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Vick Calls Dog Fighting “Terrible”

Written by PETA | August 27, 2007

Now we can say what we couldn’t mention before. PETA has been talking to Michael Vick’s personal representatives, legal team, and more insiders for weeks. We asked for two things over all others: We wanted Michael Vick to tell impressionable young people not to follow in his footsteps, and we wanted him to openly condemn dog fighting. Today, in his statement, he answered both those requests, calling dogfighting “terrible” and telling kids to pay attention and not go down the same road he did. Mr. Vick also said he has found Jesus. Christian or not, we can agree that if Mr. Vick now asks himself “WWJD?” he will not be led back to dogfighting.

To urge the NFL to speak out against dogfighting as well, please click here.

And you can read the comments that PETA President Ingrid Newkirk made last week on the importance of Vick speaking out against dogfighting here.

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  • hugo pottisch says:

    You PETA people should be ashamed of yourself.. fighting for the defenseless and innocent and achieving successes on top. anyway i have read of some strange war that is going on in Africa somewhere and I hear nothing about that here!! Huh? And Ingrid your intelligent and balanced commentary is utterly despicable… who likes nutrients in their wonderbred? do you not know that you are questioning the ancient wisdom of “healthy nonviolent not worth living for”?

  • Max says:

    Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. Once Michael Vick does his time he should be back in the NFL.

  • Gina says:

    What a load of crap! Not only is he a moron but he can’t even lie well. The ONLY thing he is sorry for is that he got caught! He is a worthless piece of shit! The Falcons should permanently replace him and he should be banned from playing in the NFL. He is a liar and a scumbag…he deserves NOTHING!!!

  • M. Vick says:

    Mike don’t give into PETA… Keep Bad News Kennel open… Lets keep fighting the system and the dogs… Show them to fight so they can protect us at our home. marcus

  • Jack Donohue says:

    Wow this stinks to high heaven. Why is PETA setting up a deal for this awful animal torturer and murderer? What is going on here? I hope the NFL gets it.

  • nyc-cat-lover says:

    I have to step in here and respectfully disagree with PETA’s position on this apology. I don’t think Michael Vick has earned the right to be taken seriously and that his apology is meaningful in any way. Nor do I think it will stop anyone from dogfighting. If anything the light sentence he’s going to receive shows that this isn’t much of a deterrent. Of course he’s saying “don’t stage dogfights.” It’s 100 to his advantage to say that. I think the real crime here is that someone who took so many lives is only going to receive a short time in jail. Far be it from me to tell PETA what to do but I think demanding a tougher sentence than this would be in order. People who evade their taxes or commit other victimless crimes receive a lot more time than this. We know he’s going to be suspended from the NFL and he lost his endorsement deals. Who cares? The guy still has enough money in the bank to live comfortably without working another day in his life. And he will work again because some NFL team will probably hire him when he gets out. I agree that Vick should be an example but not through some fake apology but through serving real hard time.

  • anthony says:

    Though it was kind of a stretch to use Jesus in his statements I think the apology was one of the best apologies from a public person of interest. Consider all the politicians and other athletes reading from a scripted statements this was the right thing to do. I know there are people who still people who will continue to be angry and refuse to accept his apology but whats done is done. I find it funny that there are comments indicating that he’s only sorry that he got caught. DUH! When was the last time you got caught for a sin and was “only” apologetic after you got caught…i swear the rational of some of ya’ll are limited to a childs’ or in this case an innocent dog. Forgive him or not he’s on his way to trying to make right. I hope he’s not let off to easily like most celeBRATies and that me makes this negative into any kind of positive. Another note The owner has the right to do what he wants with HIS team. He knows what’s going on as much as any of us. He has the public interest Falcon supporters and Atlanta community in hand as well as his business’. If you’ve never went to a ATLANTA FALCONS game or in your life or live in the area then please DO NOT have an opinion on what he should do because your interest doesn’t matter to him. If he feels he can’t cut ties completely with Vick then let him be. Your hard earned money didnt go into contributing to his business. Arthur Blank is a good and smart man.

  • black~girl says:

    It’s amazing how it take’s some people year’s to find Jesus. And it took Mr. Vick only a week. Wow who is his Higher Power????

  • anti-sean says:

    To JackWilliams I seem to recall hunting being a big deal to PETA supporters. Perhaps if you search “hunting” on the search menu you could read up on it? Mind you that PETA’s goal is to reach out and educate as many people as possible to modify their behavior so that they can get as many people interested in animal needs as possible. Choosing to focus on the Vick case as a means of educating the public about dogfighting and introducing them to companion animal welfare is a wise decision and a smarter use of their time than complaining about every last hunting outlet in the country. If it satisfies you PETA has done other similar media pitches to raise awareness about the pointless violence that is hunting. You can read about President Newkirk’s input on the infamous Cheney hunting incident or simply watch her interviews and see that she never backs down when a tangent reference is made to hunting. PETA is always working on and developing several campaigns but disproportionate media attention is going to this subject at the moment and PETA will ride it out as a means of reaching as many people with their message like any wise nonprofit would.

  • James says:

    Doesn’t the bible say that god made animals for humankind? If god didn’t want us to eat animals why would he have made them so tasty?

  • Ken Incher says:

    I’m surprised PETA is so satisfied. He seemed to say dogfighting is terrible only in passing. And it seems like PETA just wanted the words to come out of his mouth. His words didn’t seem so sincere to me. He seemed more interested in making “Michael Vick” a better person. Most people don’t really care what happens to Vick. They are just trying to figure out how someone could act so coldly to soberly and in a premeditated mannner violently by his very hand snuff the life out of living creatures whose seeming sole purpose in their tragically short lives is to satisfy humans.

  • Ana says:

    Jack Williams Blah blah blah. Hunting and fishing are unfortunately legal. PETA is not an agency it is an ANIMAL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION. ALL animal advocates know about those thugs the problem is getting the authorities to do their job. Also there are the demented cowards that support hunting and fishing that animal advocates have to contend with also. Just a lot of overwhelming stupidity and corruption!

  • Vicki says:

    All I have to say is I’m glad he’s getting in trouble for this and he got what he deserved. Also I’m not going to believe a word he says about being ‘sorry’ and whatnot until he shows it. Like others have said actions speak louder than words. I myself will never like him after what he’s done. Besides if he didn’t get caught I guarantee he’d still be dogfighting.

  • amber johnson says:

    i in no way condone anything that vick has done. but i agree with jack williams in what he has said its like youPETA are ao focused on this situation but do you realize that the day vick was brought up on charges was the same day that the lady who killed her preacher husband in Tennesse walked out of a mental facility she didnt even serve a freaking year. but you jim want vick to serve 25 years for dogfighting. seems a little lopsided to me . seems to me you PETA care more for an animals lives than human lives. and one more thing why are all of jims references to black males.

  • Michael Ball says:

    This is a Bias Website you only post blogs that favors P.E.T.A. Lets hear both sides!

  • Alexis says:

    I hate him i hope he dies why did he kill animals would you like getting killed for your fur

  • Alphonse Sherkness says:

    I recently read that Vick will not be removed from the NFL. I have a real issue with this he should be FIRED and not allowed to play pro ball at all. He has a signed contract for $130M over 10 years which not to mention the $20M signing bonus should be donated to the SPCA. The other issue I have is that the owner of the Atlanta Falcons is not going to dismiss Vick I charge PETA and all other animal welfare rights groups to petition the NFL Commission to completely remove Vick altogether. The Falcons state that Vick is too valuable to remove from the team but I hold true to the idea that there is always someone better than you to take your place. I say REMOVE VICK FROM THE NFL NO ONE SHOULD GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE DID!!! Believe you me that this is only a slap on the wrist. Great judicial system. The NFL should be condemed for the stance that they have taken.

  • Karen says:

    Michal Vick admitted to the public that dog fighting is wrong. It’s a start. But I don’t think he is sincere. He still should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for what he did. He also should be banned from the NFL forever. He’s just sorry because he got caught. He is and always will be a big jerk.

  • Dillon Wilson says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Williams. I think PETA has bigger fish to try than Michael Vick. It figures PETA would AIM it’s interest at a multimillion dollar figure like Michael Vick. Second off you PETA extremist are taking this too far. I seehear about the signs you activist hold such as ” Torture Vick.” Be ashamed of yourselfs. Sure the man committed wrong but it would be almost worse committing the same to a HUMAN… Let alone the home towm here of Atlanta.

  • welles says:

    Dmx IS being investigated. And the others will too. This is just the beginning… Hunting and fishing is not against the law wrong as it is.

  • Bob says:

    I think there is a profound opportunity here for PETA. We now live in a world where forgiveness and mercy have been all but forgotten. Justice demands that Michael Vick be punished for his crimes. However when he gets out of jail PETA has a serious decision to make. If the NFL allows Vick to come back where should PETA stand? Should it condemn Vick and boycott everything to do with him and the NFL taking a hard line stance? Or should PETA invite Vick as part of proper retribution to become an outspoken advocate for the defense of animals especially dogs as part of his acceptance back into the NFL. PETA’s decision either way will be very important. Don’t forget though some of the best advocates against societal crimesvices and deviant behavior i.e. alcoholism have been in large part those who have repented from such crimes and vices.

  • Chrissy says:

    I wish I could believe Mick Vick in his “I found Jesus” bit. I think it is all too easy. If I was him I don’t think I could or would ever show my face in the public againhowever his lawyers really made sure he did not “bet” but only sponsored money for dogfighting. For in the NFL he would be permantely kicked out for gambling! Actions speak louder than words. He felt it was ok to admit to killing these dogs but would not admit to gambling only sponsoring for FEAR OF NOT RETURNING TO THE NFL. He is such loser and should be given the same treatment those poor innocent dogs had!

  • Holly H. says:

    I think the problem is that it’s very easy for him to denounce dogfighting but I honestly don’t think he believes that he’s done anything wrong. He is sorry that he is losing out financially. He is sorry that he won’t be playing football for a living. He is sorry he is going to be punished. He is not sorry about his actions. I’m incredibly upset that the Falcons have made the statement that it’s “better for the team” for them to keep Vick. I generally feel that he should be in no position to be idolized. Ever.

  • Tracy says:

    My hope for Michael Vick Donate millions of dollars to help homeless and and abused animals. Be incarcerated in a place that has a program that allows inmates to rehabilitate dogs so they may find good homes. Take part in that program. Look deeply into the eyes of a dog and see the beautiful windows to a soulmate. Lastly NEVER be allowed to own a dog ever again.

  • ann says:

    croc tears!!!!!!!!!!

  • tammye says:

    I agree with Jim. The bastard is sorry that he got caught. I hope Michael Vick rots in hell!!

  • kecia alamo says:

    i agree..mike vick is only upset he got an owner of 3 pitbullsi am sickened to think someone with so much money has nothing better to do with his time and life.other than kill dogs..i think also the N.F.L. need’s to make a rule for the players..they already have a gambling rule and isn’t dog fighting gambling???

  • Ben Walton says:

    This case has created tension between many different ethical and racial groups in North America if we just step away from those distractions and look at the big picture this will hopefully improve the public awareness on this terrible bloodsport and teach the people who fill the public spotlight to be more responsible rolemodels. Mike Vick was a product of his horrible upbringing he grew up in the projects of Newport News VA. I am not surprised that he is the way he is he can’t even articulate himself when he speaks english. Those poor animals were also the product of a horrible upbringing. I only wish they could put Mr.Vick in his “Rape Stand” and have the public take a look at tyheir prized athete then.

  • Jim says:

    So the person who started the “BAD NEWZ Kennels” has now found Jesus… what a joke. If he cut off his throwing hand now that that would impress me.

  • kim says:

    I think the only thing that Vick is sorry for is getting caught. I would also like to ad that I have recently heard about Best FriendS wanting to take the dogs. I don’t understand why Peta is not for the animals living only dying. If Best Friends thinks they can handle them and either adopt them out to specialized homes or give them life at the sanctuarty why would you argue. You are supposedly into animal rights but you don’t want to give these dogs their rights because of a scum like Michael Vick. Just because you are afraid of the dogs does not mean that they are that bad its just your ignorance towards pit bulls. The dogs can be with time and patience rehabilitated you just don’t want to give them the time needed THAT IS VERY SELFISH ON PETAS PARTI’m beginning to understand that PETA is not there for the animals but they to like Vick are their for the money. If someone BEST FRIENDS is willing to help these animals please but out and keep your opinions to youselves.

  • Susan says:

    You can hide behind God but you cannot hide from God. I do not believe he is sorry for the years not one event but years of torture inflicted upon the dogs and bait animals. He did not say he was sorry to the animals. He apologized to the prople but they were not put in a pit and made to tear each other apart until the death. It just makes for good PR to repent. At any rate that same God knows the truth. Also just because there are other atrocious things going on to people and animals does not mean he should not be punished and pay for the horrible things he did. I also agree with KellyIt is time to put your money where your mouth is Vickdonate to fund a dog fighting task force and to help set up shelters for homeless pets.

  • NT says:

    I sure believe he is truly remorseful…NOT! He participated in dog fighting for years and now we are supposed to believe he has realized the evil of his actions in the last 2 days? Please! By the way the “I found God” excuse is revolting. Burn Michael Vick burn!!! I hope there are lots of dog lovers in the jail he is sent to…

  • Lorri Rhinier says:

    Yeah right. Wasn’t it just last week or so when he said he was innocent and was going to clear his “good” name? Yada yada yada……

  • Kydra Edwards says:

    Who are we to pass judgement. The man has apologized for his actions. Whether or not his apology is sincere is between him and God. As an born again Christian I forgive Michael Vick and I pray that american will forgive him as well.

  • kelly says:

    Jack Williams what rock have you been hiding under? Peta has been very vocal about those issues for years. You sound foolish.

  • Anne says:

    Did anyone notice Vick didn’t bother to apologize to the poor creatures who were subjected to his disgusting behavior? Not once! He is clearly worried only about himself or he would have come up with a better speech than “I found Jesus.” JESUS ain’t listening to dog killers. Let’s hope he receives a little revenge in his cell.

  • Lilly says:

    He’s a liar. He may not fight dogs again withthe fear of getting caught but Im sure he will move on to other things.

  • Jack Williams says:

    You PETA dudes are such hypocrites. You sit and chastize Michael Vick for the his dogfighting when the very network ESPN that showcase him is not critized. ESPN shows hunting and fishing and I haven’t heard anything from your agencies. IT’s THE SAME THING. Murder is Murder Maybe YouPETA should focus your energies on the bigger picture and start protesting the networks that display hunting and fishing and stop focusing on the individual. Roy Jones DMX and other stars have been fighting animals for years andI heard NOTHING fROM YOU. GET your act together and GET Real and Get Legit

  • Tamara says:

    Wow I read Ingrid Newkirk’s commentary. Stunningly beautiful.

  • Ana says:

    WWJD? Weep for the dogs!!!!

  • Gerardo Tristan says:

    Please let’s not make a soap opera about this brainless player. I can see Vick’s new bestseller ” My new life as a true friend of animals and of Jesus” …Oh My good! the way “America” real name The United States of Americais this is could follow.. The best thing to do know is to forget him and to hope he will vanishes. There are far more important fights to win on the battle for Animal’s Rights and Liberation. They need our attention and our work right now!!

  • Curious says:

    I just heard Vick’s speech. He appalagized to the NFL children his team and coach. But he never appalazied about killing and torturing innocent dogs. So you know what i WILL NEVER FORGIVE VICK.

  • Anonymous says:

    Vick probably mentioned that he found Jesus to make it seem like it would make a difference. I find it quite absurd that his coach hasn’t released him from the team yet is he that blind? But back to the Jesus comment he’s just using it to make it seem like he’s a caring guy which I would find to be bullshit.

  • R E Sizemroe says:

    I demand that Vicks vast wealth be used to provide the best care for the rest of the life for pit bull dogs scheduled to the put to death the ones found at his home should not be killed but should be allowed to live the rest of their lives in peace

  • kelly says:

    Here’s what Vick can start with Donate millions to set up and fund a dogfighting task force with a national humane group. They can investigate educate offer rewards train law enforcement etc etc etc He can be a face for the fight against dogfighting Then he can fund some animal shelters particularly in poor and urban areas so they can build facilities hire vets save animals.

  • Maya says:

    I believe strongly in two things 1. Actions speak louder than words. I could name 20 things right off the top of my head that Mr. Vick can do in the next year to help animals and “repent”. If he does them I’ll start to beleive him. 2 Forgiveness. I don’t see a lot of forgiving words lately but I for one know that none of us are saints. We all need understanding and if he makes up for his actions I think he should be forgiven.

  • Julie says:

    How big of Vick to say how terrible dogfighting is now after he gets caught! What a bunch of crap I do not believe a word that comes out of that shithead. head if we can’t swear!

  • Jim says:

    BS! Vick is only sorry he got caught!!!! He figured OJ got away with murder Kobe got away with rape heck I can get away with this! Think again jerk! 25 years will not bring back those dogs and the only way you could even BEGIN to redeem your despicable self is if you donate millions and millions to the fight against dogfighting! And Vick better start singing like a bird and start telling authorities names of all those bastards involved in dogfighting!!!

  • meeka says:

    Praise Jesus!

  • keith says:

    If Vicks found God ” God ” help us all and the animals.