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Tribute to Knut

Written by PETA | March 22, 2011

PETA Germany, whose pleas to zoo officials to move Knut to a less stressful environment were ignored, has asked for a tribute to the tormented bear.  

PETA Germany wants to place this memorial plaque near the Brandenburg Gate. It reads, “Zoo: Not a single day in freedom, a life without dignity. Forgive us, Knut.” 

Don’t let the appeal of a specific animal blind you to the bleak lives they lead. If you care about animals, don’t buy a ticket to any zoo.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Ash says:

    Do not forgive those who caused you harm, precious young bear, for they do not deserve forgiveness. Your memory will live on, we will not forget you. Physical structure blocks us from each other, but we are connected through spirit and blood. Blood is thicker than water, and spirit is stronger than rope or chains. We hope you bask on the ice and swim within the azure waters of the next life. Your memory will forever remain with those left behind, and we shall fight for you and your comrades who have also suffered in human-caused deaths, such as experimentation, fishing, poaching / hunting, slaughterhousing, fur farms and many more. Rest In Eternal Peace, Knut. We love you.

  • Rachel says:

    To all the animals us humans routinely abuse; I ask you please forgive our stupidity, even though far too many of us show you no mercy. 🙁 You always have been and probably always will be better then us.

  • Rose fro Melbourne Australia says:

    You made it into the headlines again Germany, and for the wrong reasons … Pathetic how you treated Knut and Thomas Doerflein. Shame on you. At least they are now together and inseperable. Which poor animal will you now exploit … huh!

  • Julie says:

    Dear Knut, You’re in a happier place now, you had little time with us but that’s because you deserve greatness. May you rest in peace and enjoy the icy cold water, glaciers and especially freedom. I hope you forgive us.

  • axeli says:

    in my opinion knuts death is no surprise after his dissection and this probably unexpected diagnostic findings of this brain transformation. to tell the truth i think that his mother had a instinctive reason to kill knuts sibling and to disown knut himself. if knut and his sibling were born both of them would be not viable for a long time. in nature are things like that just the daily truth caused by genetic disfunction. and just because of misunderstood love of animals everyone criticises knuts short life in the zoo of berlin. usually bears like knut can become about 20 – 25 years in wildlife and there are achievements of polar bears who became about 30 years of age in imprisonment. of course i do not support wild animal husbandry in small zoo cages cause certainly the best way of life is wild life for any animal but i also do not see the reason of knuts sudden death in this way to keep animals.

  • Colleen M says:

    Dear Father, Hear and Bless Thy Beasts and Singing Birds,and Guard with Tenderness Small Things that have no Words. Fly free in the Light and Love forever loved and missed.

  • Tara Rupert says:

    Knut may you find happiness in that big open ice land in the sky!

  • Brenda Armour says:

    RIP my friend. May you be in heaven roaming the outdoors with the sun in your face. Forever free. Forgive us , Knut