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Vick at the Office, Part 2

Written by PETA | October 3, 2007

Well to be fair, this is more of a Part 1-revisited, so if you totally understood the story the first time, feel free to browse through the archives (maybe cast your vote for this week’s Vivisector of the Week), but if you had some questions about the whole thing, here’s a quick guide to PETA’s reasoning behind providing Michael Vick with information about why animals deserve respect, and some key facts about how it all went down:

  1. PETA believes that almost anyone can come to understand that animals are capable of suffering and deserve respect, if given a chance. If we didn’t, we’d have a pretty hard time getting up in the morning. Only time will tell whether Michael Vick ends up being one of those people.
  2. We made it clear both to Michael Vick and the judge that, given the crimes Vick has admitted to, he needs to serve hard time and be banned from any contact with animals. We’re glad he paid attention when we gave him information about treating animals with kindness, but the guy still needs to go to prison.
  3. This is not a race issue. We don’t care if he’s orange.
  4. This is not a race issue. White people who fight dogs need to fry.
  5. This is not a race issue. Are you deaf, or just desperate?
  6. We need to give offenders a chance to open their hearts, eyes, and minds to the suffering they’ve caused. We would not be doing our jobs properly if we spent all day preaching to the choir.
  7. Vick is working with children. This makes it all the more important that we arm him with facts about respect for animals and how to treat them.
  8. After he took the course, Michael Vick pointed out that NFL players have a bad record of violence and said that he wished he’d taken it years ago. So do we. That’s why we’re pushing the NFL to include a similar course in empathy for animals for all of its new players.

I hope that clears a few things up. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.

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  • tywanna brantley says:

    My only issue is that this is a huge case because of who Michael Vick is or should I say was.He was the highest paid player in the NFL just only a year and a half ago. I can’t help but wonder if that is why what he had done is magnified to te point of federal prosecution and the fact that he seemed to not be so honest about it. Has this happened before with any high profile person? I don’t think I have it in my being to take the life of an animal unless it’s my life or theirs. At the same time what he admitted to doing is cruel and can’t be reversed but is it necessary that he be sentenced nearly 2 years in prison when we have a minister’s wife in Alabama who shot her husband dead and spent literally only months in jail and was out free. This issue dims in comparision to the fact that children are being killed daily in Africa babies are being born and literally thrown away when there are lawsto leave them at any hospital. Children are being kinapped and killed because they trusted a adult who seemed nice yet the federal court systems have nothing better to do but stick it to VICK? come on. Michael Vick should have been fined sentenced to 6 months maximum and made to volunteer at an animal shelter for 23 months instead of in prison. This punishment in my opinion does not fit the crime and PETA should include other cause in their pursuits.

  • Anonymous 2 says:

    This post was by far the most entertaining post I think I’ve ever read. Each and every one of you is absolutely bonkers!!! What’s really sad is that people who blog present party excluded really don’t impact anything that happens to the people who read them or to the people who the blogs are about! Blogging has got to be the single most efficient way to waste time better used taking care of one’s own personal business or the business of the company that many of you are supposed to be working for while blogging! This is absolutely amazing! Dogs Humans…Slaves Jews Doctors Council Counsel LOL Vegans and Meat Lovers Nazi’s WWII…INCREDIBLE! Hey did anyone mention the millions of Slaves that were killed on slave ships? How about you discuss the many many wealthy families who have prospered over the years from free Slave labor! No wait let’s talk about the Bush Administration and why he sent troops to Iraq!! Oh wait once more! Wasn’t this supposed to be a discussion andor post about a man who was caught supporting the dog fighting “sport”! Lets call a Spade a Spade!! pun intended Dog fighting has been a sport for as long as well…as long as there were dogs! It’s as natural as well hunting for sport! that isn’t natural at all is it? it’s not against the law either is it? hmmm interesting Ponder this if you will animal lovers who are married to or know someone who’s married to or are related to a person who hunts and kills for sport! Shouldn’t a man the man you know go to jail and lose his livelihood as well as his earning potential for shooting and killing a pheasant simply because “it’s in season”? Weren’t you people discussing a man who’s being tried for doing something that the “white man” has deemed illegal? But using a dog as a hunting tool isn’t? Go figure… So much time and energy wasted on one man’s plight…present company INCLUDED! I don’t think I’ve ever encountered so many hypocrites and misguided dysfunctional people as those on this site! You very compassionate people have called this man no this “spear chucking creature” everything under the sun! And to think this man made more money in this society in one year than most of you will see in a lifetime! Yet he’s completely ignorant and in need of edumacation and compassion because you all say so!! LOL Thank God not one of you were allowed to sit as a jury member since all have condemned this one man for the crimes of all humanity! I must say again this was definitely entertaining if nothing else…and nothing else is exactly what it was!

  • P Harmy says:

    animal… human.. animal.. hmmm just a tough choice.. they are just animals.. a lower form of life.. who cares if dogs die..

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Silvia To negatively categorize or be prejudicial about someone based purely on race or geography is bigotry hence hillbilly is a bigoted term. I do not believe that any diet that requires artificial supplementation is the healthiest diet available. 007 Are you really able to phonate with your anus or are you just a ventriloquist? Anyway thanks for the advice and keep on dreaming.

  • rojo says:

    anon mary’s mistake has been visited several times already. get over it.

  • 007 says:

    cocky cochran Oh! you might consider lobbying elsewhere since the awareness factor here obviously precludes any credibility on your part. could it be you are out of your league and soon out of a job?! hmmmmmm.

  • Silvia says:

    No I don’t understand because you see the term hillbilly has nothing to do with race. Except for that hillbillies are usually white … Is it because of vitamin B12 that you think it’s not the healthiest diet? It can’t be calcium … not even vegans would have that problem since collards and legumes are a much safer source of calcium than dairy. httpwww.hsph.harvard.edunutritionsourcecalcium.html Plus the only reason that dairy has so much calcium is that it’s fortified and you can fortify anything … Vegetarians should have no problem with B12 as they consume dairy and eggs. And even vegans have good sources like spirulina. I guess you could consider algae a supplement …

  • 007 says:

    cocky cochran like you matter like i care

  • foxy says:

    christopher cochran what the hell do you read out of kelly’s text? you are a thoroughbred paranoid and in an urgent need of medication!

  • Anonymous says:

    dear mary obviously meant for cocky cochran MF therefore you are referring to the 2nd post

  • cagliostro says:

    beware of the fake doctors here onboard these are just greetings from the vivisectionistlobby!

  • V. Soto says:

    Anonymous Frankly it might be a bit easier to absorb what you’re spewing if you gave the perception of having cracked open a dictionary within the last couple of decades. Try spell check next time!

  • VestaGirl says:

    Hi Mary it wasn’t “Mel” but rather the faux Doctor. Nonetheless I agree with your commentary. Most if not all of the proVicks have absolutely NO grasp of the English language. It’s a sad state of affairs to be sure. Still … at least we know it’s only the most ignorant people who support Vick and his brutality. I suppose every selfperceived slavevictim longs to be master of somethingsomebody …failing a human I suppose an animal will do. I truly hope that PETA will seriously reconsider Vick as their next PSA spokes”person”. I don’t believe he is fit for the job. Please just let this fing ahole rot in jail. And for any idiot asking “where were your ancestors when blacks were being blahblahblah …” I ask of you where were you when my relatives were dying in the concentration camps? I got over it. Can you? No? Then f off back to your ghetomindset.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    this strange mister cochran md is a janushead! he knows what i mean!

  • Ana says:

    007 PhD Great post!! October 5 340 I concur!!!! Judith Thanks!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    to anonymous fucking la la lady I hope from all my warmest heart that one day you shall live a real earthquake and that there shall be no ‘fucking dogs’ as you call them to dig for you and that in your old age when you become blind that there shall be no ‘fucking dog’ as you call them to guide you! fall into the next abyss and remain there until the wind blows away your empty bones because already now you are a dead person without heart and without feelings!!! baaaah!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Silvia If kelly uses racist terms like hillbilly perhaps she uses other racist terms as well. Do you understand? I have nothing whatsoever against vegetarianism. Originally I began posting here to refute the notion that a vegan diet is the healthiest. I believe a vegetarian diet is very healthy just not the healthiest. When I posted that all hell broke loose and a ton of angry posts came my way. I’m not whining I was just a little surprised at how angry people became. I have come to believe that many of the people who post here have very lopsided information. That’s not to say that the “PETA files” are all lies rather they are overly biased and do not accurately describe many of the evils they purport. Oh I beg your pardon regarding my errant grammar. 007 Did you have something to say or were you just warming up your thesaurus? No I don’t think all peta disciples are fools just you. Mary If you are going to criticize my vocabulary make sure you get the poster correct. It’s nice to know you are so smart. I’ll be happy to put my vocabulary up against yours any day of the week.

  • rojo says:

    mary jokes on you check out the real first post. Education?

  • monica romo says:

    so even mike vicks puppies are being put to sleep? what about ceaser mallon his thoughts on dogs that live in the now and rehabilitation? even as a child i’ve owned some very powerful breeds without problems. but i can understand the chance of theft.but like judas were these dogs destined for thier fate?

  • Mary says:

    Dear Mel person with first comment on this page Your command of the English language speaks for itself. “council?” Most “educated” people would know the correct word here would be “counsel.” Need I say more?

  • 007 PHD says:

    cocky cochran MD your supercilious superiority complex is very telling and speaks loud and clear that you are indeed an outrageous delusional legend in your own mind wise guy and PETA antagonist who litters these files with selfserving lies and pompous contentious drivel all the while deeming everyone else a fool! amazing fing amazing.

  • Silvia says:

    PS Thank you for that enlightening post Dr. Cochran. Did you come up with those terms yourself? I’ve never heard them before. I must say that this is no place for vulgar racist terms though so you might want to take your own advice. I believe Kelly used the term “hillbilly” which on no way implies “African American.” Incidentally it may refer to you … there might be kids reading this … sorry I’m a little obsessive when it comes to grammar … OK well all this aside. I am sincerely curious why you are so against vegetarianism doctor. Maybe you tried being one? Or you knew someone? I mean is it for health reasons?

  • Earth_angel 1 says:

    Itls hard for us to forgive our fellowman when he or shee takes the wrong turn in their life. But we must remember although we’re filled with hate and anger over a situation The most we can do is leave it up to God to judge and punish. We have very little say no the matter and nothing we say or do will change that. So let’s be civil if he’s guilty he will be punished. In the meantime let us learn to get along with each other and look not only on the outside but for the beauty that comes from within.

  • Silvia says:

    So much hate … Just because Vick is black doesn’t make it ok for him to abuse animals. Sorry. And just because humans are abused doesn’t make it ok to abuse animals. What is wrong with people these days? Do you know why vegetarians can get so mean? Because people are constantly attacking us. Even on our OWN fing website we get attacked. For what? For doing something so easy as changing our diets to not support horrible cruelty and killing? Sorry to offend since I don’t support animal abuse. If there was a sandwich that by not eating I would help save Jews in WWII or children in Africa with AIDS I wouldn’t eat it. That is what you are condemning. Thank you to anyone with a heart and a brain. Should be everyone … sadly it’s not … Love

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Ana The fake Dr. is obsessed with you because you are so much stronger than he is and you intimidate him. He can’t stand that. LOL LOL Great posts!!!!

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Kelly the bigot. Do you also refer to black people as “spearchucking dogfighters” and Jews as “money grubbing tightwads?” Or do you stick to the more traditional terms like “Ni and Ki. Apparently eating meat is out and racism and bigotry is in. Sincerely a white man who lives in the rural south . Geoff easy partner their might be kids reading this.

  • Ana says:

    Cochran Was that an attempt to be witty??? LOL!! Your comment is inconsequential.

  • Ana says:

    Michele Susannah S. and Judith Totally agree with your comments. Even when I don’t address cochran he responds to me. Funny who would think an animalkiller would be so sensitive and also have so MUCH time to reply. Does not sound like a successful “practice”. It is always refreshing to read your comments. Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Ana says:

    Anonymous black woman get an education and stop being racist. I am sick of these hateful tirades. Being hateful and insulting to others is not endearing. Showing compassion to both human and nonhuman animals is ethical and noble. This is ANIMAL RIGHTS BLOG so if you are so concerned about child molesters get off your big butt and do something about it. Being that you are ignorant fyi humans are animals.