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Subaru and CDW Abandon Ads With Great Apes

Written by PETA | May 15, 2008

PETA’s campaign to get the great apes out of advertising has been hitting some pretty big home runs lately—by way of a recap, our ad in Variety magazine calling for Hollywood insiders to blow the whistle on animal abuse received international media coverage. Then, shortly after that, I brazenly took credit for Speed Racer’s poor box performance on this very blog.

Raising awareness about the campaign is all very well, but it’s also nice to have something to show for it, and the recent decisions by multi-billion-dollar companies Subaru and CDW not to renew their ad campaigns featuring great apes are very real victories along the way to getting great apes out of advertising for good.

Subaru was given a PETA Compassionate Business Award last month after they made the following promise:

“Due to the issues surrounding their use in the entertainment industry, Subaru of America will not employ primates in its advertising in the future.”

The folks at computer-equipment company CDW did things the other way round—they moved on to an ape-free ad campaign after we gave them a Litterbox Award for animal-unfriendly advertising (for the commercial with the dude and the chimpanzee setting up an office on a desert island).

But no matter how they come about, these are big victories, and it’s great to see major companies taking responsibility and helping other executives realize that any time an ad company suggests they trot out a chimpanzee for a new campaign, it’s time to hire a new ad company.

P.S. This just in – have just confirmed for us that they’ve ceased airing their ads which featured chimpanzees, and that they will no longer use great apes in their ad campaigns. Boo ya!

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  • says:

    Subaru and cdw abandon ads with great apes.. Great idea 🙂

  • Kathleen Wissenz says:

    I am really glad these companies did the right thing. I own a Subaru so I am happy I am no longer ashamed to drive it!

  • bug4peace says:

    im all for PETA and everything and everything they believe in but i was just wondering how they got that picture? cuz i cant tell if its real or computer generated and if its real then that would be goin against everything they are for. but anyway….keep up the awesome work PETA! u guys rock!!!!

  • Craig says:

    wow it’s nice when you realize that some businesses do listen.

  • Holly says:

    That’s such a sad picture of the monkey… Keep up the good work PETA…

  • lynda downie says:

    This is just the best news ever! I’m thrilled. And yes of course you do deserve the credit for that box office bust Jack!!

  • Shannon Mulloy says:

    love love love