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Tiger’s Foot Trapped at Universoul

Written by PETA | August 12, 2011

UPDATE: After receiving a complaint from PETA about the incident below, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited the exhibitor who provided the tiger to UniverSoul for handling the tiger in a manner that caused her stress and unnecessary discomfort. The exhibitor was also cited for failing to maintain the tiger’s enclosure in a manner that would protect her from injury. 

This is not the first time that this exhibitor has violated federal law. In 2008, he was ordered to pay a $6,000 penalty after two tigers escaped while touring with UniverSoul. In the past year, he has been cited for failing to provide big cats with a proper diet and feeding big cats unsafely handled meat.


Video footage of a tiger traveling with the UniverSoul Circus showing his foot trapped beneath the sliding door to his cage has prompted PETA to fire off a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Indianapolis Animal Care & Control asking for an immediate investigation into the animal’s condition. The video shows the tiger struggling to free his foot, panting, and in obvious distress.

UniverSoul rents its animal acts from exhibitors who have dismal records of animal care. The USDA has repeatedly cited UniverSoul’s animal exhibitors for violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including failure to provide veterinary care, medical records, and adequate space. Undercover video footage shows one exhibitor UniverSoul has used—Tim Frisco of the Carson & Barnes Circus—viciously attacking elephants with a bullhook as they scream in pain. The circus has also had at least three tiger escapes.

Please tell the USDA that you expect it to take immediate action to assess this tiger’s condition.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Lyn Fryer says:

    This highlights the fact that this animal is in distress, please please investigate to find out that this animal is not injured. There is no need for live animals in cages or to be used for entertainment…..

  • kaykaysmom says:

    Please investigate this and check this tiger’s condition. There is no telling what else is happening to the other animals in this circus!

  • laura ray says:

    When will we put a stop to the abuse of animals, imprisoning them for a crime that was never committed?! There has to be freedom, we as humans should not have this control over animals. Please do the right and humane thing.

  • Vakteria says:

    This is the message I sent: Dear Sir/Madam Please do something against UniverSoul. A tiger has his paw stuck and is in great pain, it’s just appalling!!!! Thank you so much. Victoria P. Madrid (Spain)

  • Terri Taylor says:

    Please outlaw Circus acts with Animals in them!

  • Susan Fitzpatrick says:

    Really disgraceful!

  • Kai Hayes says:

    Please investigate the wellbeing of the animals being exploited by the so-called “Universoul Circus” company. These people don’t have a clue how to care for animals.

  • Sabrina Pirotte says:

    This is a horrible life. Every living creature should be treated with respect !

  • jcmhall says:

    Good Lord, how much longer will this insanity go on? Animals are from God and are not here for our amusement. Please make it illegal for animals of any kind to be used in circuses. Why are the people of this world so uncaring and thoughtless? Why do people find this type of barbarism entertaining. We have strayed so far from what we are supposed to be doing, I fear that there isn’t any hope left!

  • annie bode says:

    Stop the pain and suffering of animals in universoul circus now.It is barbaric they should be in the wild or a sancutary and live their lives in peace

  • Yvette King says:

    STOP this cruelty, you HAVE the power, HELP US!

  • WENDY BROWN says:


  • Louise fiott says:

    An investigation should be called and the US Animal Welfare should monitor closely the circuses for any animal abuse or neglect.

  • Michelle Meeds says:

    Please assess this poor tiger’s condition. That circus ought to be shut down and the animals taken to a refuge. Thank you for your time.

  • Louise Fiott says:

    USA always inspired me as a land of animal lovers where animal welfare was high on the government agenda, however seeing these clips leaves me quite bewildered. i do hope that an investigation has been called and hopefully the tiger was seen by a vet. I would also expect that circuses are monitored by the animal welfare for any abuse!

  • Lisa D'Antonio says:

    Please take immediate action to see if the injured tiger stuck with Carson&Barnes Circus is healthy. They are violating the Animal Welfare Act!!!!!

  • Karen Burroughs says:

    This is horrifying footage. No animal should have to be in pain like this cat is. No one is checking on the animals for this to have happened. Please check on all the animals in this groups non “care”. They need to have all permits revoked.

  • Kim Ancora says:

    This makes me so angry!! Having these animals suffer for our “enjoyment”. These people need to be brought to justice for these cruel acts against these poor animals!!!

  • Crystal Blakkan says:

    I hate the circus! I have an 8 year old but if she wants to see a wild animal she can google it.

  • E. Draaijer DVM says:

    Horrible situation, I wouldn’t be surprises of the tiger has a fracture and/or dislocated joints. Veterinary visit is indicated. There might be an open wound as well that requires cleaning, bandaging or antibiotic therapy.

  • Halyna Moreno says:

    There is no justification for what you do to this Tiger, we the audience want to know the soonest possible what hapenned to him. Animals are here to share with us and we should take care of them, specially if there is a benefit in the relationship with them, for human, not for them. I expect for your soon answer and for you to give a better treatment and life condition to these beings.

  • Denise Attard-Sacco says:

    Animals should be banned from circuses. The way they are treated within such ‘venues’ is disgusting. If the UniverSoul has violated the Animal Welfare Act a number of times, then just issuing citations clearly is not getting the message through to them. Revoke their operating license completely, and take them to court for appropriate justice to take place! Just watching the video of the tiger with its trapped paw is heart breaking. Think how you would feel having your foot trapped uner a door, whilst being transported against your will and no one giving a damn! Shame on UniverSoul! USDA please take swift, immediate and appropriate action. Thanks!

  • Nikita says:

    I am appalled by the footage of the Tiger with a trapped foot in a cage. TIGERS DO NOT BELONG IN CAGES, ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER WILD ANIMAL. I would like to know what will be done abut this case and hope I along with many others will see justice done.

  • Bev says:

    I would hope that this tiger’s wellbeing has been looked after. It would be even better if both these companies were prosecuted for the event even happening to the tiger’s foot. Or even any other injury, illness or neglect that has taken place to any other animal.

  • Jennifer Sunday says:

    Fix this, please.

  • Elisabete Sales says:


  • Dolores Craw says:

    Please do not allow this horrible treatment of living breathing animals to continue. This is the United States of America and this is unacceptable.

  • Wil Albright says:

    I called the USDA Headquarters phone number 301.734.1233 to voice my anger towards the Universoul Circus. I asked if they had any other complaints about the tiger with his foot trapped. They told me only one other person has called to report it. Please call them…….. Animals have feelings!!!!

  • carrie park says:

    Help this animal now!

  • Lynn Schlosser says:

    I just sent an email letter. This is making me sick.

  • Lynn Schlosser says:

    I just sent an email letter. This is making me sick.

  • adriana prado says:

    That poor animal ! Please take a look over him and if it is getting the proper care.

  • Laura says:

    PLEASE investigate… these beautiful animals need our help!!!

  • Janet Delgado says:

    I don’t support any circus that involve animals. This tiger is suffering not only for his trapped paw, but for his confined life to entertain “people” 🙁 Please do something for him!!!

  • Suzanne Freeman says:

    Animals do not belong in Circuses for this and a number of other reasons.

  • Barbara says:

    Please help this poor animal This is a tragedy

  • Cristina Turcotte says:

    It sickens me to my core to here people laughing in the background… This is unforgivable. Something needs to be done, and I mean now.

  • Stacie Haselberger says:

    It is important to treat the animals in the world with respect. Please make sure that circus’s that cant take care of their animals are no more.

  • Sandra says:

    Please, if you consider yourself to have a heart, take IMMEDIATE action AGAINST UniverSoul Circus in Buffalo, NY! The tigers they are mistreating deserve a life worth living, they are LIVING BEINGS with a SOUL and with FEELINGS. Please, please, please help them! Thank you!

  • Kelly Howle says:

    Please act on behalf of these animals are needlessly used for entertainment purposes. This tiger is in obvious distress in this particular situation in this particular circus. However, situations like this are not singular, and such vendors have repeatedly shown that they are incapable of proper treatment. Please ensure that the animals are cared for in this instance and elsewhere.

  • Kelly Sparks says:

    STOP using animals for entertainment, food, clothing, etc. I am so sick of this!!!!!

  • Debz Jones says:

    Appalling behaviour treating animals in this way. Animals are not ours to do with what we like!!!, if they do happen to need medical attention, they should be given it, no questions!!!. These circuses should be BANNED forthwith!!!!, despicable!!!.

  • Alyssa says:

    Oh god! Poor thing, I couldn’t watch more than a couple seconds of it before I started crying. The treatment of big cats( and lot of other animals) in these places are horrible 🙁

  • sunny says:

    This is terrible. Please investigate. Animals don’t even belong in circuses!

  • Caroline says:

    PLEASE check in on this tiger and all the animals in this circus.

  • L.Maslin says:

    USDA – Please take immediate action to assess this tiger’s condition. This is unacceptable!


    I am disgusted by this video. Circus’ should be banned. I hope the USDA has investigated the condition of this tiger and all the animals at this circus


    I am disgusted by this video. Circus’ should be banned. I hope the USDA has investigated the condition of this tiger and all the animals at this circus

  • Hayley says:

    Disgusting!! oh no this makes me so sad 🙁

  • Jeanne Evanchuk says:

    I suppose there will be an announcement stating that his paw is fine. American isn’t that stupid to believe it!