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U.S. Rep. Loves His Partner’s Cheating Ways

Written by PETA | October 16, 2009
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Jared Polis

in the kitchen. Freshman U.S. Representative Jared Polis, the first openly gay person to be elected to Congress as a non-incumbent, may not be a vegan (yet), but he lives like one, thanks to his partner, animal rights activist and writer Marlon Reis.

In an article about the Colorado Democrat, Roll Call reports,

[Polis’] partner is a vegan, and although [Polis] eats meat, the couple keeps a vegan household. … [Polis’] shoes and belt are “cruelty free”—meaning no animals were involved, he says. The shoes—he pops one off casually to check the brand when asked—are a brand called “Bourgeois Bohème.”

Reis is the first same-sex partner of a member of Congress to be recognized as “spouse” on his congressional ID card. His days are spent working on his vegan culinary skills and his new novel, which he hopes “will give readers the reason they’ve been missing to give animals the fair consideration they deserve ….”

Now, PETA isn’t suggesting that you should run out and start a tawdry affair, but make no mistake: We believe that slipping some Cheatin “chorizo” into the chili is always a good thing.


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Written by Karin Bennett

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  • pharap says:

    i am a vegitarian i still eat dairy but no meat or fish and im in a tough situation regarding this. i just found out my gf by the way i’m 14 goes hunting with her father occasionally. i love her but this really conflicts with my morals because of how much i love animals. im not sure what to do she is only my second girlfreind and i dont want to loose her but if i giveway im worriedi will start to slowly loose my morals. i dont think i can ask her to stop hunting because i think she is close to her father and since her parents are split up i migh be quite symbolic to her. what do i do?

  • wendy says:

    I am a vegan now.I was vegetarian but can’t eat any non vegan food now.Just love animals too much.My boyfriend eats what I make and doesn’t bring much meat or dairy into the house.Only half and half for coffee for the most part.Our problem is he doesn’t like PETA.We argue.He won’t watch a video about factory farming.Nobody that I know will!!I am alone in my veganism.Sad for me but great for animals.I may have to leave his ignorance or just not talk to him about it.I got into a giant debate on a blog called should America banish the Burgerand I was all alone!!If anyone sees it please help me stand up for what is right!

  • carla says:

    while I would hope to change my partner’s mind about going vegan… I would not date anyone who was a hunter. EVER!

  • Hanna says:

    I’m just hoping that the men I date like me enough to go Vegan…hahaha!

  • ACarLessFamily says:

    I was a vegetarian I’m vegan now when I met my husband andhe was a carda carrying carnivor. He respected my wishes to eat veg at home and would only eat meat when we ate out. 11 years later he is a vegan all off his own back! People assume that I forced him into it! They still try to get him to eat meat. He came to his choices in his own time he says my vegan meals are so yummy that he never feels he misses out! I think Vegans vegetarians should never refuse to date a partner who is a meat eater if nothing else you will cut their meat eating down significantly and who knows one day they will see the light and join your cruelty free life. x

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Marlen Reis is an enlightened compassionate and humane partner to have. Plaudits for him !