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Vick’s Indictment: What You Can Do

Written by PETA | July 18, 2007

workingpitbull/Creative Commons

The PETA offices have been in overdrive since last night responding to Michael Vick’s recent indictment for dogfighting. The vague statement released by the Atlanta Falcons about this disturbing news is simply not sufficient. This morning, hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, civil rights leader The Rev. Al Sharpton, and PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk sent a letter to all of Vick’s corporate sponsors, Falcons CEO Arthur Blank, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell roundly condemning dogfighting and other forms of violence. You can read that letter here. We are also calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to immediately suspend Michael Vick in light of this indictment. According to Deadspin the indictment includes the following allegations, which highlight exactly how reprehensible this vicious blood sport is:

  • “In March 2003, PEACE, after consulting with Vick about the female pit bull’s condition, executed the losing dog by wetting the dog down with water and electrocuting the animal.”
  • “In April 2007, PEACE, PHILLIPS and VICK executed approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in ‘testing’ sessions by various methods, including hanging, drowning and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Please click here to contact Roger Goodell about this news and ask him to immediately take action. We’re doing everything we can to ensure that the news of Vick’s alleged involvement in this horrific cruelty is not swept under the rug. I can only hope that the high profile nature of Michael Vick’s case helps to shed light on an epidemic that, too often, is not treated with enough gravity by law-enforcement officials, and that needs to be stamped out immediately.

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  • Toni T says:

    I am sick of the race card being used everytime a black person commits a crime. My ancestors came from Italy and Ireland and we HAD NO INVOLVMENT IN SLAVERY. A animal abuser is a animal abuser no matter what color they are. As an owner of a Pitt bull I know that they can be wonderful loving pets. Its only when they are raised and taught to be killers that they act that way. I will continue to writeemail and call until Mr. Vic is no longer a so called “hero” in the sports world. Let him experience the rape stand in prison

  • Judy says:

    Die you miserable bastard suffer in a place where Pitbulls can rip your body parts off slowly and painfully. I hope you suffer and scream. You need to be dead. You are the worst excuse for a human and should not be breathing.

  • carengotohell says:

    caren thank you i wish you the same thing you fucking beast!

  • Maya says:

    Good God PETA. First you print the words “Slut” and “B” all over the place and now you print a comment with the “N” word? Are you nuts?

  • Judy says:

    I hope he rots in a pen after being mauled by Pitbulls. Let him be dismembered bleeding screaming in pain and his private parts ripped off. let him suffer while people get the opportunity to watch and laugh at him. I want him dead. Micheal Vick you need to die!

  • Stacey says:

    I am so glad that this is getting so much coverage! Perhaps it will finally open everyone’s eyes to not only the dogfighting but animal abuse in general.

  • Joseph says:

    The cruelty to these poor animals is too much to fathom but now a new twist is developing. It seems that this is now a racial issue as well. Most African American’s interviewed on television seem to believe this is some new version of a white conspiracy. I’m afraid political correctness will allow this man and his cronies to walk…ala OJ.

  • Maya says:

    So many things to say about this. First David Risley thank you for refraining from curse words often used by immature posters along with abominable grammar and such makes animal rights people look like total morons. Regarding the racial issue as a vet nurse I’ve worked at plenty of free rabies clinics vaccinating dogs for innercity folks and plenty of white folks brought in their fighting pit bulls to be vaccinated. It’s not a racial thing. It has to do with the “Gangsta” image macho jerks and status. And cursing bad grammar etc. Tons of plain white skinned badattitude losers are practicing pit bull fighting. Most of the pit bulls are actually fairly nice and good when being vaccinated but are horrible around other dogs. The first thing they want to do is tear other dogs to pieces. And Jada of course no one wants kids to be ripped to shreds by dogs. Bad dog owners who allow their dogs to be aggressive or run loose should be tossed in jail. Dog owners who refuse to be responsible are the worst citizens anywhere. I’ll probably be hated for this but pit bulls and rottis and other aggressive breeds need to be banned. I’m not saying people should not own them but only shelters should be allowed to adopt them out and breeders and pet stores and such should be banned from creating more of these dogs. The jaw power of a pit bull is hardcore dangerous. Don’t disagree with me unless you’ve actually been bitten by one. Anyone who wants to own a pit bull should be required to have a special license. We shouldn’t come down on Vick until he is proven guilty it’s a shame it takes so long in the courts. But I’m glad this issue is being raised. We should have cracked down on it ten years ago.

  • Ariel says:

    JADA 71907 IF you had been keeping up about animal activists you would know that we DO indeed have a problem with pit bulls attacking children…or anybody. The problem lies with the fact that those very innocent dogs are trained to be vicious mostly by drug dealers. We personally cannot do anything about the drug dealers. It is not legally wihtin our realm. BUT we can and do report and follow through with this type of animal abuse by contacting prosecutors etc. for those culprits to be jailed to the max for their revolting vicious training of pit bulls that are responsible for people being mauled. Even the police can’t do anything until a crime has been committed. Animal activists are more aware than most people about the peopleanimal relationship. And basically we are the only people who DO in fact speak up and are active about matters like you mentioned. On the other hand have you ever publicly voiced yourself on this issue?

  • rintintin says:

    concerning human rascals torturing animals i’m colorblind black yellow red brown or white thei’re all the same! maybe blacks are more addicted to dogfights but did anyone of you here see a black bullfighter??????????

  • Sarita says:

    I personally believe this lower than low no heart no soul no anything scum should be stripped down wet beaten then electrocuted its sad that this piece of shit makes all this money running with a little ball across a field and yet not have a heart and want more money in the expense of innocent animals why doesn’t he gather all his ghetto friends and they get into the cage and beat each other until one dies they would be doing society such a great thing

  • sasha christianson says:

    I have already written NIKE and just came to your site to make sure your putting the word out as well and I am glad to see that you are! I think that people that want the same abuses done to Vick don’t quite get how Karma works. He will “break his neck” the next time he is tackeled on the field because the Karmic world will make it so. you can quot me on that What you put out into the universe will come back to you 10 fold good or bad. Don’t worry folks he will get his too!!! It will come in the form of life long porallysis from the neck down. Someone will have to wipe his ass for him how degrating

  • Linda Parella says:

    I am outraged that this man is not in jail already. Where is the justice for these poor innocent animals? He should have done to him what he did to all of these dogs. This man doesn’t even deserve jail time he needs to be executed in the same style as the dogs were. Leave it to all of us animal lovers to give him the punishment he deserves. Give all of his money to PETA and Animal Shelters nationwide.

  • PattiG says:

    We have to fight for the rights of all these animals and make sure that not only does he get put away but that he never plays football for the NFL again!! We should also be boycotting NIKE!!

  • kelly says:

    I think protesting the Falcons and their leadership on the first day of training camp is a great idea! Can Peta organize such? I am sure many people will join in.

  • joan rosenberg says:

    Vick’s despicable treatment of animals should put him in jail for a long time. Put a pit bull in his cell and let him be viciously attacked. He deserves to be severely punished. People that abuse animals cannot get away with it anymore. Strong laws have to be passed to protect god’s most wonderful creatures. As far as I’m concerned all the animal abusers in the world should be tortured. The world would be a much better place without these scum!!!!!!!

  • cappuccino says:

    to jada it is horrible when pit bulls are mauling children indeed! but it is the human being who made him to become a beast! behind a bad animal is always a bad human! it is very wrong to despise an animal for his deeds because behind it are the misdeeds of men!!!

  • miguel says:

    first off some of you crackers kill me. Im far from racist but this is retarded. Look im black and pissed off that Vick would do anything in this nature thats why i came to this site do my part to boycott or make sure PEOPLE OF ANY RACE would not be able to do these things anymore. My cousins and I have kennals not big but 12 american bulldogs that are incredible animals and are best friends. If you know for a fact that black people are the ones doing these illegal fightings think again. yes they do but I know for a fact theirs white trash around were i live who do it i know of groups of hispanics who do it also groups of Asian people who take part. Man I just did not know peta people were racist! WOW! Get a grip folks….

  • caren says:

    GET A LIFE!!! they are just animals!!! PETA can Go to HELL!!!!!!!!!! i hope more animals are killed

  • Val says:

    As an owner of rental property I am legally responsible for the actions of my tenants. Convicted my butt. I don’t have to communicate with my middle finger I’m educated to use English words to express myself. Ban the scum. It’s only a GAME. I wrote to his sponsors. NIKE stands by Vick until convicted are they stupid?. Bauer hockey sticks are included in NIKE.

  • Alexandra says:

    Que Barbaro! Hay que hacer justicia por estos pobres e inocentes criaturas. Personas que hacen esto son sadicas y criminales puede llegar a hacer cosas horribles! y esto se tiene que parar! Yo se que en sudamerica todavia hay muchos lugares donde esto sigue como hacer para pararlo? no tenemos PETA alla…

  • nan mcclain says:

    Jada get your facts straight. There are no bad dogsnot even the bully breeds there are only bad owners. These owners encourage their dogs to be vicious and aggressive and then when they are the dogs get the blame.Fight for better control of ignorant owners not to ban an entire breed of which probably 95 are as loving and as affectionate as you could want.

  • sharon brown says:

    This is addressed to the comments made by Brandy hd and Chris of course the WHITE people are to blame! what a bunch of morons you three are the “sport” of dog fighting is cruel and vicious and the dogs can’t speak for themselves. Vick is nothing than a nigger and nobody how large of a mansion he lives in or how much he and the rest of “them” get paid it never washes away the color and the makeup of these degenerate animals! You liberal morons are what’s wrong with this country! and Chris stop crying about the white people and slavery today it pays to be black because it’s the best card you hold you use it to get jobs and hold jobs because firing your lazy asses usually costs too much in litigation! JERKOFF

  • Roxanne says:

    Please stop bashing Michael Vick. Can he at least get his day in court.

  • Paul says:

    First I’m a little disturbed by some of the racist attitudes I’ve read on this board. Some of them are as frightening and ugly as some of the things Mr. Vick is accused of . We have to guard against that type of attitude. I don’t believe that Dog fighting is a black or white thing. It may be more of a classupbringing thing than anything else. It’s similar to say childspousal abuse. If you where brought up in an environment where that is common you will be more likely to exhibit that behavior later in life. A lot of people have also stated that Mr. Vick is innocent until proven guilty and that we should wait. That is true as far as it goes. However the NFL has taken similar action against PacMan Jones Tank Johnson in PacMans case he’s not been convicted but the NFL basically suspended him for a whole year effectively ending his career. Tank Johnson did his time but was still suspended and was later cut by the Bears for what turned out to be nothing more than driving erratically. So the NFL should be consistent on this. The problem is that Mr. Vick is a high profile player playing the most important position on a team. Defensive Lineman Cornerbacks are far easier to replace . If PETA wants to force the issue then it needs to hurt the NFL where it hurts it’s pocketbook. Until Mr. Vick is suspended then PETA should organize a boycott of NFL sponsors. Frankly I think something must be wrong with Mr. Vick to engage in this type of behavior. I can almost understand dog fighting. But killing and in such a barbaric inhumane way shows a truly sick individual.

  • Laura McNamara says:

    It would be great if Michael Vick’s actions weren’t referred to in terms of race and racial slurs. He and his cohorts Peace etc. have no excuse for their actions but let’s not turn this into a black v. white issue.

  • Rachel says:

    out right disturbing! Vick should be in jail. His arrogance is astounding and he should be faced with serious consequences. There should be more outrage regarding this particular instance AND this issue overall.

  • Starla says:

    Jada there are enough people in the world to care about children!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to defend animals so crap like you does not abuse them. Why the hell are you here if your concern is children? this is PETA! and for your info these animals are conditioned by HUMAN BEINGS like your pal MR VICK to be violent! Why don’t you do something worth while like going to africa to help starving children if that is your concern? But how dare you act as if Animals are nothing but trash!

  • nan mcclain says:

    I have tried! After signing peta’s petition you suggested getting in touch with the Federal Us Attorney to thank him for issueing the indictment against Vick. I used suggested web site usavaw.webmasterusdoj.govI received the email back undelivered I tried Grantinquiriesambfo.comthat comes back as no web comes back no web site.Still can’t find a site for nike or other does go thru. Peta can you please list a consise list of companies and individuals that you want us to contact w their correct contact info. I spent over 3 hours on internet and 2 hours on phone and still only contacted a limited number of people. The one web site that was easy to reach was the Atlanta Help on this would be greatly appreciated I don’t mind spending the time and effort but I don’t want it to be wasted effort because of incorrect contact info.Oh and I did contact Fox New’s Bill Oreilly suggesting he find out why Surry County Commonwealth’s Atorney Gerald Poindexter has yet failed to issue indictments and why his lack of response led the Feds to take over.

  • Sarah Lagasse says:

    I believe everyone should email Nike and tell them they should not be associated with Michael Vick. I did and I reminded them that Americans love their dogs. I can’t believe someone actually wrote they are just animals. I guess they don’t have pets.

  • dog on mad says:

    Michael Vick should be placed in a pit with his dogs so that he can see how it feels to be bitten to death. I will not watch the Falcons or any NFL program until they fire Michael Vick because they are just as bad as he is if they continue to let him play.

  • Karen says:

    Intentionally harming animals is really an attitude of disrespect for all living things including human beings. An individual who participates in such things bears watching.

  • PamW says:

    Another link in the chain is retailers. We can also stop NIKE from selling Michael Vick products by boycotting the retailers who sell these items especially as we are entering the school year and many people will be buying shoes for their children. We can boycott these stores handing out leaflets and talking to customers at malls around the country. But we also need to call these retailers and tell them that we are going to boycott their products until they publicly denounce Michael Vick and NIKEs shoes FOOT LOCKER malls around the country also includes KIDS FOOT LOCKER 8009916815 SPORTS AUTHORITY malls around the country Nesa Hassanein is the General Counsel John Morton is the CEO and Thomas Hendrickson is the CFO 1050 W. Hampden Avenue Englewood CO 80110 3032005050 FINISH LINE INC. malls around the country Alan H. Cohen is the CEO Kevin S. Wampler is the CFO 3308 N. Mitthoeffer Road Indianapolis IN 46235 3178991022. Maybe some of you who are living in Englewood CO or Indianapolis IN can go to the corporate offices and make your voices heard there.

  • Alison Keogler says:

    Is anyone planning a protest when Vick has to appear in court? I think anyone who is outraged should go down there and send a message to the Falcon team owners and the losers who find this kind of cruelty entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing Vick and all his accomplises being throw in a ‘cage’ just like the animals they abused.

  • tony says:

    Dear Michael aka GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT Home Depot is the official NFL home improvement sponsor and Arthur Blank is still a significant shareholder. So you are the one having trouble dealing with the facts. Just sell your Home Depot stock so that you can look at this objectively. Home Depot should be near the top of the boycott list right behind Nike.

  • Bill Panka says:

    For the ignorant Cal who posted above This is not a racial issue. If Tom Brady or Peyton Manning were indicted on these charges the outcry would be the same. Forgiving Vick for these heinous acts will not make amens for any past racial hardships. Now put Vick in the pen with one or two of these dogs and let them exact their revenge.

  • jada says:

    PETA I don’t hear you complain when innocent children are mauled to death by pitbulls. Animals are animals not human beings!!!

  • Jada says:

    PETA Why don’t you advocate for banning ownership of the pit bulls!!

  • Carmen says:

    We need to make him pay for the care of all the animals he has hurt and I am so sick about this I do not know where to beginNike are the only shoes I have ever bought and will never buy again he they do not drop him Pleasesend out emails to us and let us kknow what else we can do to help you put this man behind bars.

  • Samantha Stone says:

    I live in the county of the Falcons training center and I feel if ALL your players cannot be role models GET OUT OF MY COUNTY. GO TO AN AREA THAT DOESN’T NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

  • PamW says:

    NIKE has said they will continue to sell Michael Vick shoes! We must stop them! We can do this by going down the “chain” of corporations involved with NIKE. Start by calling NIKE and telling them you are boycotting their products until they drop Michael Vick. Then call the Directors of NIKE and corporations associated with the Directors of NIKE and boycott their products until NIKE withdraws Michael Vick products. By following the links in the chain we can stop NIKE. Here are the directors of NIKE and their affiliations Alan B. Graf Jr. he’s the CFO of FEDERAL EXPRESS 9013693600. Jeanne P. Jackson MSP Capital is her private investment company MCDONALD’S CORPORATION is the general partner of MSP Capital Ms. Jackson serves on the board of directors of MCDONALD’S CORPORATION 18002446227. John G. Connors partner of Ignition Partners LLC 4257090772 and also affiliated with MICROSOFT 8006427676. Douglas G. Houser attorney with Bullivant Houser Bailey in Portland 8006548972. Jonathan A. Rodgers executive officer of TV ONE LLC 3017550400 and is also a director at PROCTOR GAMBLE Jill K. Conway she’s a scholar visiting at MIT 6172531000 she is also a director of COLGATEPALMOLIVE COMPANY 8004686502. CALL ALL OF THESE COMPANIES AND TELL THEM YOU WANT THEM TO EXERT PRESSURE ON THE DIRECTOR TO STOP NIKE OR RISK FACING BOYCOTTS AGAINST THEIR PRODUCTS.

  • Parisi says:

    anyone who makes this a race issue is a complete ignorant idiot. Its not about race..its about cruelty and a disgusting hearted degenerate. Although he should be punished…unfortunately it will never be a good or just enough punsishment..if we are lucky he will get the Paris treatment but that will be about it Im sure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Michael Vick should be given the same treatment he gave those defenseless animals. I would gladly volunteer to personally hang him by his neck and electrocute him.

  • Michael says:

    Get the Facts straight people!!! I am getting the impression PETA loveeees the word BOYCOTT. But have facts before you open your mouths… Despite published reports that Vick had endorsement contracts with CocaCola Hasbro Kraft and several other companies those contracts were for a limited time and have already expired. The only company that should be targeted is NIKE. And no not The Home Depot either. Get the FACTS straight … as I posted earlier … The Home Depot is no longer owned by Mr. Blank nor does he serve in any capacity with the company since 2001. The current ownership and board have ZERO ability to affect the Vick situation. We should not penalize those who are not affiliated with Vick or Mr. Blank. Think with your heads and GET THE FACTS people! It only makes you look ignorant otherwise and totally defeats your cause!

  • Ike Warren says:

    Please boycott Home Depot and write them to let them know you are boycotting them until Arthur Blank fires MIchael Vick. There are other home improvement stores and tell them you will go there. This is the response I got from them pathetic and lame as if the public is not aware of the relationship of their coowner to the Falcons Dear Ike Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care. Thank you very much for your message. The Home Depot is not a party to this matter as we are not affiliated with the Atlanta Falcons’ daytoday operations. Please feel free to contact the Atlanta Falcons organization with your feedback. Sincerely Samina Customer Care I wrote back and told her there is a movement afoot to boycott all organizatins affiliated with Michael Vick and Arthur Blank and that Mr. Blank has to decide if he wants abusive sadists to wreck the bottom line. Please contact Home Depot and let them know how you feel. Thanks. Ike

  • Michael says:

    Wow…as I continue to read this board I am starting to feel what been one of the biggest knocks against PETA and its members…speaking to fact rather than opinion or playing on one’s fears. While I understand how volatile this topic is and it hits home hard with me as we have 2 rescued pit bulls I can only ask … why so much hate towards Vick? There are right ways and wrong ways to approach things and voicing hatred only brings you down to Vick’s level. To be the bigger person is usually tougher than to stoop down to another level. Also I wonder hwo many of you are true Christians because if you are you know that forgiveness no matter the situation is what God teches.

  • Juan says:

    To whom it may concern How selfish do a person has to be to protect a criminal who has no respect for life. A couple of millions? I may not have the house you do the car you drive but I have enough decency and respect for myself to not let money control my life in a manner that I have to turn my face blindly to animal cruelty criminal activity and other terrible things we do as humans. Think about your kids and maybe your pet if you have one. My dad served in Vietnam in Military police unit and he was assigned a K9 companion called “King”. Thanks to that dog my dad was able to discover a North Vietnamese commando trying to infiltrate on his post in order to place mines and other traps. This dog saved peoples lifes including my dads life. Thats why I care about animals specially dogs. Now it is my time to try to help those who helped my dad.

  • Jack says:

    To the fellow who was sidetracked with slavery Please remember that white people are the ones who freed slaves from other whites. There is currently slavery in Africa RIGHT NOW blacks owning blacks and Africa has had slavery for thousands of years as did the middle east. South America had slavery all over especially in countries such as Colombia. Israelites were enslaved by Egypt for 4000 years. We should focus on the good of wiping out slavery forever and once in awhile acknowledge that whites once again were there to do something good and that is rescuing blacks from their persecution from a white group. Why can’t we celebrate a good thing? As a country we stopped it. Let’s move forward and get better.

  • jerry neufeld says:

    Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons are a joke. That letter is a spineless statement. They are both greedy publicity hounds. Niether should be mistaken for people of integrity.

  • Avathos says:

    CAL LOL quit been so ignorant. I am black hispanic and I am sick of people like always hiding under the excuse of racism. He is freaking criminal as well everyone who participates on animal cruelty. I have no pity for people of any color who takes the racism crap when someone does something wrong. Michael Vick is a piece of $ he deserves to be punish for animal cruelty. There is no excuse to what have happen to black people in the past but two wrongs does not make a right. If you want to stop racism then stop using as excuse to protect criminals.