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Tokio Hotel Takes On Circuses

Written by PETA | November 23, 2010

Tokio Hotel has no reservations about speaking out against animal abuse in circuses. Just check out PETA Germany‘s edgy new “Stop Circus Cruelty” ad featuring Bill and Tom Kaulitz, the talented vegetarian twins behind this überpopular German rock band:

Ah, what wunderbar boys! That’s German for “wonderful.” Now here’s the part where you can do something wunderbar for elephants who are beaten with metal-tipped bullhooks and tigers who are forced to tremble before trainers with whips. Please watch and share our undercover Ringling investigation and then take action to help ailing elephants.  

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • equestriansara48 says:

    ****Re: Frost**** Dear Frost, i too come from farming country, but that does not mean i believe the animals are happy. Just because they have food and arent dieing slow painful deathes in cages like in PETAs cruelty videos does not mean their quality of life is at par, nor are they happy. Just because we give them all the things we think would make us happy, like wooden shelters and vaccinations does not mean they actually make them happy, did the cow tell you he really liked that shelter and thanks so much? No matter the size of the pasture, it is still a pasture – a life within a fence and nothing more. Cattle and Horses are animals of MIGRATION, in nature they would just travel for shelter. Heres another thought, without vaccination the animals might actually get sick and die, because thats how nature works. Is there anything natural about a diary cow being kept in a feeder most of her life, constantly being insemminated only to have every one of her babies taken and killed for meat. but yes, she is being fed and vaccinated. Do not assume animals want human lives, that is just what we want for them.

  • Holly says:

    I’m writing a fanfiction about this idea, it seems great. Tokio Hotel is one of my favorite bands and It’s great they are fighting for the helpless animals. I WANT A POSTER LIKE NOW. D:<

  • Vendula says:

    ahh…I love this!!

  • Meg says:

    I am so proud of the boys for doing this, i purchased this poster and i see it everyday, i have only been to the circus once and i will never go again, i can hardly go to the zoo at all, evrrytime i go i feel as if im going to puke, NO CIRCUSES!

  • PETA says:

    Re: Frost. Thank you for your comment. We agree that diet is a matter of choice and that people must choose for themselves whether or not to eat animals. We at PETA are not interested in depriving people of the freedom to choose. We simply want to help them make educated choices. Humans do not need to eat animal flesh. In fact, we’re healthier if we don’t. And since we have so many choices as consumers these days, there’s simply no excuse for continuing to raise and slaughter animals for food. While some farmers try to treat their animals well and manage to avoid some of the abuses that, sadly, are standard throughout the industry, they are still a very small minority. To learn about the far more common treatment of billions of animals, please watch “Glass Walls”: – PETA

  • Frost says:

    Re:PETA. I disagree with your statement saying how animals used for food suffer pain during their short lives. I can’t speak for everyone, but I live in a farming country, and I must say the animals look very happy and content. They are not being tortured in any way, rather they are having their every need satisfied, with farmers providing satisfactory living conditions, often providing vaccinations to prevent diseases and shelter during harsh weather conditions. As many have said, humans are omnivores and it is not cruel to eat meat, unless you are calling all carnivorous animals cruel. I rspect all vegetarians and vegans, please show the same respect for those who choose to eat meat.

  • Tokio says:

    POSTER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • tokiohotelforever says:

    Wow, yet another thing the kaulitz twins and I have in common; the hatred of circuses. I didn’t like the way they treated animals when I was eight, and I still don’t like it, and I’m so glad that my idols feel the same way!

  • Nanci Dagragnano says:

    Great band and great guys!! Others should floow their example of compassion for other living beings. Is htere still circuses using(and abusing) animals on the so-called civilized world? I live in a developing country and the use of animals in circuses has already being banned!!

  • TokioSpice says:

    I have warned people very often on twitter to avoid circuses and have always told people to stay away from them. Huge fan of Tokio Hotel and it is very special to me they did this. I also would like for you to sell the poster.

  • alexandra459 says:

    I love them and i cant stand circus or zoos they are terriable! People shouldnt go to them!

  • jessica says:

    I love the guys and this picture….

  • Kori says:

    I’d definitely buy the poster if it was made available in the United States.

  • PETA says:

    Re: ?. Thank you for sharing your opinion. You say that God put animals on this earth to feed us–yet, God created animals with needs and desires, as well as the capacity for pain and suffering. Animals used for food feel pain just as cats and dogs, and they are subjected to this pain during their short lives and slaughter. To learn more about the meat, dairy, and egg industries, please visit: – PETA.

  • Amber says:

    This is a beautiful shot! I have been thinking of recommending Tokio Hotel for an ad campaign and then I see this! Great ad and wonderful message!

  • H says:

    Would be nice if PETA in US would make poster available in states. I am sure a lot of fans would buy it.

  • TeamBill01 says:

    This is great that they care about animals this much! I’m so proud of them and everything that they do. Great job, boys! Keep it up!

  • ? says:

    No, I do not support zoos/circus’, but PETA has gone crazy over here trying to turn people into Vegans. In my opinion, people should only do it for heath reasons or allergies. This whole “eating animals is wrong” thing has been blown out of… proportion. God put animals on this earth to feed us. Not to be compainions (unless they are dogs, cats, ect.), can you imagine someone having a pet cow named Spike in their living room? No. Neither can I. They are to feed the ones that choose to not be Vegetarians. It isn’t wrong. (Please do not take this as a hate comment, it’s only my opinion.) I love these boys but they look a little… Strange here. Like another SAW movie or something.

  • Glitterelicol says:

    They sell that as a poster at PETA Germany. But it costs 28 EUR to have the poster shipped from Germany to the US! Will you sell it at the US site too? I bet a lot of Tokio Hotel fans would buy it.

  • radiovee says:

    The Tokio Hotel twins are so compassionate, they are a great addition to the Peta family. I would love to buy this poster but shipping alone from Germany to the US is 28 Euros. Can you help us out?

  • Sweetie says:


  • Lizzette says:

    IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE IS TAKING A STAND FOR THESE POOR ANIMALS 🙂 THANK YOU TOKIO HOTEL! XO! I have boycotted the circus for MANY years and promote boycotting the circus EVERY YEAR it comes to town. It’s barbaric, abusive, unfit and not a place for majestic animals such as elephants, tigers, monkeys, you name it! SET THEM FREE! Time to shut down the circus! KUDOS TO TOKIO HOTEL!

  • KatiiJumbie says:

    YAYY<3 hehe, love them. So happy they finally did something with PETA. I was wondering when they would 🙂

  • Megan says:

    I love this and I love them!

  • Vnlasteamer says:

    These guys make amazing music and are such intelligent, compassionate people. Awesome that they’re getting involved with PETA. You guys should sell the poster on the American site – the German site’s already selling it, but more fans in the States would probably buy if they didn’t have to pay transatlantic shipping charges.