trapped inside the “hospice”?

  • Elena walczyk says:

    I agree with Lorrain, many people say they love animals but it narrows to their own cat or dog. when you talk to them about animals suffering in facilities like that or labs and so on, they say they do not want to hear it (?!) I also know many people truly care about animals but they do not know where to start(like me few years ago). I found out how to help animals thanks to PETA’s article in local newspaper (about Eight Belles). I think the most effective way is spread the word and information through local papers and TV where millions of people may learn about animal abuse.

  • linda says:

    i’m not a big PETA supporter, i do believe in eating meat as long as it’s humanely killed. and i don’t believe domestic animals are food. anyway, i do believe in treating animals humanely. this video is atrocious, no telling how long that cruelty was going on and collecting money. good job PETA

  • Sara says:

    I was horrified to see these images! I can’t believe that people are giving up their animals because they are disabled for one, but to be left in this envronment with this horror of a woman is unbelievable! Animal refuges of all kinds should be monitored on a regular basis just to make sure that they are provided with the correct care and space to move. Please stop this woman asap and get these animals to immediate care! Keep us posted.

  • susan johnson says:

    This is just horrific and I can not believe this animal horder could call herself Angels Gate, how about “Hells Gate!” They have got to get these animals out of here.

  • sharron jones says:

    can’t bring myself to watch this video i have seen some footage before of the attrocious state of these poor animals and this womans sick attitude throw the book at this woman i say and may she never get her hands on poor innocent animals like this ever ever again!!

  • Nancy Worsham says:

    I submitted a comment as requested. I am glad this is coming to a head, and I hope there are some people who will be able and willing to assist the animals yet to be seized. Please keep us posted.

  • L. Fifi says:

    This is attrocious, inhumane & unacceptablde. Having to witness or learn of this is disheartening, especially when there is so little we can do. Please save these animals IMMEDIATELY & protect all others. You have the ability; please help for the sake of God’s innocent creatures. Thank you.