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Vanderbilt “Scientist” Caught Butchering Conscious Monkeys

Written by PETA | October 4, 2007

In 2006, a whistleblower at Vanderbilt University tipped PETA off to reports that a Vanderbilt experimenter named Jeffrey D. Schall was performing brain surgery on unanesthetized macaque monkeys. The whistleblower also forwarded us an email that had been sent to the department that included what was essentially a friendly reminder to researchers not to forget about anesthesia before drilling into these terrified animals’ heads.

Vanderbilt has been on our radar for a long time, and Schall has long been known in the animal protection community as one of the most vile torturers in the business. In 2005, Vanderbilt was cited for 13 violations of the Animal Welfare Act, and Schall was suspended for a month after performing an unauthorized surgery and withholding water from a monkey. One monkey, called Lil’ Wayne, died after seven days without anything to drink. In a separate incident, Schall threatened an animal care technician for reporting to the university veterinarian that an animal’s collar had become entangled with the bottom bars of the cage, where he had become trapped.

We have been working for some time now to expose Vanderbilt’s abysmal animal welfare record, and I will keep you updated as this case progresses. In the meantime, please take a moment to contact Vanderbilt Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos at this e-mail address to request that Schall be be asked to resign. It won’t solve all the problems at Vanderbilt, but it’d be a start.

Click here to read more about this case in Vanderbilt’s paper.

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  • Ty says:

    Some brain surgeries DO NOT require any sort of anesthesia for the performance of the surgery. There is no way that a medical professional would would be this negligent when it comes to the well being of any individual human or otherwise. This whistle blower was probably some naive child who forwent a medical education.

  • Jane says:

    I am sickened over seeing the picture of a little bunny being tortured. This must become a number 1 priority. This must be stopped now. Peta must do something today.

  • Fizza says:

    poor babies! i fail to understand the attrocities that humans are capable of! especially towards innocent animals who are the most beautiful creatures on the planet! How can one be so cruel! growl hiss scratch bite!

  • Margarita says:

    Why don’t you all settle down a bit and write about the things you have done recently to help animals.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher I agree there is a different correlation between animal abuse and human abuse. But Mars is proposing that people who regard animal and human life as equal are “the ones committing violent acts against both human and animal.” Whaaaaaat?!? That’s where my puzzlement is coming from.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Ana I suppose you were dead during your surgery. Vivi means alive. Most surgeries involve dissection to some degree hence they are a form of vivisection. The comment was directed at the fellow accusing me of being a vivisectionist and it was intended to be tongueincheek. I appreciate your concern for my social life and professional life I assure you they are both quite intact to my satisfaction. You should try Sanka. I wish I were never on call but alas I do have a fair amount of it. It doesn’t take loads of time to comment here. Mike I believe that people who torture animals have a preponderance towards torturing humans. However those people in question are performing unquestionable animal torture and the torture is a symptom of a greater problem. Those of us who engage in average animal uses like eggs hunting fishing leather are often mistakenly included in those studies on this blog. We are 95 of the population and it would stand to reason that most of the murderers and rapists would come from such a massive majority of the population. I do not believe you could do an accurate study between vegans and omnivores as there is such a small percentage of the population that are vegans that there are too many variables. Cross sectional studies are lousy anyway at least in medicine. I realize the sociologists aren’t able to do double blinded studies however.

  • Ana says:

    Cochran I eat more than vegetables turd. Apparently mixing dead animals with your vegetables has made you an arrogant bastard. Again you cannot read. It is you that cannot get enough of my comments you really are lonely. I have had surgeries that is NOT vivisection moron. You are no surgeon you are never on call because you are always here. I will terminate anything to do with an idiot like you. You simply enjoy making your stupid comments and you are a totally worthless turd. There I have wasted comments with a turd. Back to more important business like saving the lives of the other animals. Even Jesus said to stay away from those that speak falsehoods. Cock the faux “MD”. “Cranky” you sound like a milksop using that term. You really are juvenile. Get your diapers changed!!!!!

  • keith says:

    Everybody ! don’t rise to ” Ole C.C.’s bait. allow him to stew in his prune juice. I reckon he needs a good purging !!