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Vick’s Indictment: What You Can Do

Written by PETA | July 18, 2007

workingpitbull/Creative Commons

The PETA offices have been in overdrive since last night responding to Michael Vick’s recent indictment for dogfighting. The vague statement released by the Atlanta Falcons about this disturbing news is simply not sufficient. This morning, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader The Rev. Al Sharpton, and PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk sent a letter to all of Vick’s corporate sponsors, Falcons CEO Arthur Blank, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell roundly condemning dogfighting and other forms of violence. You can read that letter here. We are also calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to immediately suspend Michael Vick in light of this indictment. According to Deadspin the indictment includes the following allegations, which highlight exactly how reprehensible this vicious blood sport is:

  • “In March 2003, PEACE, after consulting with Vick about the female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”
  • “In April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS and VICK executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in ‘testing’ sessions by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Please click here to contact Roger Goodell about this news and ask him to immediately take action. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the news of Vick’s alleged involvement in this horrific cruelty is not swept under the rug. I can only hope that the high profile nature of Michael Vick’s case helps to shed light on an epidemic that, too often, is not treated with enough gravity by law-enforcement officials, and that needs to be stamped out immediately.

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  • dorianna says:

    This guy is mentally SICK! There is nothing to do with race but how a person like this could be so cruel to animals. HE MUST BE FIRED IMMEDIATELLY! We do not want to support these type of people. We do not want our children to look up to him like some type of hero when he is the lowest person in the planet! He should be put in jail to give the example to others!

  • jean says:

    Ok this racial issue is Nuts!! The Man Black or White is an despicable animal abuser. Maybe Black Men fight pit bulls more at least the statistics seam to show this. Also We have Mid America with horrific puppy mills mostly White people And Bull fighting Spanish Cock fighting Mexicans including the good ol country boys! I guess My point is Who gives a crap what Race the jerks are that do these things the facts are they do it and as we speak Write now an animal is being abused and it is are duty to try our best as good people to stick together and fight against these creeps . Make calls sign petitions send emails picket court house!!!!! lets do this and get this Big Ass jailed dumped and taught a lesson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lacy says:

    I can’t even comprehend anyone treating a living creature that way. How could you hear the cries of the those dogs and continue to harm them? Even if Vick wasn’t present just being aware of it is horrible! Whomever is guilty I hope they rot in hell!

  • Robin says:

    To all. Please lets stop with the racism. Honestly it looks atrocious to be hurling racist arguments around when truly it has little to do with the subject at hand. We are all in this together. I as well agree that Mr. Vick is entitled to due process. But as a landlord stated earlier just as we are responsible for what goes on at our properties so should it be with Michael Vick. Maybe he will start cooperating. It does take time once and awhile to step up and do the right thing. Just a thought You don’t neccesarily have to be a member of PETA to post here. I should know because I am not a member. They have been good enough to post our thoughts and to let us speak out and get direction from each other. So some of these comments are probably NOT from peta members. That being said let’s all stay focused on our goal to teach a lesson in the respect of life and respect of each other as a whole. Those that feel otherwise or feel that animals deserve no place in the chain of respect can have their say although I am unsure what they are doing on this site and the rest of us should just go on and consider it as someone elses beliefs. All are due respect in their opinion when they post their comments respectfully and constructively. If they don’t do this then kindly disregard as negative input. Forgiveness as I am Catholic is imperative but in my opinion one must be sorry and admit to wrong doing and ask for forgiveness in order to be granted forgiveness. He has not asked for anybodies forgiveness nor does he seem to think that he requires it let alone repented. Even to say “This is wrong I didn’t do this but I deeply regret that it has happened on my property and I will do whatever I can to make it right and to ensure it never happens again.” Then it is time to forgive. And forgive doesn’t necessarily mean forget either. In a sense maybe this is a lesson to many taught by one. In the end our goal is the same. Let’s keep fighting together!

  • Viviana says:

    Hi again PETA friends. My son and I were reading the comments. There’re some thoughts we’d like to share specially for all those who suppose that ‘they’re just animals’.. and those who claim about all injustices around the world. Ok there’s a lot to do that’s true.. Well in our case we live in the 3 world so you can guess what happens here every day all the misery extreme poverty and abuses. But every time we have the opportunity to help others and we able to we do no matter if they are or not human beings. I’d like to ask all those who think that we shouldn’t worry so much about ‘just animals’ what are you doing to improve others’ lives? how are you trying to make this world a bit better?

  • rob says:

    If CBS fired Don Imus for making offensive comments. The NFL could follow suit and do the same to an act 10000 times worse. The sponsors dropped their ads with CBS CBS fired Imus. I myself will make an effort not to support Home Depot or any company that has anything to do with the falcons unless they dump Vick to the curb. anything less than firing Vick to me is an endorsement for dogfighting.

  • Fewer says:

    I love the passion!!! But leave the hate out. This is not an NFL issue it is a social issue. Death would be to kind for Vick. Having him sit and ponder his fate and how he lost everything would only be just. I hope we can all ban together in boycotting any business organization or person who has had any contact with him past or present…Why? They indirectly helped fund him and his partners. It also forces them to join our voice and passion. As individuals we won’t accomplish anything. But as one united voice we can accomplish great things. When you add these companies Organizations Entertainers we will achieve all our goals and see justice done in the public eye. Not only in this case but all animal cruelty cases. Thank you Vick for I will never forget this day because it has shown me I need to do more. I need to be active. I need to help. The fight against animal cruelty has gained a friend and companion.

  • Patricia in Atlanta Georgia says:

    I think that PETA the local Humane Societies and the Government are trying to capitalize on the misfortunes surrounding Mick Vick. It’s is all in the name of Money! Chickens Pigs and cows are slaughtered and killed everyone day but you don’t see if anyone trying to get in the pockets of the agriculture industry. You have people that are working in these slaughter housing that are experiencing cruel and humane punishment with low wages no healthcare and I don’t see anyone standing up for their rights. Are these people less important than those dogs that were allegedly injured or killed at the home owned by Michael Vick? I find it very ironic that the neighbors in and around Michael Vick’s home in Virginia didn’t know that dog fighting was occurring in their neighborhood but informants did? Everyone needs to step back and let Michael Vick have his due process in court. If this was any other person than Michael Vick this out cry from PETA and all the other animal loving organizations would not be occurring. Leave him alone. Go after the child molesters and murders and just maybe we can have some peace in America. This issue with Michael Vick is not a national issue. PETA just wants a platform. Ok. You have been heard. This is enough. NFL don’t let PETA scare you from making the right decisions on Make Vick’s future.

  • Crash says:

    go to or to send any emails of course now is not a good time to reach them by phone….Vick kiss your behind buhbye!!

  • Marc Edwards says:

    You guys are a bunch of tree hugging liberals. You guys are the reason this country is going to hell. DOGs are not humans so stop humanizing them. Yea dog fighting is a little cruel but dont make it more than what it is. There are worst things going on in this world and all I hear about is this crap. Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. And what ever happen to due process? All you idiots that are already condemning Vick isnt a true American and should consider moving to Sudan or somewhere where there justice system is unfair. I am sure glad our justice system isnt as stupid as our court of public option. Every time this happens people already start condemning without even knowing the facts. You people arent lawyers or the DA. You dont know the ALL the facts so what makes you think your option means anything. Russell Simmons is an idiot and should just stick to making clothes and rapping or whatever he does. Why should anyone care what he thinks I dont need any clothing. Al Sharpton and PETA members are extremist and extremist are simple minded. Just like most of you on this message board. Idiots

  • Lisa says:

    Please let Michael Vick and other worthless human beings know that the backwoodsmen in the movie Deliverance were not role models. Even so they were a step up from Vick and his pals. Talk about a classless clueless piece of nothing. All Falcon players should refuse to step on the field with Vick.

  • Lissette says:

    As much as my son and I have been looking forward to the NFL season we WILL boycott if Vick is not fired. I refused to support an organization that stands by a man indicted on charges of dog fighting. Up until the charges were first reported my son was a huge Vick fan. Now he’s done with him and NFL. He was very upset when watching the news about Vick and hisour dog Gandalf was laying next to him. “How can a person hurt an animal like that?” was his question. The Falcons and the NFL need to ask the same question.

  • Francisco says:

    Hi! I’m writing from argentina..I’m too disgusted about this issue I can’t imagine how cruel a person can be… If I were there in USA I would sure go to all the public demostrations against this “person”… I don’t think this case is a minor issue..ANY CRIME IS A CRIME!

  • Rob Frechette says:

    Micheal Vick is a disgrace to any multi billion dollar company should be ashamed of him. I would like to think that the NFL will suspend him. I wish the worst on him and any one else involved hes a punk and I would love for him to be put in a been with a couple of dogs and watch him “pass a test” and if he fails smash his body against the ground or eletricute him. his acts a dispicable and he should be banished from the nfl and have to repay his proceeds from and endorsments or pay he has is a grim day for the nfl and the atlanta falcons… I hope that justice is served…He just like his brother a criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jsplff says:

    Want to make a statement? Boycott Home Depot as Mr. Blank Falcon owner owns them. Also they are the single most contributing corporation to the GOP. ’nuff said.

  • Tiffany says:

    Everyone Call Nike as was mentioned beforethey are keeping the Michael Vike lines clothing in their stores was their decision they have halted the new shoe but let them know that you will boycott all Nike products if they don’t pull all Vick merchandise and if they proceed with releasing the shoe! We’ve got to send a clear message to his sponsors! Nike’s HQ is 8003446453 News Release Vick’s Troubles Suspend Release of Nike Product ATLANTA There are indications that Michael Vick’s legal troubles could produce some financial consequences. Nike has suspended the release of its latest product line named after the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who is to be arraigned next week on federal charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation. Nike has told retailers it will not release a fifth signature shoe the Air Zoom Vick V this summer. A company spokesman says the four shoe products and three shirts that currently bear Vick’s name will remain in stores. While Nike still has a standing contract with Vick the company has declined to speculate on its future with him.

  • Tyrone says:

    That piece of crap. He is a dumb negro. He has brought shame upon our black community. They should hang him.

  • Tiffany says:

    Everyone Write or call Senator Byrd’s officeand tell him thank you for making the statement about Vickperhaps he can influence the NFL further in getting rid of Vick! Also write or call Nikethey just halted the release of Vick’s ‘new shoe’. Tell them they need to forget the ‘Vick shoe’ permanently. We need them to show how significant this is and send Vick a clear message by loosing his endorsement deals. Senator Byrd Speaks Out About Dog Fighting WASHINGTON AP US Senator Robert C Byrd says dogfighting is barbaric and the “hottest places in hell” are reserved for those who promote such activities. Byrd fought tears as he lashed out against dogfighting in a speech today at the US Capitol. Federal agents have charged Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick and three others with procuring and training pit bulls for fighting in Virginia and elsewhere. Investigators say some losing dogs died in the pit or were later electrocuted drowned hanged or shot. Byrd says he won’t prejudge the men’s guilt or innocence. But the West Virginia Democrat says one is left wondering who are the real animals the creatures inside or outside the ring. As Byrd left the Senate chamber a Senate page and TV reporter shook his hand and thanked him and a young woman had her photo taken with him.

  • Viviana says:

    Hi I’m writing from Argentina. I have no words to express my feelings about this hideous person! How sick is his mind? But I’m not sure it’s fair the word ‘sickness’ in this case although I think this guy is a sadist monster.. I just cannot understand his behavior and his friends’. I’ve already sent the mail to the commissioner but I still feel it’s not enough. Viviana.

  • greg says:

    Gosh you people make me so sick i think that people like most of you are not fit to have a say in anything that happens in this world. You all act like you know what Vick did and that he is guilty when NONE of you know any of the evidence or facts yet. Unless you all like to go to dog fights. All of you talk about animal rights and animal rights but none of you care about the rights we humans have in america such as innocent until proven guilty. So since you dont believe in it there is no reason for it to be applied to any of you ever. So that means you are all nothing but a bunch of terrorist fighting for so called animal rights instead of for god or some other nonsense.

  • Char says:

    Michael Vick is a monster. Everyone else above me has said it so well.. A parasite who should be removed from society. To think children look up to him is disgusting. I have written letters to the following companies short but sweet “I will boycott your products and urge others to do the same as long as you have a relationship with Michael Vick” I’ve sent letters to those I have found as his sponsors Nike Rawlings EA Sports and Kraft.. And those who advertise with the Falcons… Coke Delta AtT Cingular some eye lasik place anyone who I can find that is listed on their website. I might be missing some.. if I am please let me know… And.. Home Depot the big one Arthur Blank was the former CEO and cofounder.. they are quick to dismiss the relationship… but I think if many write letters to them too.. they will put pressure on Blank because their business will suffer… It’s sad that the only way you can make a difference sometimes is to threaten someone’s pockets.. not by just doing the right thing.

  • Ron Johnson says:

    I am extremely upset and actually ashamed that American people are always so fast to just “jump on” the bandwagon. Most of you have convicted Michael Vick without so much as a trial. This is way beyond whether he did it or not because from reading this message board opinions and biasis have already been formed. Have any one of you even taken the time out to think “what if he didnt do it?” Of course every person who has ever been charged and convicted of a crime is ALWAYS guilty. Of course everyone who commits a crime is always charged. OJ didnt do it of course because he was not convicted yeah ok. Dick Chenney’s former advisor of course should not be punished after he has be tried and convicted in a Federal court and wont do 1 day of time cause he was immediatly pardoned what a waste of our taxpayer dollars. Of course dont worry about a war that was started over the oil in the Middle east under false pretenses falicies and lies that thousands have now died over and noone will ever be even brought to court to answer for it. Now the Federal government charges a man who has no prior criminal record with dog fighting charges and we are up in arms. of course he must have did it because the government never gets it wrong!!! How far we have fallen!!! How come we are not up in arms everytime one of our soldiers dies in the middle east I thought a man’s life was more important than a dogs? How come we are not up in arms everytime one of our politicians molest a little boy or is caught taking a bribe??? For the record I am not Michael Vick fan not do I even care for the Atlanta Falcons. I am however an advocate of innocent until proven guilty!!! Next time most of you are in church look inside yourself before you begin convicting others. Next time you kneel to pray ask God for the forgivness that you have not granted others. Next time you thank God thank him for giving you the opportunity to prove yourself worthy of entering his divine presence and hope he wont just review a tape of your life and convict you and pass you over!!!

  • Guillermo Saddler says:

    Michael Vick needs to be suspended from playing in any NFL games immediately! If the commissioner can suspend Jones and Henry for their actions. There is no way Michael Vick can be allowed to represent the NFL and and the sponsors he has contracts with. I can’t see this guy suiting up for any games this year or ever again for that matter. He is sub human his actions go against everything we humans hold morally sacred.

  • Scout says:

    JADA Why would PETA ban the ownership of pit bulls? The dogs on their own dont choose to fight and kill other dogs or people. The individuals like Mr. Vick that raise these dogs by fear and torture to fight and kill are the ones that need to be prosecuted and punished. If raised in a good environment pit bulls can be sweet and caring companions just like other breeds of dogs. As for the innocent children being mauled to death by Pit Bulls I think enough people have voiced their outrage when this type of tragedy occurs and again you can blame the individuals that raise these dogs to be fighting dogs since these are the vicious Pit Bulls who attack people.

  • andy says:

    Verizon Wireless and Ford among others are official sponsors of the Atlanta Falcons Check the website to confirm. Then you should decide where to spend your discretionary income.

  • Michele says:

    He should rot in hell.Vic you are a pice of shit! How about we throw you into the pit and let your sadly abused dogs have some revenge on your weak pathetic ass!!!

  • elyse S. says:

    Michael Vick needs to be put in jail along with the rest of these animal abusers and torturers. What horrible human beings.

  • Sherry says:

    I’ve visited several ‘pro sports’ websites and am very disheartened to report that ‘due process’ is more important to the majority of pro ball players than moralethical integrity. As an elementary teacher who sees all too often the increasing number of foster kids and other children who don’t have heroes let alone enough food on the table at the end of the day it’s beyond my comprehension that this jerk should live a life of luxury and be allowed with tons of credible evidence to electrocute drown body slam and or shoot dogs he’s already murdered. And oh by the way play ball while RG wants to pretend this is yet another Duke Case and not take immediate action? Let’s face it there are 40 bodies last report buried in and around this charming man’s home. What’s to doubt? WHAT is our society coming to? RG should be the man he purports to be and run this psychologically impaired individual out of town! Or tie him to a goal post partially drown electrocute hang body slam then shoot Vick once or twice to get his point across testicles first. I’m so upset I will never again follow pro football with my students unless Vick is held to full accountability. And so far I see very few pro ball playersofficials taking a stand I understand it’s all about due process and the almighty dollar not character. Could somebody please list the names of this gentleman’s sponsors? I’ll do whatever I can to hold them accountable too even if it’s simply never buying another NIKE product in the rest of my life. Sorry I’m so disgusted with this pro sports humanity or lack thereof.

  • Richard Mayer says:

    People no worries Mike will meet his kind in prison. And he won’t enjoy that process too much

  • Ana says:

    As a teacher I am especially concerned with his being a role model for kids. This is horrible because then kids think animal cruelty is acceptable because someone they admire is doing it. For those of you so concerned with forgiving Vick has not asked for forgiveness. For those of you saying wait until he is convicted of these crimes before judging well for your information many people guilty of horrible crimes have not been convicted in court. Vick has been torturing and killing dogs for years it is only until now that he has finally been indicted. The NFL commish and the Falcons are a disgrace because they are supporting him hence they support other NFL players that commit these types of crimes. Very bad message to send to young peoplethat money overrides any consideration. Violence is alright as long as you are an overpaid quarterback. That is an indictment against our morally bankrupt nation. Very sad. To caren I really think YOU need to get a life and a heart. You are so filled with hate get some help. Hopefully you do not meet up with mysogynists.

  • brad gelder says:

    Can we slow down a second? I hate animal cruelty as much as anyone but Vick hasn’t been convicted only indicted. If he’s guilty yes he should be jailed AND banned from the league The endorsements then will dry up as a matter of course as they should. ps why would anyone waste money on Nike products anyway since most of the price reflects advertising costs including of course celebrity endorsements? In fact I would suggest companies like Nike are cruel TO PEOPLE because they target ghetto youth whose families can ill afford such outrageously priced goods.

  • Jill T. says:

    How dare anyone do anything mean to innocent lives animals are just as innocent as a human being . Vick’s actions shows his up bringing lack of respect for life and the law. Who the hell does he think he or the others involved think they are ? Nothing but worthless pieces of crap its pretty unanimous that they all should suffer the SAME EXACT way those poor dogs did lets see how much those asses would like to be HUNGDROWNED SLAMMED TO THE GROUND SHOWERED WITH WATER THEN ELECTROCUTED HOW ABOUT THAT RAPE STAND HMMM LETS ATTACH THAT AND SEE HOW THESE COWARDS ENJOY IT. Don’t forget the protest tomorrow the 20th in front of NFL headquarters in NYC because its going to take action to bring this where it needs to go . The NFL who I might add are ALSO a bunch of COWARDS to take so lightly this crime that if they opened their eyes the evidence is right in front of their freakin faces turning the other cheek will not work here .

  • JKarr says:

    Did I just read that someone Mark Horne posted that you need Nike to dump Vick in order to ever buy their product again.. WOW! I guess you only support animal rights and not human rights for that type of comment. The fact that most pro athletes even accept money from this company is a joke in itself.

  • Sharon Messina says:

    Don’t reward this coward by paying him millions of undeserved dollars. He is no role model! Make him pay back everything he’s ever been given. Fire him immediately! He’s obviously very sick and demented no better than a child molestor! It’s clear he has little to no regard for “life”. I want this coward punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  • Mitch says:

    What a shame that both the Falcons and the NFL appear to be equally low life LOSERS for not doing the right thing. As for michael if proven guilty I hope the judge gives him MAXIMUM time in PRISON the IRS confiscates all of his fortune and he gets to test drive a “rape stand” in prison. What a true coward and low life scumbag.

  • coolfusion says:

    Post you comments on Nike’s finance message board. Let them feel the pain in watching their stock decline.

  • Archer says:

    People who do this are sociopaths. No different from Ted Bundy or any other freak who gets off on hurting people or animals. I hope this guy gets exactly what is coming to him karmically and legally. I wish I was the judge in this case. He would go down for the maximum.

  • PamW says:

    Here is one more very important number ARTHUR M. BLANK FAMILY FOUNDATION 3223 Howell Mill Road NW Atlanta GA 30327 4043672100 Fax 4043672157 TELL MR. BLANK TO FIRE MICHAEL VICK!

  • Maya says:

    Izzy well said. On a similar note I think it’s a shame that there are some psychotic posters here taking post time away from the animals. Some girl just posted a reply directed at me implying that I “cried poor and black” and she implied that I was racist. Aside from the heinous stereotype I don’t know what she meant. First of all I’m white. Second I spoke out against racism in my comment. Third I’m not rich but I have money and in fact I just donated my car to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It’s a nice car. I would love to have given it to PETA but between the immature behavior and PETA allowing hate speech on thier boards I think I did the right thing. Sea Shepherd is in fact quite radical but they stick to the point saving animals. Shame PETA enjoys hate speech and controversey more than they do saving animal’s lives.

  • PamW says:

    Rush to Judgment is a battle cry that the Vick apologists are using to justify doing nothing. Does anyone remember that rush to judgment was a term coined by Johnny Cochran in the OJ Simpson case? If you recall it was a term Cochran used to divert the jurys attention away from the facts of the case and to misguide the jury. In OJ Simpsons case it worked. It is a defense tactic. Some people call it the straw man theory. It is not a logical argument. We cant allow that tactic to work here. There are others who are saying that Michael Vick shouldnt be suspended by the NFL because he doesnt have a criminal history and therefore his situation is different than the situation of Pacman Jones. As I recall Pacman Jones hasnt been convicted of anything yet only guilt by association. Yet the Commissioner had no problem in suspending Jones for a year. Tank Johnson of the Chicago Bears was let go by his team because he violated probation. The accusations against Michael Vick are so heinous that he should be immediately banned from the NFL for life and the Atlanta Falcons should fire him immediately. MICHAEL VICK IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TORTURE OF NUMEROUS DOGS. AND HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 2001 SIX YEARS. That is a sustained criminal activity that surely justifies a lifetime ban from football. If a police officer is accused of shooting a suspect illegally he is immediately suspsended. If a school teacher is accused of molesting a student he is immediately suspended. Michael Vick should be suspended. The only possible explanation for the lack of action by the NFL the Atlanta Falcons and Nike is MONEY. The lets not rush to judgment mantra being spewed by sportscasters across the nation ESPN and CNN notably is due to these sportscasters love of sports celebrities and fears that they will be cutoff from important interviews during the upcoming football season if they dare to criticize a football player. PLEASE if you are as disgusted and sickened by the actions of Michael Vick and his despicable friends please call the NFL the Atlanta Falcons Nike and the other organizations listed in various comments above. We must make the retailers of Nike products understand that we will not support Nikes efforts to recover their investment in Michael Vick. We must make the members of the board of directors of Nike understand that we will not allow them to prevail in this matter. We do this by exerting pressure on Nikes board of directors personally as well as exerting pressure on companies to which they may be affiliated. This entire situation reminds me of the Holocaust and of the millions of Germans who knew about the Holocaust but did nothing. We cannot be like those Germans and do nothing. Michael Vick is a monster. His friends are monsters. The killing of animals is a known symptom of serial killers. Michael Vick had everything going for him and yet he continued to associate with these sick people. Whether or not he actually electrocuted strangled beat or drowned these tortured animals with his own two hands is not important he provided the money and the encouragement to do so. He is a monster. We cannot allow him to remain in the NFL lest our children believe that money is the only value worth holding dear.

  • Izzy says:

    I came to this website hoping to find out that people are outraged at Michael Vick and his “alleged” involvement in dogfighting. I was initially happy to find the outcry but then in reading the comments I am further upset by how the PETA community speaks to each other. Using racial slurs and otherwise hateful words against each other is useless and a huge waste of time and energy. Please take the energy created by this situation and direct it towards the campaign for the firing of Vick or for his losing of big money endorsements. When we were all outraged at JCrew for selling fur we stood up raised a gigantic fuss and they caved! Let’s do it again and again… Michael Vick is a role model for many many kids in this country. Let’s turn it around and let those same kids know that big money and fame are “get out of jail free” passes this time. And that dogfighting is a serious crime with serious consequences. There is so much at stake here please keep your eyes on the real issues.

  • nan mcclain says:

    To Katie1carat I am impressed that you could be so restrained and cogent in your letter to the Falcons.It is impressive that it expresses concern while not being vitriolic. 2015or even 10 yrs ago I might have been able to be so eloquent. After having been a wildlife rehablitator for 20 years and seeing what cruelty humans cause to animals and having worked at the SPCA and put down dozens of animals a day many of which were pit bulls I no longer have your quietude about what humans are capable of. I want him to fry..I want him to feel the pain that those wonderful animals had to go thru..I don’t want to wait for karma or the justice system to decide his fate I want him in hell now!

  • SuzyQ says:

    The least that the NFL and the Falcons can do for the fans is to suspend Vick immediately pending any outcome in the court of law. The federal grand jury indictment is sufficient enough for the league to make a decision to suspend. Dogfighting is a heinous and inhumane activity it’s not a sport as far as I am concernedand anybody who engages in it deserves jail time as well as heavy fines. I just want justice for those poor dogs. Anybody who kills an animal is just one step away from taking another life formthe human life. Think about it!

  • coolfusion says:

    A most effective means of demanding that NIke pull Vick’s contract is to post messages on the Yahoo financial message boards. This is where investors reach for research and information about internal operations. The url is

  • Katie says:

    This was my letter to the Falcons and The NFL commissioner thought I would share. To whom it may concern I am writing in regards to Mr. Vick continuing his career in light of recent allegations which happen to be backed by mounds of evidence with your establishment. I have been a football fan at all levels since I can remember and I thought I could not be anymore outraged by actions not taken against players until today. I understand that we are innocent until proven guilty in this country but with the astronomical amount of evidence that backs the charges against Mr. Vick and your socalled stringent code of conduct one would assume at the very minimum a suspension would be in order until this case is settled. I would hope that the inhumane and down right disgusting nature of the charges filed would be enough for the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL to look past the dollar signs that govern all aspects of this once great sport and for once do the right thing. Do not allow this person to continue his life as if nothing else is happening if these actions were against you children’s life long companion or your own would the outcome change. What will it take for the humanity to be restored to the NFL? Maybe we could respect the players if we could once again respect the game. What you may be missing is that the chance is yours change begins with you please lead by example. Thank you for taking the time to at least read this I know I can not be the only one outraged by this development. I hope and pray that the fans in Atlanta demand more than what you are giving them. In Highest Regard K. J. Tepsic 1840 Sequoya Dr Poland OH 44514 “I only hope to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am” unknown

  • Gypsy says:

    I too am disgusted with Vick and the Falcons and the NFL and any of the sponsors. Any Nascar fans out there? Don’t forget that Joe Gibbs Racing accepts the sponsorship of the Home Depot on the 20 car that Tony Stewart drives. To those that think we should wait for his trial….why? We all know he was involved!! He’s one sick man and should pay dearly for what he’s been involved with.

  • Maya says:

    Kimberly you crack me up. Anger issues much? I have a job and earn my money caring for animals so I’m at peace with my place in this country my dear. Thank you. As for you I suggest you spend less time in your basement surfing the internet and more time in therapy before you wind up in prison. Peace.