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Vick Sets His Sights on Deer

Written by PETA | June 8, 2007

Vick_and_the_animals.jpgI hadn’t been planning on writing too much more about Michael Vick, given that most people are on the same page that dogfighting is reprehensible and that if Vick is found to have any involvement in the sport—which is looking more and more likely—he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. But this story I read on The Fanhouse today is just too much. Apparently, the much-maligned Falcons QB is building a second property near the site where 60 abused dogs were found more than a month ago. Vick’s plans for the property? To build two horse stables on the land so that he can hunt deer. How is it that, with weeks of scrutiny focused on this guy related to deadly serious allegations of animal abuse, he seems to have completely failed to grasp the fact that now is just a really bad time for him to be seen in public acting out his apparent need to see animals suffer. How about making a donation to an animal charity? Or coming out publicly to talk about the horrors associated with dogfighting? No, Vick’s response to all the outrage is to throw himself into his work building a place where he can kill deer. Regardless of what the legal outcome of this case is, Vick has made it abundantly clear to anyone who’s been following this story not just that he couldn’t care less about animal abuse, but that he doesn’t even see why it’s a problem.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I am with everyone in saying that the dog fights were wroung. But who cares if Vick is going to deer hunt it is perfictly leagle and a real fun sport.

  • Marcus says:

    Making a comparison between dog fighting and deer hunting is super stupid. It minimizes a very gross crime.

  • Jillian says:

    Donald I don’t care what color Mr. Vick is. He killed and tortured innocent and helpless animals and for that he deserves a grave and just punishment. It has completely nothing to do with his race. He’s just an evil and sadistic person who shouldn’t get away with his heinous crimes. In regards to OJ and Robert Blake I’m upset that they both got off as there was more than enough evidence in both cases to get a legitimate conviction. I believe that the reason that the public seemed more upset over the OJ case than that of Mr. Blake was more likely due to the perceived “character” of the victims. While OJ’s wife was an upstanding citizen without a criminal record and with a large loving family the victim Bonny Lee Bakley in the Robert Blake case was a scam artist who’d defrauded dozens of men prior to hooking up with and getting pregnant by Mr. Blake. Additionally though I feel that deer hunting is somewhat cruel and unjust the torture and killing of innocent dogs is much worse regardless of the perpetrator’s race.

  • Donald Harper says:

    I’m not for dog fighting so don’t get me wrong here. My problem with this case is that these are just allegations. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty in this country? Dog fighting was here long before Mike Vick came along. My question is why are people so quick to want to put this man in jail for life or kill him? I agree you should know what is going on with your property and he is dumb for not making sure his family was using the home as a home. I do have a question for PETA and all you so called dog lovers and animal lovers. Why don’t you have the same outrage towards deer hunting where people put a deer feed wait for the deer to come eat then shoot it? Cruelty to an animal is cruelty to an animal. I have heard the argument that deer hunting is a quick death this is not true. Sometimes the deer is only wounded and you have to go and shoot the deer again. Then you cut its head off stuff it and place it on your wall at home office bar restaraunt etc. I’m not trying to play a race card or anything but lets be honest here. Dog fighting is more of a black male thing. Cck fighting is more a hispanic male thing. Deer hunting is more of a white male thing. The first two are illegal but the latter is not. Explain that to me? There are bigger issues in our country that we need to take care of instead of worrying about any athlete and his off field issues. People you need to wake up. As a black male I can’t help but look at things from the race angle. Most of white America still hasn’t gotten over OJ but you weren’t upset when Robert Blake got off on murdering his wife. Why is that? Oh I can answer that for you. Black man accused of killing your white female he has to be guilty but that white male killing your white female there is no way he did it. I bet most of you didn’t even realize he was acquited. White America needs to wake up and look at itself. Check this out. Colored Folks When I was born I was BLACK when I grew up I was BLACK When I went in the sun I stayed BLACK When I got cold I was BLACK When I was scared I was BLACK When I was sick I was BLACK And when I die I’ll still be BLACK. NOW you “white” folks…. When you’re born you’re PINK When you growup you’re WHITE When you go in the sun you get RED When you’re cold you turn BLUE When you’re scared you’re YELLOW When you get sick you’re GREEN When you bruise you turn PURPLE And when you die you look GRAY. So who y’all callin’ COLORED folks?

  • Garth Henkins says:

    It’s all so unneccesary and morbid.

  • shea says:

    Yeah right Cross Mr. Sick is “being bashed solely by people who are jealous of him for being a rich high profile football player”. I think that it’s more for the reason that he’s tortured and killed hundreds of animals solely for his enjoyment and pleasure. He’s a horrible excuse for a human being and I hope that he gets the ultimate punishment. Hopefully not only will he get prison time but also I hope that both Nike and the Atlanta Falcons will permanently drop him. Additionally people will always remember his heinous crimes against innocent animals and will treat him appropriately. If not punished who knows what he’ll do next. Maybe start torturing and killing people for his own enjoyment and pleasure. I don’t doubt that at all.

  • cross says:

    Im tired of people bashing vick the only reason peta is going after him is because he is a rich high profile football player and they want to prove a point that the courts havent even proved yet he hasnt been charged with anything yet. it hard for me to understand how he be doing all of this when he has a job that takes all of his time. People dont charge him before he has offically been charged just leave him alone im sure he has bought houses for alot of his family members u cant check on all of them someone like him growing up were he grew up u have relatives that u dont even really know call u asking for a hand out. and how does this guy know what vick was doing with the barn come one thats just someone speculating grow up. And to Adam tank johnson was not involved in dogfighting and micheal vick is not a crimnal he has never been charged for anything so know wht ur talking about before u bash someone

  • Val says:

    I owned rental property in my past and was held legally responsible for what was happening at the property. It’s the law to be informed. That’s what happens when the unintelligent are paid by the unintelligent.

  • Witch hunt!! says:

    Before you guys bash me for stating my opinion along with a few facts let me just say that I own two beautiful german shepherds and I wouldn’t harm them for the world..To me this story seems like its gone from being a valid criminal investigation against Vicks COUSIN to a media frenzy that blames M.Vick for this whole fiasco. Now lets be objective….Fact number one….Vick makes millions and millions of dollars every season. 2…Vick has relatives who are not in his financial position. 3…Vick has multiple properties around the country. 4……Pursuant to facts number 2 and 3 Mike Vick has allowed some of his less fortunate relatives to live on these properties.what kind hearted person wouldnt?? 5…It is physically impossible for a human being to be in multiple places at any one given time. 6….Vick WAS the owner of the property in question common sense would tell anyone who purchases property to leave it in their own name for legal and financial reasons 7…Vicks COUSIN resided on the property. 8…Vicks COUSIN was the owner of the dogs and equipment. 9…Vicks COUSIN is guilty of these crimes. Now the question of the day is…If me or you had Vicks financial standing but not his fame and our cousin for whom we purchased a home and acre upon acre of land for was arrested for drugs and suspicion of dog fighting on property owned by me or you Do you honestly think police would be pursuing OUR prosecution ahead of prosecuting our cousin?? I dont think so…This is a witch hunt…plain and simple.

  • pk says:

    patti witt tank johnson didnt have dog fighting but loaded firearms around children is just as serious.

  • Tamara says:

    Disgusting.brIf the Falcons are going to play the STL Rams this next season I am going to try and organize some kind of Or get in the Jones Dome during the game and harrass his sorry…behind…

  • Maureen says:

    I dont think this guy has a soul. It would be interesting to know how a qualified head shrink could explain this type of blood lust.

  • patti witt says:

    I don’t understand why the NFL hires criminals. First Tank Johnson had dog fighting Now Michael Vick. The NFL needs to be held accountable. It seems like the allmighty bucks speaks. As long as the person can play football it doesn’t matter what crimes they commit. If a person will injure an animal what would they do to a human? Shame on the NFL!!!

  • ADAM says:

    This is why morons shouldnt be allowed to have alot of money…

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    I wonder how much this monster sold his soul for??? Judith Go Veg…

  • Candy says:

    Let’s hope that he doesn’t get the idea to become a bull fighter because obviously in his head is just bullshit!

  • Ish says:

    Why do you need to build a horse stable to hunt deer?